Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day Drinking

I'm not usually a fan of day drinking. It has nothing to do with ethics or morals or any religious convictions; it is pretty much the fact that I am a light weight and after a couple glasses of wine I am completely useless.

Today though, things were a bit different. It was a beautiful sunday to be in the mid-west. Bob and I took a lovely 45 min drive up the Great River Road to Grafton, Illinois where we found a great little winery (aptly called Grafton Winery). While there we enjoyed a bottle of Chardonnay, a couple burgers, and the tunes of an aging hippie who's name I can't remember.

It was late afternoon when we got home, yet still warm enough for an afternoon swim. Then pizzas on the grill (try it, they are awesome!)

Now it's early evening, and I'm thinking another glass of wine may be in my future. The perfect ending to the perfect day. Salut!


marathoner81 said...

Oh how jealous I am of your day...!

I rarely daytime drink, but when I do I have the best time. Sounds like you did too!

otin said...

Does everyone in blogland drink wine? lol my good blogging friend Marathoner81 is always drinking something lol! I just missed your chat by 5 minutes.

O said...

fast food and slow wine - perfect day indeed!

otin said...

O too? the party is on haha!

The Fragrant Muse said...

I love days like this! Nice post!

marathoner81 said...

yes otin...we all drink wine, why wouldn't we????