Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

Yep that's right, I'm ready for a little show-n-tell. Anyone in?

Here's the deal. I've tweeted, texted, commented, whined, begged, and cajoled. I really need some new songs for my work-out play list. Julochka (thanks lady!) was the only one that answered, and she only gave me one suggestion. So I thought maybe I'd show you what I have on my work-out iTunes list and you could give me some more suggestions.

Walk This Way    Aerosmith  
Just Push Play     Aerosmith  
21 Things I Want In A Lover   Alanis Morissette
dirty litte secret   The All american rejects
Potential Breakup Song    Aly & AJ 
Girlfriend    Avril Lavigne 
Dancing With Myself    Billy Idol  
3    Britney Spears 
Womanizer    Britney Spears   
Pour Some Sugar On Me    Def Leppard 
Move Your Body    Eiffel 65  
Sugar, We're Goin Down    Fall Out Boy 
Fergalicious    Fergie   
Paralyzer    Finger Eleven  
I Ran (So Far Away)    A Flock of Seagulls  
American Idiot    Green Day  
SexyBack     Justin Timberlake 
I Kissed a Girl    Katy Perry 
Bad Romance    Lady GaGa 
Shake It    Metro Station
So What  P!nk 
Hotel Room Service    Pit Bull          
SOS   Rihanna 
Panama    Van Halen 
Don't Trust Me    3Oh!3 

So there ya have it. That's what I run to. I like it loud with a good, fast beat that will make me forget I'm sweating my a$$ off.

Thoughts? Ideas? Inspiration??

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday again

Go see Keely at The Un-Mom and link up for some random tuesday goodness.

Today started out on an interesting note. I got up early and went to work only to have another pharmacist show up. If you recall, I'm a temp pharmacist so I only work when people need me. It's a pretty good gig, and I set my own schedule, etc. Well, what happened today is a long story, but I'll see if I can put it in a nutshell.
:: I sometimes work for a temp agengy
:: Sometimes the people at the pharmacies I go to want to hire me as their own temp pharmacist rather than go thru the agency
:: That's fine, but then they owe the agency a finders fee (I don't see a dime of that money)
:: I *think* that the pharmacy I went to today does not want to pay the finders fee
:: I *think* they wanted me to keep my employment with them on the hush-hush, in essence screwing over the temp agency and my contacts there
:: I did not keep it on the hush-hush
:: which is *I think* why they had the other pharmacist show up

So, you want me to work for you because I am a good, honest, responsible pharmacist, yet you want me to lie for you and be your bitch? Hmmm. I don't get it. Sorry.

Okay, enough badness. Here's some goodness. Do you know Goosey? She got married over the weekend! It was a great party. Slasher Norm was there, and Bamboo too. That was fun because I never met her before this weekend. Goosey looked beautiful, the food was great, and the wine was awesome! Today she and her new hubby are jetting off to Jamaica. Hopefully they will stay clear of all the drug lords and enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches. I'm jealous!

How was your Memorial Day? We had a nice weekend, the weather was beautiful and I am thankful that I'm an American. That reminds me. While I was cleaning the pool I was thinking about PRIDE. Pride is a funny thing. It is one of the Seven Deadly Sins according to the Catholic religion. And yes, I suppose it could be sinful sometimes. But when I say I'm proud to be an American, that doesn't mean that I don't love and respect other countries. London is one of my most favoritest cities in the world. I love all of England. And Scotland. And France. And Italy. And I could go on and on. Oh and Greece. And Canada (sorry michele, it's a beautiful country). Anyway, you get my point, don't you? Also there are times when I'll tell 17yo daughter to have some pride in herself, that she's a great person. Is that a sin? I don't think so. I think that pride and respect go hand in hand. How can I respect your culture, your country, food, religion, looks, etc without respecting my own? None are better than the other, just different. Although in a pinch, I'd have to say that we are the greatest country in the world. Not without our problems, sure, but a pretty darn good place to be. Especially today sitting by the pool, kids and dogs around me. All I need is a glass of wine and life would be good. What do you think of pride? Is it wrong to be proud of yourself? Your accomplishments? Your country? Your kids???

Wow. those were some deep thoughts. Okay. I was *going* to add one of Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts here because I thought that'd be funny. Well, Mr Handey doesn't let you post them on your web site without permission. Plus I couldn't figure out how to ask him for permission. So go here if you want to see the Deep Thought for the day. Although now I'm annoyed that I can't just post the thought. Mr Handey must be PROUD of his thoughts, huh? Grrr.

Agenda for the evening: not a damn thing cuz mr bambi is outta town. Oh, okay I'll have a glass of wine or 3. But that's it. Re-runs of Grey's? Well, if you're going to twist my arm, then sure. Cook dinner? Surely you jest. Finish and just post the damn thing? I'm on it.

Link up and get random peeps.

Oh and ps, I finally got my Skype to work. Email me with your name and we can chat! Woot!