Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 Things That Nurture Me

Braja, over at Lost and Found in India, did a beautiful post last week about 20 things that nurture her. Although mine won't be nearly as insightful, I'm going to give it a shot.

  1. Working-out - yes, it's true. You might not think it to look at me, I'm not exactly a hard-body and I kinda jiggle in places I wish I didn't, but I am addicted to the endorphins I get from a good work-out. I can honestly say that not only have I gained strength and endurance, I've also gained stability and self-confidence. Yes, I still have that damn muffin top, but if you laugh at it I also have the muscles to punch you out. 
  2. Naps - there is something so peaceful about snoozing on the couch in the middle of the day, especially if it's raining. It's even better if the dogs will snuggle with me. Granted I can't do it everyday, but that's what makes it even more special.
  3. Vacations - I blame my father for this one. I get antsy if I stay in one place for too long. I'm not sure why, but I always feel the need to run. I've mentioned before that I used to be a 'leaver' -- whenever things got too difficult for me I'd just give up and leave. Between the ages of 18 and 24 I moved nine times, four of those moves were cross-country. I made my last move seven years ago when I married husband. Other than the house I grew up in, this is the longest I've lived anywhere. Although I can't pull up roots and move the kids again, I can still get away when I need to by taking vacations. I prefer it when husband is with me, but I'm not at all opposed to going alone, with the girls, or with my friends. It's getting out of here that I need, even tho I know I'll be coming back to face any problems I leave. At least I'll be coming back refreshed. 
  4. Rituals - I am a creature of habit. Every morning I get up at the same time, I walk the dogs (okay sometimes I don't, but I try to), I eat my breakfast while I have a cup of coffee and have a go at the NYT crossword, I work-out, I go to starbucks, then start whatever else I have to do for the day. The only changes are that on days I work I usually eat breakfast in the car and only do the puzzle if there's time. Granted there are times that my day gets turned inside out, but that's okay. I know tomorrow I'll be able to get back to my routine and life will be normal again. 
  5. Candles - I don't always burn candles, but occasionally I'll light a few. Whenever I have guests over I light candles in the bathroom, the entry way, and usually a few others around the house. I think it gives off a nice ambiance, and makes the house feel warm and welcoming. 
  6. Snuggling - don't worry, it's not you that I'll demand to snuggle with. It's pretty much my husband, my kids, or my dogs. I'm not really a 'huggy' person, at least not until I get to know you. I used to be, but high school kinda beat it out of me. Now I'll only give hugs if the mood hits... or if you belong to me.
  7. Wine - come on, you knew this was going to be in here somewhere. I just really enjoy my wine. Usually after dinner, husband and I will go down to the basement and watch tv, light a fire, and open a bottle of wine. It's enjoyable. If we are just having wine and nothing to eat, we will usually have either a chardonnay or a pinot noir. Many of the bigger, bolder reds need food to accompany it, so we usually save those for when we are out to dinner.
  8. Shopping - cliche, I know. But sometimes it can be so satisfying to go to a store and find that everything looks good or that the shoes are on sale. It can be a real confidence booster to try on those pants that are one size smaller than you bought last time.  Knowing you look good and being comfortable in your skin is definitely uplifting. Shopping for fat clothes -- not so much.
  9. Christmas - also another cliche, but I love the time from October thru the New Year. For one thing, I always identify Autumn with falling in love. Secondly, I love the crisp feeling in the air of the oncoming season, everyone seems happier and ready to help their fellow neighbor. I've always loved the Christmas season, the parties, the fellowship, the parties... wait, did I already say that? You get the point tho. 
  10. Volunteering - Three years ago this would not have entered my top 10. It's amazing how much I have learned through volunteering with the Junior Service, Hope Animal Rescues, and of course Habitat for Humanity. First of all, you should already know that I'm not a "bleeding heart liberal," I'm actually on the conservative side of things. However, while I don't believe in giving hand-outs, I do believe in giving a helping hand. Sometimes shit happens, I like being there to help out when it does. Think any of the associations I volunteer for will use that as their motto? 
Well, that's about it for me. Tonight I'm off to another Habitat for Humanity function, then tomorrow a Hope Rescues function. If you're interested in learning more about either one of these just shoot me an email. If you want to do your own 10 (or 20) things that nurture you, be sure to go see Braja and link up. 

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

Hi all and welcome to a late Happy Hour Friday. I know what excuses are like, but I'm going to give you mine anyway. Last night husband and I were alone for dinner, so naturally I took advantage of that and had him take me out to eat. We had a lovely dinner, but then had another hour to spare before we could pick up youngest daughter. Guess what we did... no, silly. Not that. We met up with some friends at the restaurant and had more wine! It  was a real live happy hour and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I brought my laptop to work with me today so that I could do my HHF post early and get it up, but work was too darn busy. I figured it didn't really matter and no one would notice. I was wrong and that makes me happy. I've gotten several emails from people asking me where it is so they can link up. The truth is I am just a slacker.

It really really makes me happy that so many people liked my theme thursday post. I guess all those dumb writing assignments I had in high school weren't so dumb after all. Thanks Ms. Fisk!

Barb found someone who will do some voodoo for me. You know, hexing a certain someone. It's a little blurry, but I think you get the gist of it. I don't think I'll be using her services, but it's nice to know someone has my back in case things get ugly.

I'm very excited about Habitat for Humanity's Casino Night tmro night. It's going to be a blast, I'm sure. $25 gets you in the door and all the free beer and appetizers you want. FREE BEER. hahaha too bad I don't drink much beer. If it were only free wine I'd be set. Well, I'd be on the floor anyway.

Also for Habitat, we are in the middle of family selection right now. I've been giving presentations and I have my last one tmro morning (darn it, can't sleep in). We've gotten several candidates, so I'm looking forward to see who shows up.

Well since they are paying me to work I should probably get back to being productive. Thanks to everyone that emailed asking where HHF is. I am sorry it's late, but I'm happy y'all noticed!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Theme Thursday - Bottle

I took one last look in the hotel room mirror before grabbing my keys and heading out. At 62, I was not quite the hot young thing he last saw, but I don't think I looked too bad. I work-out daily, eat healthily, use sunscreen and anti-wrinkle creams, but time still continues to take it's toll. I tried not to think about my "bat wings" or the cellulite on my thighs. He is 63 after all, so not exactly a spring chicken either.

I drove the short distance to his office wishing I had chosen a hotel farther away so I'd have time to gather some courage. On second thought, I would also have time to stop this foolishness and just head home. But no. It's my time. It's our time, at long last. I've waited forty years for this meeting, I'm not going abandon my dreams now. I wondered if he recognized my name on his appointment list. I used my married name, not my maiden name, but I thought he'd still know it was me.

I took a deep breath and walked up to the receptionist. "I have an appointment with Dr. Jonas" I said as lightly as I could manage. Just saying his name gave me a tingling feeling in places I'd long forgotten.

"Okay Mrs. Smith, I just have some paper work for you to fill out, and I'll need your insurance card."

"I'm paying c-cash for this appointment," I stammered. I suppressed a giggle thinking about insurance paying for hooking up with a lost love.

"It's policy, Mrs. Smith. We need to have your insurance card on file." I handed the cards over. I figured it was better not to make a scene, and I needed this to go as smoothly as possible. I then sat down in the waiting room, thankful that it wasn't too crowded. I wouldn't need much of his time, but it was better knowing there weren't a ton of people waiting to see him.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only about 10 minutes before a lovely young nurse in pink scrubs called my name. We went through the usual routine of weight and blood pressure, my medical history, etc. "Why are you here to see Dr. Jonas today?" she asked.

"Actually, it's a personal matter. I'd really rather just speak to the doctor," I replied matter-of-factly. She gave me an odd look, but closed my file and smiled.

"Okay then, he should be right in," she said as she left the room. I heard the thunk of my file going into the holder on the door, and her soft footsteps walking away. I sat twitching my fingers for several minutes before there was a slight knock at the door.

"Good morning, Mrs Smi--" he started. "My God, Rebecca! It is you! How are you? I saw the name but figured it was a coincidence." He looked genuinely happy to see me. Maybe this was not a bad decision after all. Just seeing him smiling at me made my stomach flutter. God, it had been way too long.

"I'm not actually sick, Scott," I said. "I came here to see you." I could see a look of confusion in his eyes. Oh God, I hope I didn't just ruin things for us. "I thought I'd surprise you..." I hesitated, "I'd like to take you out to dinner tonight."

"Rebecca..." he started.

"I'm sorry to hear about your wife," I rushed on without stopping to hear what I was saying, "I know how it is to lose someone you love. My husband died five years ago. It was horrible. But life goes on and, well, I kept thinking about you. Then I heard that your wife died last year, I thought we could get to know each other again."

"Rebecca... Becky. That's very kind of you. But I don't think a date is a good idea right now," he said gently.

"Well, why not?" I asked. I tried to make it come out lightly, but I'm sure he could hear the strain in my voice. "I knew driving down here to ask you out would be a risk, but I'd at least like for you to give me a chance. I mean, I know we don't know each other anymore. It's been forty years for goodness sake. The thing is... the thing is is that if you would just give me a chance, you might accidentally like me."

"That's not it..." he began.

"I'm sure your wife wouldn't have wanted you to spend the rest of your life alone. It was hard for me, too. After Dave died I didn't want to go anywhere with anyone for a long time. But you can't live in a cave."

"That's not why I can't have dinner with you, Becky. The thing is, I'm getting married tomorrow." You could have hit me with a hammer. I just sat there on the examining table with my mouth hanging open.

"Married? You're getting MARRIED? When did this happen? And how? And to whom are you getting married?" I tried not to sound disgusted, but I was. I was disgusted with him for getting married a year after his wife died. I was disgusted with myself for waiting a year to come down here and see him. I thought a year of grieving would be appropriate, after all I didn't want to rush him. It looks like someone else took advantage of that time.

"It's Janie, my nurse."

"The cute blond that brought me in here?" I said incredulously? "She's got to be half your age! Less than half! What is she, 25 or so?"

"She's 27 actually. She has been so good to me since Vanessa died. I couldn't have handled things without her. And the kids like her too..." he trailed off. I wasn't sure how old his kids were now, but they were at least teenagers. Of course they'd like a young, hip step-mother.

"Are you in love with her?" I asked desperately.

"Of course I am. I said I was marrying her tomorrow."

"Okay. Well then. I'm really very sorry to hear that Scott. I had always hoped we could reconnect," I said as I slipped off the table. "I guess one shot in a lifetime is all ya get." I tried to smile as I gathered my things and headed out the door. "If you change your mind, I'm staying at the Westin down the road." I walked out of the office with my head held high, but inside I was crushed. Married. Tomorrow. I just couldn't believe it.

That evening I sat in my hotel room, hoping against hope that he would call. I thought about going down to the bar to see if he would come, but I worried that he'd try to call the room. How pathetic, I thought. It's just like it was in college. I was always waiting for his call. I poured myself another glass of wine from the half empty bottle.

"Well what now?" I said out loud to the wine bottle. There was no answer. The bottle just sat there, inviting me in.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

Can you believe it is friday again? The weeks just seem to fly by these days, don't they?

Have you been watching the Olympics? I know some of you have because I've seen the tweets (umm yeah CBT, Doc, and Jay... I mean you). I've been watching in the evenings and really enjoying it. I guess one reason why I'm so in awe is because I am such a mediocre athlete. I played sports in school; volleyball, basketball, softball... but I was usually on the B team. Even when I got to the varsity team I was still not the best. You also have to take into consideration that I was at an all girl school with a graduating class of 48. I ran cross-country a couple years and did well in that. I wasn't the fastest, but I was in the top 5 or so. I can ice skate, but not well. I can kind of ski -- I like to think of myself as a Bunny Hill Master. I think one of my issues is that I am too laid back, too type B. I don't tend to stress about things in general, much less about being the "best" at something. Hubs is a very competitive athlete, as are his girls. I just don't have that drive, tho I admire people who do and occasionally wish I had a little of that 'oomph' in my step. If you know how to go about getting that be sure to let me know.

Today I was running, well trying to run, and my pants kept falling down. Not literally, but I kept having to hike them up. It was annoying. Finally I just said 'screw it' and went and bought some new work-out clothes. Shopping makes me happy.

Fourteen days until my vacation. Hallelujah. I've been using a tanning lotion on my legs so I hopefully won't blind anyone when I put on my bikini shorts. I just hope our cruise isn't full of young hooligans on spring break wreaking havoc on my vacation. Good GOD, not only am I my mother but I think I've turned into my father as well. Someone go get me a bowl of ice cream and a southern comfort manhattan with a twist and a cherry. Okay, unless you knew my dad you probably didn't get that, but it was funny dammit.

Well, I've been staring at my mac for a while now and I guess this is going to be it for tonight. Have a great happy hour. Don't forget to belly up to the bar and have a round on me.

Cheers y'all (that was for Ali)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Thanks to Little Ms Blogger every wednesday we get to get our rants and raves out in the open. Be sure to go see her today

I'm feeling a little ranty this morning but let's see if we kind find some bright spots along the way...

Rant: I didn't sleep well last night, even with my ambien, which is unusual for me. I had too many of those stinking thoughts rattling around.

Rant: One of those thoughts was about my 17yo daughter. Grrr. When will this "phase" be over? She's too smart to do stupid things. Sheesh.

Rant: Why aren't my little voodoo dolls helping?

World, meet The Killer and Red Devil. The Killer gets rid of any bad vibes and negative energy lurking about. Or at least he's supposed to. I'm still feeling bad vibes. Red Devil helps keep my temper in check during those extra trying times. Both are from but I bought them at a funky little store called Beyond Timbuktu. Red may be helping a little bit... but the Killer is who I really need help from.

Rave: Hey I have one. I had a microderm facial today and it was marvelous.

Rant: they used to do parafin wax wraps on your feet so I didn't wear any socks. Apparently they don't do that any more so my feet were cold the whole time.

Rant and rave: I didn't have time to work out before my facial. I had to make a choice. The dogs had their walk this morning tho, so I guess it's okay.

Rave: I don't have to cook dinner this evening cuz husband will be at a basketball game. Of course I could cook for the girls... but I don't really see the point. We will probably just have some pasta or something. Oh wait. I got it. Italian beef left-overs from last night. Boom. Dinner. Love it.

Rant: I have to go get ready for work. That's probably a rave for you since it means I'm done.

Thanks for stopping by. What are you ranting about today?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Have you been to Un-Mom's yet? She is totally random. Really, really random. I think that may be why I like her.

How come I always remember errands I need to run after I get home from running errands? I find that quite annoying.

How do I get an obsessive thought out of my head? Seriously. I mean, I'm not OCD (spins 3 times before sitting down). But sometimes I get these thoughts in my head and they won't go away (locks and unlocks doors 32 times not 31 or 33). And they are usually not nice. Well, sometimes they aren't nice. Sometimes they are just daydreamish. Like I have nothing better to do:
  • I still need about 15 hours of CE. Sure I have 6 weeks to do it still, but 2 of those weeks I'll be cruising the high seas and trying not to barf. 
  • Mount Washmore - do I really need to add anything to this?
  • I cleaned the house last week cuz I had Habitat people over... why should I have to clean it again this week? That's annoying. 
  • I need to upload to the bc 365 in 2010
  • I need to edge around the ceiling in my fabulous new crafty room (that's not done yet so I don't have a picture for you)
  • I need to mail Ali her birthday card (working on a week late here) plus write and enclose a check for her daughter for Relay for Life. Have you donated yet? It's a real cause. Do it. Here
  • I need to shower
  • I need to figure out what I'm going to say for my Habitat presentation. Well I know what I need to say, I just need to say it without being too goofy.
But anyway, back to these thoughts. There are actually two that I can't get rid of. One is evil things about that one guy that we don't talk about. Every time I have start to have not-so-gracious thoughts I immediately try to think of something else. Seriously, I don't want to waste my energy thinking about it, and the whole hexing thing didn't work out.  But sometimes it's hard because I have to drive by his house like 80 times a day (there's no other way out of the neighborhood). But whatever. Good thoughts Good thought Good thoughts....

The other thing that I'm constantly thinking about is something I can't tell you. Nope, not even you. It's secret. And it wont go away. Whenever this thought enters my little pea brain I immediately try to think of Bob and how much my life rocks right now. And it does. I have a great marriage, great kids (most days), great dogs when they don't poop in the house, and I want for nothing. So why won't this thought go away? It makes me nuts. Maybe I am nuts. Maybe instead of working at the mental health hospital I should be a patient there. Hmmmm. There's a thought. Not very comforting, but a thought nonetheless.

How come whenever I finish running and put my feet up my shoelaces feel too tight? They don't feel tight when I'm working out.

How come I've been working out religiously for a couple years now, 2.5 actually, and I'm still not a hard-body? I have muscles, they are just hidden under fluffy layers. How come wine doesn't build muscle. Damn it.

We leave in 16 days. That's 2 pounds a day I need to lose. I'm not sure I see it happening. What do you think?

Okay well I guess I'll go be productive, although I'd really rather just sit here. What are you thinking about today?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Memoir Monday and Is this your name?

Is this cheating? I don't think so. I was going to wait an do an original Memoir Monday post a la Travis at I like to fish but then I was trying to catch up with all the unread posts in my google reader and I came across this one by Joshua the technical parent. It's all about your name and what it means. It totally intrigued me. Then I started thinking back to that one by julochka about coloring your name but I can't find it. Don't stress out, I sent her a note asking for assistance.
update: here's julochka's color thingie.

I digress. Anyway. I don't think this is cheating because I'm using my maiden name (hence the memoir bit).

Is this your name?

  • My name has 36% vowels, by their standards, I am averagely envoweled.
  • In ascii binary it looks like this:
01010011 01110101 01110011 01100001 01101110 00100000 01001101 01110101 01110010 01110010 01100001 01111001

I figure if you're geeky enough to either know what this means or spend time figuring it out then go for it. Nerd.

  • People with my first name are usually female. Imagine that. Then it says that we are constantly overcharged for beauty products. Yep. I'd buy that. No pun intended of course.
  • The origin of my name is Hebrew and it means Lily
  • My personal power animal is the White Rhino... I'm not sure how I feel about this.
My Power Animal is the White Rhinoceros

Moving on....
  • "Your 'Numerology' number is 8. If it wasn't bulls**t, it would mean that you are motivated by material success and have an aptitude for business, managerial and financial matters. This comes through your uncommon discipline and persistence."
  • I like material things... not sure about the aptitude for business or the other stuff. And hubs takes care of the finances (well, I take care of the out-going ones).
  • And there are 8 people in my family (now) so that kinda fits.
  • According to the US Census Bureau°, 0.794% of US residents have my first name and 0.0737% have my maiden surname. The US has around 300 million residents, so we guesstimate there are 1,756 Americans who go by the same name.
I have to tell you that I put in my married name and got quite different stats.
  • 42% of the letters are vowels meaning that I'm well envoweled (I kinda figured that one)
  • My animal is the American Harpy Eagle, maybe that has something to do with my always nagging and harping on my hubs... but I don't think so. I think I'm a pretty good wife.
  • "Your 'Numerology' number is 5. If it wasn't bulls**t, it would mean that you are adventurous, mercurial, and sensual. You seek growth through adventure and different life experiences. Although you are a critical thinker, you can sometimes over-ponder an issue." This sounds a little bit more like me, but I'm not sure how adventurous I am these days.
  • Oh and only 5 Americans have my same name. Quite a difference between that and my maiden name.
Ah success, thanks to greenwiggle I have the name of the site that will color your name:
Again I put in my maiden name and here's what I got

And... nothing because I can't copy the dang thing. Oh well. Go there and put your own name in. It's kinda cool.

While I was waiting for the coloring name site to finish I thought I'd check up on white rhinos. Here's what I found out.
  • according to wikipedia it is one of the few megafaunal species left. That means it's big and fat. nice.
  • it's got a wide mouth used for grazing... again, thanks so much
  • it's the most social of all the rhino species - this I can handle
  • they are pretty rare in the wild population. Yeah, me too since I've gotten old and (ahem) mature, and apparently such a wide ass.
  • according to urban dictionary white rhino is a very expensive strain of maryjane. Haha. Not me, I enjoy my work and wouldn't screw it up just to get high. That's why I drink.
Speaking of drinking, it's after 5pm and I haven't fixed dinner or drinks so I guess I'll go make good on that whole "good wife" thing and make a special dinner for my main man. No Otie, I mean Bob.

what does your name mean?

mean ol' Travis said I was kinda cheating (okay he said really cheating) so here's a pic of me from the early days. Yes that's me with big hair. Yes that's me wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and pearls. Yes that's me in my pink room with unicorn pictures.

thanks Travis

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Lookie here at my brand spanking new picture! Thanks so so so much to Jan at Jan's Sushi Bar for making it for me. It is totally awesome and I love it and makes me so stinking HAPPY. After wednesday's rants its probably good to think about some good things.

I'm happy that I've had good work-outs all week long. I've been running (no, really I have) every day and it's getting easier and I feel good both during and after. I know, it's totally crazy. Something about that runner's high and it being better than sex. Well, okay, I'm not sure about the last part.

I also finally got my name on the challenge board at the gym. This makes me totally excited because it's one of my goals:

feb challenge

Hooray for rxBambi!  Oh and I guess it's good that Susan didn't pee herself. You know, whoever she is. I guess that doesn't really make sense unless I tell you that it was a jump rope challenge. You know... jumping up and down... on the cement floor... after having squeezed out a couple puppies... if you're a woman then you know exactly what I mean. And yes, in case you were wondering, I added the little thingies over the names cuz they are real people at a real gym and I don't want you stalking them instead of me.

Have you been reading any Theme Thursdays? It is a good one this week (mirror). I've only had the chance to read a few of them, but I am very impressed. I'd recommend Otie's and Jamie's at Red Red Whine. There are other really good ones too, but hey, I can't link everyone so please don't be mad if you did a theme thursday and you aren't otie or jamie. I'm impressed that there are like 50-something links on there. My little old mr linky gets like 6 (on a good day) hahaha.

I'm happy that I can finally upload to flickr again for the bc 365 in 2010 challenge thanks to julochka. I was having some technical issues and she gave me some greasemonkey links to make it all mo' better.

I'm happy that it's happy hour friday and I'm enjoying a nice glass of Cupcake chardonnay...

What are you happy about? Link up and let me know.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rants and Rants

Yes Little Ms Blogger, I know it's supposed to be Rant and Rave Wednesday, but I am full of rants today so that's what you're gonna get. Go see LMB tho, she's got some good one's today.


dear mr zit,
I'm 39 years old, wth? Are you sure you're not looking for my teenagers? Seriously, get the eff away from me. And take your little bitch friend with you.

dear headache,
I didn't even have wine last night. Why the hell did you greet me so ignominiously this morning? You suck. Go away.

dear wine,
I'm sorry I couldn't imbibe yesterday. I had work to do. Tonight as well. Also, it's only 22 days until my cruise, and I'm sorry to say this to you, but you are full of empty calories. I know you like to be liked, just like me, but you are making me fat. Why can't you be calorie free like your friend water? then we could spend more time together.

dear armpit hair,
how many freaking times do I have to get you lasered? Take the freaking hint and quit growing! You are so freaking stupid.

dear pee,
I just don't get it. Why do you insist on running down the sides of the potty after my husband voids you? I know it's not his fault. It must be yours. Even tho that doesn't happen when any of the girls pee. Still, it couldn't be his fault... Please make an attempt to stay within the boundaries of the bowl. When I come into the bathroom and step on you at 2am it kinda pisses me off.

dear boobs,
I'm sorry you're feeling poorly lately, but do I have to tuck you into my pants every freaking day? Perk Up!!!

dear dust dinos,
I have people coming over this evening. Please go run and hide.

Whew... I think that's about it. Okay, let me think if I have some raves...

dear LMB,
I didn't follow the rules. But now it looks like I am following the rules. You rock.

dear new followers,
Hooray! Thanks a bunches.

dear life,
even tho I bitch, I guess you're okay. Stick around for a while. Maybe we'll have wine later...

What are you ranting and raving about today?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Memoir Monday

Go see Travis over at I Like to Fish for more memoir monday fun

Okay here are mine...
 awww aint it sweet? 
(mid 1970's)

Yes, my coozie says "Sue's Fucking Beer"
aint college sweet? 

Now if you want to REALLY be sweet, head over to see Ali at Inner Ramblings of a something something something. Her daughter is trying to raise money for Relay for Life. It's worth it. Trust me. Go NOW!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Go see Cate at Show My Face for more six word saturday

Flickr Big Huge labs -January PAD

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I can't believe it's already time for another Happy Hour. This week has just flown by, and that makes me happy.

I'm happy that last night's Habitat for Humanity meeting went so well. If you remember a few weeks ago we had an H4H retreat at my house and did some strategic planning. Well last night was the first time we implemented one of the new strategies and it went really well. Of course, my part was just a little silly... mainly because I'm a little silly. I was going to write everything down that I wanted to say, but then decided just to take a nap shoot from the hip. So needless to say, when I got up in front of everyone I really didn't know what I wanted to say and kinda went in circles. But I made a couple good jokes and talked about some serious stuff so I guess it all went okay. No one got mad at me for being too flippant so I guess it's all good.

Then last night after the meeting a few of us went out for a cocktail and it was all paid for by my favorite ninja. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the H4H meeting had to be moved from our usual place to a local country club. It's the "posh" place to be in town or well, it used to be up until about 10 years ago when the whole place kinda went to crap. They don't take cash there, and since the ninja is a member she got to pay for everything. Thanks ninja! The problem tho is that the wine I had was kinda crappy. I didn't realize it while I was drinking it. It actually tasted pretty good. I didn't realize that it wasn't good wine until I woke up at 2am with a r-a-g-i-n-g headache. Massive. I mean, I thought my head might just explode. And I only had two glasses. That's right. TWO. I wasn't even tipsy when I left. And yet, I thought I might die this morning. I'm wondering if that's the reason why we let our membership drop a few years back... I'll have to think about this. Either way, those two free drinks didn't feel very free this morning. And they won't be free for the ninja when she gets her bill.

Tonight we are going to the Blues game (actually, I'll be posting this when we get home from the game). Hubs is taking me *somewhere* for dinner first. I'm not sure where, he wouldn't tell me. He said it was a surprise. I bet it'll be Johnny's. It's in kind of a revitalized part of St Louis that's known for Mardi Gras parades and stuff like that. Johnny's is known for it's hottie waitresses. I've never been there, but hubs has... Hmmm...Time to go, I'll update when I get back

Wow that was fast, huh? Well I know you're dying to know, so yes, it was Johnny's that we went to. It wasn't as sleazy as I thought it was going to be, but it was just a bar with very skimpily clad waitresses. My cheeseburger was good tho. It was pretty crowded, it's known as kind of a pre-hockey game hang-out. They even have shuttles to and from the game. It was fun. My cosmo was good (both of them).

I'm happy that I'm married. Seriously. We shared a table at the restaurant with a couple on their first date. They were cute and all, but they were young (25ish). Then at the game we were sitting in front of some 40-somethings that were obviously on their first date and it was sooo painful to listen too. It was all about the exes and the kids and the likes and the dislikes. It was just so... sad. But I have to admit, there is no greater feeling than when you're first falling in love with someone. Do you remember that feeling? When the sun is always shining and you're always feeling good and looking good and whenever he looks at you there are butterflies in your tummy? That is an incredible feeling. But I wouldn't give up what I have for it.

Okay, lets recap: community service, wine, sports, slutty waitresses, cosmos, happily married. Yep, sounds like a happy hour to me. Hope you have a great weekend! Link-up!

update: while reading some of the comments I think I've given the wrong impression of Johnny's. It is skimpily clad servers... but it's really not too sleazy (not like a hooters rip-off). I'd say its more burlesque, or something you'd find near the Moulin Rouge. I think it's supposed to invoke a New Orleans style to it. And the crowd it draws is mainly the white-collar male (duh) aged 30-50 but also women and people in their 20s. If you're in the area it is an interesting place to go. If you yelp or UrbanSpoon it it gives great reviews.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Tuesday

Just a few thoughts to get out of my head so that I can actually get some work done today. Maybe. Be sure to go see Un-Mom because this is all her fault.

Why do I insist upon wearing this blue and white stripped shirt even tho I know it makes me look like a rotund sailor?

How come I haven't put on real shoes in the last 3 days? I've been wearing my slippers. In my defense, you can't tell that they are slippers cuz they look like real shoes. Oh and a caveat, I have been wearing real work-out shoes, but then I take them off and put on my slippers after my shower.

Yesterday I gave blood and now I have a bruise. On the bright side it's just a small bruise, not like last time when my whole upper arm was bruised. On the brighter side than that, they could actually use my blood this time. Last time it clotted too quickly so I had that big-ass bruise for nothing.

It's really hard to get someone's tone thru cyberspace. If you think I'm being mean, chances are it's a miscommunication. I'm actually fairly nice. Well, unless you kick me out of your office... but we don't talk about that. Or if you call me fat, then I might not be nice either. Or if you make fun of my Momma, then I'll have to open up a can of whoop-ass on ya. Hmmm, maybe if you snub me in public, then I'll be mean. Or if you make fun of my kids. Or my fat dog (she's on a diet by the way... and not at all pleased with me). My point is, just talk to me. I joke around a lot and try not to take things too seriously, especially on this blog, but I would never intentionally try to hurt feelings. There's enough evil in the world, I don't think I need to contribute to it.

I have several opportunities on the horizon to meet fellow bloggers and also to see some old friends. This month The Funky Art Queen and her sister are coming to St. Louis and we are going to try to get together. Oh, fyi Barb, you're coming too (I forgot to tell you). Then in march before our cruise we are going to spend a couple days in San Diego so I'll get to see an old friend, Big Red (aka Jim). I'm not sure he really exists tho since he doesn't have a blog, but he does have a fb page. Okay then over spring break, whenever the hell that is, I'm hoping to get up to Chicago to see Tori (and not shop at all... haha). Then hopefully a blogapalooza will be in the mix at Ali's house in April (there's still some space I think so go see her). Then finally in either April or May I'll be heading back to Reno. Look out Sara, I'll be stopping by at some point... I'll let you tell me when tho :) So I'm really excited and keeping my fingers crossed.

I think that's enough rambling for one day. Add that to my nap I took earlier and I haven't gotten anything done today. Hope you have a great tuesday. Don't forget to go see Un-Mom and see who else is playing.