Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesdays are a great day for me because although I am Ranting about things that annoy me, it gives me a chance to look on the bright side as well. Assuming my Rants have a bright side. It's worth looking for anyway. Be sure to check out Little Ms Blogger, R&R Wednesday is her baby.

Rave: Piano lessons started back up yesterday and I am so excited. I've been taking them since June, but my teacher took the month of August off, then I was in and out of town for a couple weeks so I'm just getting back into it. I practiced over the off time, and my teacher said I was doing well.

Rant: I think we're done with the easy stuff. The songs I am learning this week are hard and it's all about timing and rhythm, of which I have none. I don't expect to be a great pianist, but I'd like to be able to play for myself and friends and family and not suck.

Rave: I'm so thankful for my hubby and that he got me this piano for Mothers Day.  This is just an iPhone photo so it's not the best. But here is my new (used) baby. The dogs like to snooze underneath it while I'm practicing (you can see their toy turtle there by the pedals). I take that as a pretty good sign.
Rant: I've left the vacuum cleaner in the front hall hoping someone would take the hint and vacuum up the dog hair. It hasn't happened yet. Everyone is waiting for me to do it because they know I'll get sick of looking at it long before they do. Quite annoying.

Rant: I asked hubby if we could get house cleaners again. He said no. No hesitation either like he was contemplating it. Just flat out NO. I can't do it all myself! When would I have time to blog???

Rave: Still working on that one. I guess my rave would be I'm glad we have a house to live in, even if it needs to be vacuumed.

Rant: Both dogs poo was mushy and watery this morning (lovely image, I know).

Rave: I actually hauled my cookies out of bed and took them for a walk, so they had their mushy poo outside and not in my house.

Rant: My hubby (I adore him, remember) wants me to run errands for him today cutting in on my blogging time.

Rave: I'm having a spa day and getting a facial and getting my hair did.

Rant: I guess that means I should stop now and shower since I just worked out. I don't want to go to the salon all stinky and sweaty.

Do you have any rants and raves for the day?


otin said...

AHHH, the magical vacuum that is just supposed to do it on it's own!!!

At least you didn't step in the dog poo! Did you? lol!

Bamboo said...

The subtle hint of leaving the vacuum out in plain sight made me laugh. I could glue the damn thing to my fiance's hand and he still wouldn't understand that I want him to use it. And yeah, dog hair sucks! I have two cats and a hair is just all a part of our lives. I feel your pain!

An Open Heart said...

Ummm, your kids don't have chores? Like vacuuming? Jeez, you're a GREAT step Mom if your kids don't have to step Mom made me vacuum twice a week and if the 'stripes' in the carpet didnt' go the right way and look symetrical, she made me do it again.....I also had to move/pick up all the furniture to do the vacuuming....if she found our my friends helped, I got yelled at....

If I were you, I'd cut out some priveleges until the vacuuming got done......just sayin'.....


Matty said...

You got me laughing at some of these. Poo? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

And don't ya just hate all those OTHER things ya gotta do that takes up blogging time.

As for the chores, I'd be kickin'some step-child rear end.

I admire that you can play piano. I wouldn't have a clue.

marinik said...

ooooh i love your r&r days... makes me feel like i'm not the only one complaining all the time, oh and just vacuume the hair... trust me nobody is going to take a hint..or you could just ask one of them to do it.. ya or not.. :)

Anonymous said...

That piano looks beautiful!

I have a love/hate relationship with Piano, I learned how to play flute, bass, guitar, and sax without any issues. But for some reason no matter how hard I try I just cant seem to get the Piano down. My hand and brain do not want to cooperate.

Oh well, maybe one day.

omchelsea said...

If you don't already do it; record your teacher playing the pieces you're learning and listen to them through the week. Your fingers are going to have a much easier time of it if you have a good internal sense of the rhythm and pitch. There are a couple pieces I tell my students to listen to one hundred times before they play... and I'm not joking!

McGillicutty said...

I asked hubby to empty the vacuum and left it in the living room, it sat there for a WEEK!!!!! I finally had to cave.
You're having facials and hair did's and you're still ranting??? wtf???
I am so in need of all that stuff and just can't find the time, I'd rather be blogging... that should be a sticker! Or a t-shirt.
Totally jealous of the whole piano business, I took lessons but sucked.

McGillicutty said...

p.s get some shih tzu's they're hair free!!! and adorable.

Little Ms Blogger said...

You need to get a Roomba - it can vacuum for you while you blog :-)

Optimistic Pessimist said...

is hubby not supportive of blogging? why does he not want to hire house cleaners when you are clearly too busy?!

Medora said...

What a beautiful piano - my daughter studies piano and would be thrilled with it. She uses a keyboard and is happy to have that, but that instrument is really stunning.