Saturday, May 30, 2009

Six Unimportant Things That Get Me Pissed

Otin tagged me so I guess I'm it. Well, 1/6 of it anyway. If you don't know the drill, if you get tagged by someone you have to copy the post...well in your own words. Ya know, like a FB thing, which I never look at anymore cuz I'm too busy reading everyones blogs! Ok here we go! Here are six unimportant things that piss me off:

1. I don't care if you borrow my stuff. My hairbrush, my hairdryer, shampoo, razor handle (puhleazze put your OWN blade on it!)...what ever you need you are welcome to borrow it from me. BUT PUT THE DAMN THING BACK!!! HOW MANY FREAKING TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU THIS?? IT MAKES ME NUTS!!

2. Look, the recycling bags are RIGHT NEXT to the trash can, which is RIGHT NEXT to the counter. SERIOUSLY, am I the ONLY person in this house that can put a water bottle into the recycling? Why must EVERYONE leave it on the counter NEXT TO the trash can? I don't get it!

3. Aren't dishwashers in restaurants more powerful than residential ones? I thought they were. Then how come I always get the wine glass with lipstick stains? It's really annoying. Oh and crud on the fork. Gak.

4.Umm, hellooo. I'm the customer. I'm either ready to pay or I have a question. Could you PUHLEEZE get off your stupid cell phone with your stupid friend about your stupid date last night. YOU are stupid and you will probably ALWAYS be stupid so hang up the damn phone!!

5.Why the hell does wine have to be fattening? Seriously, I like having a glass (or 2) in the evenings. Is this why I can't lose weight? You know, that really pisses me off. I work out, I eat well, my latte is skinny. Here's the deal. 1 glass of wine (1/5 of a bottle) has about 240 calories. That's 500 extra cal a night (yes, I'm rounding up to make life easier). Do that 7 times and you have 3500 extra calories a week. That's an average gain of 1 pound per week!! This sooo much sucks!!

6. How come weekends are only 2 stinking days and work is 5 days? That totally sucks. How about 4 weekend days and 3 work days. No. Not quite right. Why can't we just retire and spend all days the way I did today. I had a book, a pool, a float, and some ribs with Rendezvous Dry Rub. FANTASTIC! Ummm, no wine though. Damn it.

TAG! You're it!
The Fragrant Muse

A Dogs Life

I have spent the day slaving away over my scrapbooking table trying to get caught up. Today I was working on youngest daughters baby book. She's 14. It's never going to end. Anyway, I'm feeling zapped creatively, but I've been wanting to post some of these pictures.

This is, of course, Juneau. He is a St. Louis Cardinals fan. He loves Albert Pujols because he is an awesome player as well as an all-around good guy. But Juneau also likes Yadier Molina.

Is this Jenny sleeping? Or perhaps rigor mortis has set in...

Jenny and Juneau hiding under the bed during a thunderstorm. Juneau never used to be afraid of storms til he learned it from Jenny. We just adopted Jenny in february from Hope Animal Rescues. We don't know where she learned to hide in the bathtub during storms, but that's usually where she'll go. When we're in my room she goes under the bed (I have a garden tub with windows around it, I don't think she feels safe there).

Ahhh. Poor Sasha. She was an American Eskimo like Juneau. She died on Mothers Day last year. She was only 1 & 1/2 but she got encephalitis. I think her little ghostie is still hanging around tho. I have a digital frame and sometimes it freezes on a picture of Sasha. Never on anyone else, just her...

Juneau is also addicted to Starbucks. That's why I have to go there day in and day out. It's not for's for him. Promise.

Juneau and Sasha again before she died. Cutie pies, huh?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pharmacy Phriday - Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Pharmacy Shop

I was reading a magazine article recently about small changes you can make to help save money. I am all about saving money. The more money I save, the more shoes I can buy. There was one tip in that magazine that really irked me though. Irked me enough to where I wanted to write a letter to the editor. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I saw the article. I'm pretty sure it was either in Rachel Ray or Real Simple because those are the two I like the most.
Anyway, the tip was to pharmacy shop for the cheapest prices. That means you might get your Lipitor at one pharmacy, Ambien at another, and Vicodin at a third. NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! Here are the reasons why::

1. You could die. Dramatic? Maybe. True? You betcha. Here's why. Most people go to more than one doctor, it's just a fact of life. Most women have at least 2, a primary and a gyno. Maybe you have an internist, endocrinologist or something else. In a perfect world all your doctors would know what meds you are on.
In case you haven't noticed, it's not a perfect world. They don't always talk back and forth and your pharmacist is the LAST CHANCE to find drug interactions that could harm you. There are a lot of drugs that you shouldn't take with others. Trust me. I do this every day.

2. What ever will they think? Let's face it, drug addicts and sellers are notable for pharmacy shopping. They call around to get the best price on Xanax and Vicodin so that they can get the most profit. In fact, if someone calls me and asks for a cash price on a control drug I usually wont give it to them. You might not care what your pharmacist thinks of you, and thats fine. Just know that if you go in there with an rx for a control drug and I don't know you, I'll look you up and see that you've been to Walgreens, to Walmart, to CVS, and everywhere else. Guess what. I'm not filling your prescrition.

3. But I'M not an addict! It really sucks. Druggies give everyone a bad name. Sometimes you really need the pain med. My advice: find a pharmacy and stick to it. That way your pharmacist will know that you have a genuine concern and will gladly fill all your prescriptions without question.

4. OTCs are medications too! It's a common belief that just because a med is sold without an rx it is safe. Umm, sorry. Not the case. You can die a very horrible death by over-dosing on Tylenol. All those herbals have interactions too. You could die. Check with a pharmacist.

5. We all like to be liked! Ya know how when you walk into Starbucks your friendly barista calls you by name? Well it happens in pharmacies too. Trust me! I have favorite patients and I love it when they come. I like to harass them, they like to harass me back. It's fun.

I hope you enjoyed todays post. And maybe even learned something. Go say hi to your pharmacist. You might make a new friend, or she might one day save your life (or at least your sanity).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whimsy on Wednesday

My sister is sooo good. She gave me a gift on her birthday. Yup, a present for me. I didn't get her anything (yet). Actually hubby and I are taking them out to dinner as a gift, but first we have to find an evening that works for all of us (sigh). Anyway, here is what she bought me:Is it not the cutest thing? I may have mentioned that I'm addicted to Starbux (grande skinny caramel latte if you care). The bracelet is made out of cut up Starbucks cards. Here's a close-up.

The company is called Wonderful Whimsies, and I don't see a website but you can find her email address here. The card says she also does handbags :D
I wish I could be creative like that. Unfortunately I didn't get any of the creative genes. I am right-brain only. I need facts, I have no vision. My sis (I linked her blog at the beginning) got all the creativity. Check out her blog sometime (she's not very good about keeping it up, but I'll nag her for a while and tell her I linked her).
Have a Whimsical Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arbitrary Thoughts on the Day

1. I love it when a drug addict comes into the pharmacy to "chat me up."
I'm adorable (I just asked my techs, they both said yes. A cougar too) anway, I digress. I'm adorable, open, friendly, I try to make people feel good about themselves. I love to chat with the patients. But when you come in to chat me up then hand me an altered script (change the quantity, add a drug, etc) I'm gonna know you're a sleezebag. Or at least have a drug problem. The point is, chat me up all you want. I'm still calling the doctor and if he wants me to have you arrested I'll call the cops. It's what I do. It's my job.

2. If you smell bad, I might back up. Sorry. I can't help it. This goes for the guy who smokes 24/7 and also goes for the nonsmoker who swims in Polo. You stink. I back up. It happens.

3. I love watching the rain dance on the pool. Unless I want to swim, then I don't love it so much.

4. Awww, Puddin. You'll cope.

5. If you come in my house I will kill you. I don't go to your house uninvited. Ok, I know that sounds scary, but I'm thinking about the ants in my kitchen. Not my neighbors :)

6. A night without wine is like a night with whine.

7. Swingers? In this community? Wow (giggling a little).

8. Funny how my thoughts get smaller as the day goes on. Oh well.

9. Slainte!

Monday, May 25, 2009

For all you Blog Campers

This is the Baby Blues comic in the paper today. I thought it very timely.

I tried to link it to the original site, but I'm not that savvy yet. Just know it's not my comic, it belongs to Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman. Hooray I think I did it. Thanks Iasa :)

Growling from the Grotto

She apologized for being such a *&^* but still rode her bike to her boyfriends house...Oh well. I'll take the apology :)

Ok here's the deal. You are 14 years old and your life sucks. This is my perspective:

1. I woke you up at 7am to tell you I'm leaving for the airport to pick up Bob. You said "ok"

2. I called your cell on the way home. You didn't answer.

3. I texted didn't reply.

4. I knew you wanted to go to breakfast, so I went home specifically to get you and when I woke you up you said "no, I don't want to go"

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT call me 15 minutes later yelling at me for not waking you up. I tried. Furthermore, I don't care if you "have to get out of here" it's pouring down rain. You are not riding your bike to "get away" from me.

One last thing, if your life sucks so bad, how about giving me your cell phone, your laptop, all your American Eagle and Abercrombie clothes, your Chucks, your jewelry, your books, your weekly allowance (which you don't really deserve anyway).

Then we'll see how badly your life sucks. Sheesh. No wonder why I'm cranky.
Where's that clary sage??

ps- can someone please tell me how you link things in the text?

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Let me just start by saying that at this very moment I am watching Scary Movie 2 by myself. I am not in any way inebriated, yet I just busted out laughing at the spoof of The Exorcist (the pea soup scene). The Exorcist gave me nightmares for years and I don't watch scary movies anymore because of it.
But that isn't what I wanted to talk about, it just made me laugh.
Anyway, I've been in a pretty piss-poor mood the last few days. I'm not sure why - well other then the fact that I have able-bodied teenage girls that are so lazy it makes me want to pull my hair out one strand at a time. Teenagers that are home all day while I'm at work, and yet I still come home an no one has lifted a finger to help out with dishes, laundry, general house-keeping, or even feeding the dogs for goodness sake.
But I digress...this isn't a bitch-blog (well at least not today). Today, I am thinking of some of the wonderful things in my life and I thought I'd share them with you to maybe brighten your day as well.
This photo always makes me laugh. Usually out loud. This is Doodle and Normie. Just look at their faces, especially the bearded one (Norm). He just looks I don't even know what he looks like. I just like it. You might be interested to know that these two guys are not a couple. Yes, they are very secure in their manhood, and yes they are both straight (Doodle is engaged and will be married next summer).
This is another one of my favorite pictures. This is Juneau. He is an American Eskimo and he is quite possibly the bestest dog in the whole wide world. I love him. He's smart and beautiful and just an all around good dog.
This photo was taken on my birthday. Although it's not a great shot, I'm wearing a tiara and that by itself makes it worthy of posting. Every princess needs a tiara sometimes.
This picture is one that I took today. I really like the way the water looks next to my hand. See how it's all distorted? I really liked that. It makes me picture the O-H-O molecules all latticed together, twisting and turing in response to the pressure my hand was putting on the water. Those bonds (hydrogen bonds) are super strong, that's why you can fill a cup of water up over the brim and it wont spill. Cool, huh?
I bought this little statue several years ago. It's a bit faded now, but I still like it. It's 2 frogs playing checkers with ladybugs. It's cute.
I love this tree. I'm pretty sure it's a dogwood. I love it because half the flowers are pink and half are white. I've never seen that before. It makes me smile.
Here is the same tree again, with the frogs beneath.
I like these flowers also because they are pink an white, but instead of some being pink and some white like my dogwood, these are half and half, like someone spray painted half the flower pink. This was taken in Costa Rico in February. Unfortunately I can't remember the type of flower.
I saved this one for last because I thought you'd all enjoy it. This is my idea of a perfect dinner. Usually we all sit down for a real meal, but for the past couple months I have had meeting after meeting and several evenings either had to rush through dinner or skip it all together. The night I took this photo it was about 9:30 or so, so I didn't want anything heavy but I was starving. The grapes, cheese, crackers and wine hit the spot.

I hope looking at these brightened your day like it did mine. Salut!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

In da hood

If you don't know much about St Louis, let me just say there is a lot of money here. Money that makes you think "wow, people really live this way??" Now let me tell you that I don't live in St Louis. I live in the burbs, specifically the burbs in Illinois. Other side of the river. Wrong side of the tracks. You get the picture, right? Last fall in St Louis there was the big PGA tournament at Bellerive Country Club sponsored by BMW. Tiger wasn't there (injured his knee) but Phil Mickelson was along with Villegas and Furyk, and some others. Anyway, it was a whole big shebang.

Last week my little community had a golf tournament: the NPG (not PGA) Hooters (yep, Hooters) Sunset Hills Classic. Not sure who all was there, but there were some golfers:

There was a beer cart:

There was a blow up welcome arch:

And the coup de gras...

The Port-a-potties:

Oh yeah. I think they add a little class to da hood, a little je ne sais pas. I can't describe to you the feeling of delight while driving home and finding green mesh fencing and 3 new Johnny-On-The-Spots staring out at you. Classy? You bet. I'm just wondering if the people in Ladue (where Bellerive CC is actually located, the ritzy suburb of St Lou), if those people had to deal with port-a-potties outside their door. I'm just disappointed we didn't get the big Hooters and beer bottle blow ups like the other side of the golf course got.

Well, you know the mid-west. We are a little slower on picking up the latest fashion trend, not quite up to speed on the coolest new technology -- I still cant get U-verse, but by golly I got port-a-potties.

I thought I'd ask my new buddy here about how he stays current with all the new rages. He didn't have much to say...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day Drinking

I'm not usually a fan of day drinking. It has nothing to do with ethics or morals or any religious convictions; it is pretty much the fact that I am a light weight and after a couple glasses of wine I am completely useless.

Today though, things were a bit different. It was a beautiful sunday to be in the mid-west. Bob and I took a lovely 45 min drive up the Great River Road to Grafton, Illinois where we found a great little winery (aptly called Grafton Winery). While there we enjoyed a bottle of Chardonnay, a couple burgers, and the tunes of an aging hippie who's name I can't remember.

It was late afternoon when we got home, yet still warm enough for an afternoon swim. Then pizzas on the grill (try it, they are awesome!)

Now it's early evening, and I'm thinking another glass of wine may be in my future. The perfect ending to the perfect day. Salut!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The popular crowd

The first time I remember wanting to be popular was in the 4th grade, in Ms Sukala's class. God, I really, REALLY wanted to be friends with Tricia Lippy. She was so cool and so nice. She was blond, a super athlete, and really smart too. Then one day we started talking, unfortunately I don't remember what it was about - possibly the tween must-read "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret," and the next thing I know I'm friends with the "It" girl. We were best friends for a couple years and it was wonderful. I got invited to all the slumber parties, and "asked out" by boys. It felt so good. Even after Tricia and I weren't best friends anymore, I still had that cool vibe from being her friend earlier in grade school.

Then I went to high school and the process had to start all over. I only knew a few students from my elementary school, but it didn't take long for me to figure out who I wanted to befriend: Julie Aaron. I knew that she was the girl to go to. She was totally different than Tricia; she was the bouncy cheerleader type, smart but not uber smart, not into sports (except from the sidelines), and funny. OMG she always made me laugh. It didn't take long for me to get into her crowd, and again, I really felt like I belonged there. Life was good.

Over the (ahem) 20 years since high school I've seldom felt that I needed to be a part of a certain crowd. Although I have to laugh, at one point during pharmacy school a friend of mine mentioned something about the "popular group" and I said "Wait, that's not us??" I was shocked. Ok, not really, we were 8-10 years older than most of the other students, but I still had to digest that fact.

Well, here I am at the ripe old age of 38, thinking I'm beyond all that crap and it goes and bites me in the butt. Hard. I want to belong. Here's the best part: it's a virtual group. They would be my cyber friends. Blogger buddies. I don't even know these women and I want to be friends with them. I read their blogs, I hope they read mine, I relate to their blogs like they are talking to me personally. I really want to go to Blog Camp (too stinkin bad it's in Denmark and I'm thinkin Bob will that trip the big heave ho). Sad? Yeah, probably. True? Unfortunately.

Oh well. I guess it's time to have another glass of wine and maybe plan an outing with my tangible friends. Although I want to belong to this awesome cyber group, I can tell you that my crowd of real-life friends are definitely the "In" least in my eyes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happiness Is...

For the last few weeks I've been trying to figure out what I should blog about. It's been tough. I have a tough audience; my husband. He'll read the first few sentences then decide if it's good or not. Well Bob, I hope this is a good one. It's about ME.

Before I get started, let me give a shout out to fellow blogger Kle. Check out her blog at This is where inspiration finally struck.

Happiness Is...

-having a daughter that will clean the kitchen...without having to nag, cajole or bribe her

-knowing your dogs won't poop in the house today because they both did that on your morning walk

-sliding into a pair of jeans that were slightly too tight a couple weeks ago

-a crisp chardonnay with flavors of peach and berry with a slightly oakey undertone

-that glass of chardonnay brought to you poolside by a hot cabana boy (or your husband)

-pjs that make you look and feel sexy and that don't get tangled up around your legs when you sleep

-sleeping in the t-shirt your husband wore the night before

-getting through a really tough workout without whining (much)

-laughing without peeing your pants

-sneezing without peeing your pants

-a teenager laughing with you (not at you)

-snuggling in front of the fireplace with your husband, a good book, and a bold cabernet

-listening to a raging thunderstorm knowing you don't have to leave the house

-knowing your rescue dog is hiding in the bathtub because she's afraid of thunder

-finally writing a blog that's worthy of posting