Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

It's Happy Hour Friday once again and I'm not even late! Woohoo! That's enough to make you happy, isn't it? But just wait, there's so much more.

I'm happy that good ol' slasher Norm is redoing our basement. We have some seriously ugly old blue berber down there and he is replacing it with other things. The "main" part of the basement, or tv room, (or man-cave, whatever) is mahogany hard wood. There is also kind of a foyer area that is black and white check tile, and then the rest of the basement will be black tile (we were going to do the check throughout, but it was kinda busy). I'd like to have the mahogany throughout, but it's kinda pricey, and it is just a basement afterall. So, right now it's a disaster down there and we can't even go down there to watch tv, but hopefully it'll be done soon.

I'm happy that one of those rooms down there will be my new craft room! Yippee! I am so excited (can you tell? I'm like bursting with energy over here. No, wait. I just have to pee). Okay, yes, I am excited. But I can't figure out what color to paint it. So far the suggested colors have been orange, blue, and turquoise (with hints of purple?). What are your thoughts? What colors are supposed to inspire creativity? It can't be too dark. It's a basement room with not-enough lighting (I'll be buying a couple floor lamps tho I think) and it'll have a dark tile floor. There's a window, but it's northerly facing and has a deck above it and woods behind it, so basically no natural light.  I need help!

I'm happy that it's only 35 days until I cruise with husband to the Mexican Riviera. Of course, this is his make-up gift for not letting me go to BC3 in Denmark. It has been suggested that the reason he won't let me go to any BCs is that he's being too parental (not parenteral, that would mean that he's feeding me through other means than the intestines, like a vein or something -- fyi). I would like to believe that he'd just rather spend a week on the ocean alone with me. Unfortunately I think the first supposition is the correct one. He wont let me go overseas to meet my new internet friends because he thinks I'll get axed. That kinda makes me not too happy, but I do get a week's cruise out of it so I guess I'll just hold on to that anger for our next fight. THEN I'll bring it up and he can suffer the consequences... right? On the other hand... we don't fight very much. I might forget about it. Grrr. The perils of a happy marriage. Dang it.

Umm, I'm sure I have more to be happy about, but I actually have a load of work to do. Our Habitat chapter is about to start choosing not one but two new families. As chair of the family selection committee that means that I have a poop-load to do before the families can be chosen. Yikes. So, I need to get busy with time-lines and applications and presentations etc etc blah blah blah.

That's it for me folks! Link up and play HHF with me. And don't forget to go see poor old Otie even tho I don't think he's joining us this week...

All right damn it all to hell. Mr Linky isn't working. If you want to play just leave me a note in your comments and I'll hook you up later.

No. Nonono. Let's soothe that wild hair and try this one from Simply Linked. Let me know what you think...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

about last night...

 I think I may have mentioned that last night the junior service club had it's annul mice races and casino night fundraiser. If you've never been to one you should go, it's pretty fun. Here's a link, but this isn't ours, it's just a random one I found on the web. Anyway, that's where I was last night, and because of that I will be hanging my head in shame, avoiding the the knowing looks, trying desperately not to listen to the whispers behind my back.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I was the drunk one and made a fool of myself dancing on the roulette table. You're thinking that all the fine ladies who are members of the club will no longer let me near their husbands. You're thinking that it's 7th grade all over again and no one's parents will let their child come over to my house... (what? You don't remember that post? Well don't bother looking for a link. I've given you enough fodder for a lifetime worth of humiliation, I don't think I need to link it. But I think it's in the archives somewhere if you're that interested).

No, I'm afraid what happened is much worse.

If you've been around for a while you may have gotten the impression that I'm a tad... well, okay a little more than a tad... but I'm very slightly a little bit... vain. Except it's not that I'm conceited or think I'm beautiful or anything, it's more because I'm totally insecure. I really am. I'm always afraid I have food in my teeth or boogers or something. Maybe I sat in something and there's a big brown stain on my butt. Or my muffin top is just a bit too prominent. There is a whole host of potential flaws I obsess about, so I often find a mirror to make sure that those problems are all in my head and haven't manifested themselves irl. Only last night I didn't have a mirror. And I really wish I did.

Here's the set up: as one of the "mice girls" (you know, I'm on the jsc committee for the fundraiser so I had to work part of the evening) my job is the "roaming trivia gal" -- yeah I'm a "gal," it said so in the program. Anyway, my job last night was to roam around the room with a bag of goodies and some trivia questions. It's actually really fun. I get to go from table to table and talk to everyone in the room. I joke around and laugh and have fun and, well, maybe bat my eyes a little... you know, all the normal stuff you do when working a crowd.  It's my thing and I love doing it every year. Last night was no exception. I hit the groups of guys, the ladies sitting by themselves looking bored, the mayor, the husbands, the wives, the old people, the hotties, the not-so-hotties... everyone. I don't think there were many people that I didn't chat up.

Several times during the course of the evening I stopped by our table and asked husband if I looked okay:
How are my teeth?
How about my nose?
Do I look okay?
Yes, dear.
It's important you know. I'm talking to lots of people.
You look fine hon. Could you get me a beer?

I believed him. I remember at one point thinking that maybe I'd scoot off to the ladies room just to check, but then decided I was paranoid. After all, husband really looked, right? He looked like he looked.

So the evening came to a close and we headed home. I was in a pretty good mood because although hubs and I didn't win any of the races -- actually we came home empty handed which was kind of a bummer -- I spent the evening giving away prizes and that's always fun. So we get home and say goodnight to the kiddos and head upstairs. I walked into the bathroom and started to get ready for bed and looked in the mirror.

Then I looked in the mirror again.

Then I looked again and shrieked "what the hell is in my hair!!??"

Hubs is like, "I don't see anything"

"What the HELL do you mean, you don't see anything? Look at those FLAKES!"

OMG. I had flakes. Not just a few flakes, but a lot of big yucky looking flakes in my hair. My dark brown hair.

wth? I don't have dandruff. I don't usually have a problem with a dry scalp. Granted I keep a bottle of head & shoulders around because my scalp can get dried out in the winter, but I haven't needed it. I just had my hair done earlier this week and David didn't mention a thing.And the flakes were all on the left side. Is that totally bizarre or what? I was totally racking my brain trying to think of what was going on. I use hair products, usually bumble and bumble, but I've never had a problem like this with them. I straightened my hair yesterday... maybe I didn't get all the product out?

Of course the next thought was all those people I spent the last three hours chatting up. Oh my god. The men. The women. The mayor and his wife. All my friends husbands. All my friends! OMG. Why didn't someone say something???

Then I started thinking back. What about the woman I sat next to and asked if she wanted to win a prize? She looked at my head. Oh oh, what about those two guys sitting at the middle table near the wall? I got down on one knee when I was talking to them, they were looking right at my head. Oh and the woman that knew husbands ex-wife. I bet she had a freakin field day with my flakes. 

Then of course I just got mad. Really stinking burning mad. Why on earth would my friends just let me go on like that looking like I just stepped out of... out of... out of somewhere with dandruff? I would never do that. I'm the one who tells you that you're dragging toilet paper from your shoe. I'm the one who tells you your tag is sticking out. I'm the one who tells you there is lipstick on your teeth. All discreetly of course so you can fix the problem without being embarrassed.

So now, I'll be the pariah. I'll be talked about for years. And then some. Big Flakey Bambi will be my new nickname. I'm crushed. I'm hurt. I'm thinking God has just smote me for being vain.

Dammit. I wish I had just gotten drunk and mooned the mayor...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

Here we are again at another happy hour. What? You mean this looks different? What the heck? Well, don't fret, you're in the right spot. Our dear Otie has decided to take a break from the Happy Hour Scene, but he'll show up once in a while. So since it's just you and me let's belly on up to the bar and start drinking. The others will be a long shortly.

I am happy that I have a collaboration post with GregoryJ from living my life. If you may recall in this weeks RTT, I mentioned the fact that on days I don't work I never get anything done. Greg commented that he and his colleagues were discussing the very same thing. After a few emails back and forth Greg and I came up with the Would-Be Bambi Laws of Non-Accomplishment. Here they are for your general use:
  1. Time verses Work Accomplished are inversely proportional (T = 1/WA) -- ie the more time you have, the less work gets done
  2. With an over-abundance of Time minimal Work is achieved (T = -W) -- ie on your day off you won't get anything done
  3. An over-abundance of Laborers to perform a task is inversely proportional to the Time it takes said task to be achieved (+L = 1/T) -- ie if you have too many people working on a job, the less work actually gets done
  4. The addition of a Spouse to any Laborer equals less Work Accomplished, unless that Spouse is female, then the addition of a Spouse equals less Work Accomplished Correctly by Laborer and therefore an overall increase in work output (L+S = -WA) or (L+S(f) = -WA(c) = +WA)
  5. The addition of Children to the Work rena equals twice as much Time spent working but only half as much Work Accomplished [Wa+C = 2T(1/2WA)] -- ie if your kids help, plan on doing it twice
  6. An increase in Solar Energy equals a decrease in Work Accomplished (+SE = 1/WA) -- ie if it's a beautiful day no work gets done
  7. A decrease in Solar Energy equals a decrease in Work Accomplished (-SE = -WA) -- ie if it's a crappy day no work gets done
  8. The Number of times the phone rings is inversely proportional to Work Accomplished  (Pn = 1/WA)
  9. The Number of breaks taken is inversely proportional to amount of Work Accomplished (Nb = 1/WA)
  10. If Methane gas is expressed, there is no Work Accomplished (CH4 = 0WA) ie if someone farts, work is stopped, room is evacuated

Okay well needless to say, these laws make me happy! 

I'm happy that although I was at a meeting and got home late last night, husband was happy I woke him up rather than finish my HHF post. Oops, sorry Otin. That's why it's late. 

I'm happy that Barb and I (and spouses of course) are going to see Grease at the Fox tonight. We have front row seats (thanks to hubby's colleague) so that makes it extra happy.  Plus we are going out to dinner first, then out for drinks after the show with some of our good friends. All in all I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a fun night. The downside is that I have to get up and work saturday morning. 

Saturday night we also have plans. It's the Mice Races, one of Junior Services big fundraisers. It's also a lot of fun so I'm looking forward to it. 

Well I guess that's it for me. Sorry I'm late posting, but at least I'm not dead... right? 

Link up here with Mr Linky and see who else is playing. Cheers! 


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I awoke to another gray morning. The fog hovered at the mid-line of the trees as the mist gathered in droplets on the window pane. It wasn't quite raining yet, however I knew it would be several hours before we saw the sun, if at all. I found it ironic that yesterday I found peace and solitude in the brume, while today it portended evil.
The dogs wriggled with excitement at the mention of a walk through the golf course. There was usually a sighting or two of deer, foxes, or other wildlife unlucky enough to have Juneau pick up it's scent. This morning was no different. A herd of deer were grazing along the edge of the woods that surround the golf course. Juneau took off like a shot, but of course he was no match for the graceful leaps and bounds of the deer, and they were well out of sight within seconds. Not one to be despondent about losing the chase, Juneau returned to the task of ferreting out squirrels and other small animals while still on the look-out for the big prize such as a fox or raccoon. Jenny, true to form, labored along beside me, her extra weight slowing her down.
Our morning stroll came to an end a short time later. I gathered the dogs in, wiped paws and put on collars, and told each of them what well behaved dogs they were. Once inside, I sat down at the kitchen table for my morning ritual of coffee and the New York Times crossword before changing from my walking-the-dog gear to my work-out gear. After a quick energy bar for breakfast, I gave the dogs a treat and told them to watch the house while I went to the gym. I turned on the radio for them and walked out the door.
At the gym I had a pretty good work-out. I ran a couple quick miles, pleased at having beat my previous record time. Then Shaun, my trainer, set about to completely annihilate any thoughts of ever raising my arms above my head again by giving me a strenuous upper-body work-out. Although it felt like torture at the time, I was thankful for the opportunity to train with her.
I was still feeling the after effects in my biceps as I pulled back into the drive-way. I raised the garage door and pulled into my usual spot. As I headed around the rear of the car, I was careful not to step in the wet tire tracks, as I didn't want to have to take my shoes off upon entering the house. I looked down to step over the second track and noticed a wet footprint.
'Well that's odd...' I thought to myself. My inner alarm bells were starting to clang. I knew I purposely stepped over the wet tracks. I went for a closer look at the footprint, and hesitantly placed my sneaker-clad foot into the print. I was much longer and much wider than my shoes, and obviously belonging to a man. I suddenly regretted that I had signed up for a photography class at the YMCA instead of the self-defense class.
I tried to quell my rising panic by thinking rationally. It wasn't Bob, I knew that for a fact as I had just gotten off the phone with him while in the car. It definitely wasn't any of the girls; not only were they at school, but their feet were not that big. I tried to recall anyone else that might have access to our garage door codes. Dave the Orkin man, but he only comes April through October, it couldn't be him. Besides, his truck was not in the driveway. Frank, the dry cleaner delivery man, knows the code, but he only comes on Monday and Thursday. Today is Wednesday, so it couldn't be him...
As I went down my mental list of potential workers who could know the door codes, I suddenly had another realization: The dogs weren't barking. Every time I come home I am greeted by my two barking, wagging, yipping dogs. I can usually hear them as soon as I exit the car. Today, however, there was nothing.
The hair on the back of my neck started to rise and my panic was palpable. Who the heck had been here? Where did he come from and why? Where were the dogs? And then the thought that gave me the chills - was he still in the house?
Flashbacks from '80s slasher movies were zipping past my line of sight. Half bodies stuffed in cabinets, blood dripping from the ceiling, body parts laying forgotten in the wake of mayhem. I could almost see Micheal's mask, Freddy's knives, and Leatherface's chainsaw. I quickly thought of my neighbors who would possibly be home in case I started shouting bloody murder... I couldn't think of any...
I got control of my panic and quietly crept into the kitchen, senses tingling and adrenalin pulsing through my veins.
I saw the dogs on the back porch and relief spread over me like a warm blanket. Someone had put them outside, but they were okay. I let them in, but they gave no hint of who had put them out there. They didn't appear any worse for the wear, and there was no indication that the person was still in the house.
I racked my brain for an explanation. Who would put my dogs outside but not harm them? Then it occurred to me that as I was driving into the subdivision someone honked their horn. I didn't recognize the vehicle so I dismissed the thought all together. Suddenly I put the pieces in place.
The slasher that came into my house


none other



He had to come over this morning to fix youngest daughter's closet shelf. I had forgotten that he just got a new car, that's why I didn't recognize it. I had also forgotten that I asked him to come over.

So, needless to say, I am not dead. Nor am I in pieces. I will tho, in the future, try to remember that when I am drinking wine and making plans for people to stop by, I NEED TO WRITE MYSELF A NOTE SO THAT I DON'T SCARE MYSELF TO DEATH!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Be sure to go see the Un-Mom for the original Random Tuesday Thoughts. This is her fault you know.

How come on days I don't work I never seem to get anything done? I don't think I sit around eating bon-bons all day. And I can't remember the last time I watched Oprah. What's the deal?

I took about 140 pix at the gym today for the Flickr 365 in 2010 project. Most of them weren't any good, but I think I had a few good ones. Go here to check out my photostream. But if you don't want to (I know, I'm kinda lazy like that too) here is one of the pix I like. I call it 'motion'. What do you think?

How does it make you feel when someone ignores your friend request on facebook? I think I've been ignored. I'm not *sure* -- but I'm pretty sure. It doesn't really matter, I haven't spoken to the woman in 20 years, why the hell should I care? I think it's the only person that's actually ignored me tho. Kinda makes me wonder. It kinda makes me feel inadequate. Didn't I get over that crap years ago? So now, not only does it bother me that I'm being ignored, it bothers me that it bothers me. I think I'll just have another glass of wine. And think about how wonderful I am. Wait, lemme ask Bob.... Okay, he says I'm wonderful. I guess that's enough.

Woke up to a fabulously foggy morning today. I love fog, it always seems to bring a dreamlike quality to my day. Granted, I don't like driving in it when it's thick as pea soup, but I love walking in it. Unfortunately by the time I got back from my morning stroll with the dogs the fog has somewhat lifted, but I think I got some decent pictures in:

Jenny just farted and it really stinks. Why is she so gassy and Juneau isn't? They eat the same food. Phew... I might have to leave the room...

Well I guess that is it for me. Be sure to go see Un-Mom!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

If you've been hanging around for a while then you know that Otie and I host a Happy Hour every Friday. Otie has the Mr Linky at his site (yeah, I let him have control of it, kinda like the remote, you know the guy has to hold it to feel manly).

I'm happy that my theme thursday post has been so well received. It was a little different for me, but I kinda liked it. Maybe I'll keep going with it. After all, my NoMoSlackMo story was lacking a bit and needed a bit of life (hahahaha) infused into it. Do you know what I'm talking about? If not, go see the post before this one (here).

I'm happy that today Gray's Anatomy was on again. Yippee. I love it. I'm hooked. I actually didn't start watching at the beginning, I started watching second season (with Denny). I think had I started earlier I may not have gotten hooked. But I am. It's my one vice. Well, along with wine. And chocolate. And wine.

Do you flickr? Well, I do. And one of my photo's went Explore! I kinda don't really understand it, but if your photo goes Explore it means that lots of people like it and lots look at it. This is the one that went Explore:

I call it melancholy. I may have posted it before, but there it is anyway. If you're into photography be sure to check out flickr, it's pretty cool. Here's the link to my photostream.

Umm, hmmm. I'm trying to think about what else makes me happy.

Oh sushi! I forgot, Bob emailed me at some point this afternoon and asked me out on a date to Wasabi. They have got the best sushi I've ever had. It was so-o-o-o good. My new favorite is the -- wait for it -- wasabi special. I don't have a clue what it is but it was awesome. And it had some crunchy stuff on top.

I'm happy that my workouts have been going well. I've increased my running distance by a mile so I'm up to... well more than a mile. No, I don't really wanna say what I've been running. Let's just say that I'm about where I was in high school, which makes me happy since now I'm some old broad that I hardly recognize and there's wrinkles and sagging and gray hairs popping up.

Okay, I think I just crossed the line from happy to depressed. Crap.

Well, be sure to go see Otie and find out what he's happy about. Then click on his little Linky and find out what everyone else is happy about too.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Theme Thursday - Surface

I feel the warmth of the sun gently caressing my skin, a million little butterflies alighting on my arms, my thighs, my belly. The roar of the ocean in my ears echoing the depth of your desire. The course sand rubbing my lower back raw, but I don't care. All that matters is that you are with me, and we are one.

The alarm signals the demise of my dreams. I reflexively hit the snooze as I hover near the surface of wakefulness, unwilling to accept the reality that is my life. I roll over and see the one I am bound to, the one that is not you. I try to go back to the beach, but it's no use, the city breathes of life, of desolation. I wake fully to endure yet another day.

After he leaves I log on. I know I shouldn't, but I can't resist. The light in your eyes leaves me feeling drugged. Your smile leaves me breathless and weak. The only images I can find are the ones that have her though. She feigns innocence, but her eyes mock me. I see her laughing at me. She knows she has the one thing I desire, yet she refuses to let you go. Can't she see what it is between us? Can't she see that she is tearing me apart?

I don't despair for long. I have a plan. I must admit it's a little outrageous. It's not something I would normally do. What is it that they say though? Yes, that's it. All's fair in love and war. I'm not sure which one this is, but I'm willing to risk everything for you.

Throughout the day I go over ever detail of the plan, all the contingencies, everything that could go wrong and how I should react. I plan our dinner, I plan an evening of fun, I plan to show him that I care. Then, and only then, will my ultimate plan come into effect.

As evening drones on towards night I suggest going to bed. I let him do what he wants, it's the least I can give him. He knows he's not the one I desire, but I fake it as well as I can. After what seems like an eon he is finally done. He rolls over, and I wait patiently until he begins to snore. It wont be long.

Finally. Finally I hear the rhythmic breathing next to me signaling his slumber. I know this is it. It's either now or never. I reach under the mattress where I placed the 10 inch blade from the kitchen. I grip the wooden hilt, I say a prayer to St Dwynwen, the patron saint of lost loves, in hopes that he'll help me find mine. I take a deep breath. I see my reflection in the metal as I raise the knife in an arc above my head. This one is for you, lover. Next time, it'll be her. Then we will be together. Forever.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post it Note Tuesday

This is my first attempt at Post It Note Tuesday and at the moment I'm not impressed. This sticky thing is a pia. However, I will admit that it could be totally user error since no one else seems to be having trouble. Anyway, for more post it note fun be sure to go see Supah Mommy.

Okay, I think this is enough post-it note fun. It seems to be taking me a really long time. Besides I'm getting ready for a date with the big guy. That'd be bob, fyi.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Sunday With Me

Bob and I had a wonderful afternoon together -- with no teenagers ruining the moment -- so I thought I'd share some of the highlights... No Otie, I'm not sharing those highlights, but I'll share these...

majestic bald eagle in Grafton, IL

river sharks?
no, but I was surprised to see that "old man river" will actually ice over

 wine tasting on a lazy sunday afternoon

eagle watching on the chain of rocks bridge

interesting reflection

How did you spend your sunday afternoon? Better yet, how will you spend your sunday evening?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Other Pharmacist Puking,
Bams Must Work

 I think that pretty much says it all. I'm working on a Saturday and that kinda stinks. Oh well, it's at least worth a new pair of shoes... Go here to see more SWS!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


If you've been hanging around for a while then you know that Otie and I host a Happy Hour every Friday. Otie has the Mr Linky at his site (yeah, I let him have control of it, kinda like the remote, you know the guy has to hold it to feel manly).

Wow. It's the first Happy Hour of 2010! And yes it is, don't argue with me. I did my last one on Dec 31 so this is MY first Happy Hour of 2010. Do you have anything to be happy about? I'm frustrated at the moment but I'm sure I can think of something. Let's give it a shot.

Right at this moment I hate Shutterfly. I have spent hours doing a project for my wonderful honey and not only is the coupon screwed up, but I can't change from a soft cover to a hard cover without redoing it AND their customer service sucks. If they will fix my issue I will recant, but at the moment I am NOT happy.

I guess that's not really part of HHF is it? Well I feel better for having gotten it off my chest. Maybe the google gods will work as well for me as they do for julochka :) I'm not sure where her post is on changing the minds of google and blogger gods, but she can do it. Please julochka, for me, make shutterfly worth all my freaking time today.

I'm pretty happy about the flickr 365 project. It's going well. Here are some of my photos I've posted:
herding cattle

and we danced (that's Barb)



So I'm pretty happy with these. After all, the whole idea is to learn so I think I am accomplishing that.

I am NOT happy that hubs won't let me go to Denmark for BC3. Actually I think it's pretty dumb that he is refusing. Grr. Men are stinky. Especially mine. And yes, it's the same hubs that I've been doing all that Shutterfly stuff for. Double grrr.

Wait, is this wednesday? It's kinda sounding like a Rant and Rave a la Little Ms Blogger.

Another snow day tomorrow. Actually this isn't happy or unhappy for me because I don't really care either way. I guess it's good cuz youngest has agreed to go workout with me so that'll be fun. But really, since they're teenagers it doesn't really affect me if they go to school or stay home. BUT WAIT. this is HHF so lets try that again:

Was that better? Unfortunately even tho there's snow it's too dang cold and windy to be outside. It's been about 10 F but the wind chill makes it about -10F here. Needless to say, I haven't been walking. Tomorrow am it's gonna be 2F (yep 2F). Sorry dogs. I will be snuggly in bed. And THAT, my friends, makes me HAPPY.

Anyway, this is feeling forced so I'm just gonna say GO SEE OTIN and click his linky to play.


UPDATE: Shutterfly fixed my issues so I officially recant what I said earlier and they ROCK!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Be sure to stop by an see Un-Mom, she's the creator of the original RTT

I finally have my list of 39 things to do before I'm 40 (a la Spud) and I'm very disappointed to realize that I can't think of more things I need to do. As of right now I only have 27 items listed, and the last one doesn't count (the list is on my side bar). I mean, I could say I want to give back to the community, but that's nothing new for me. I'm already in over my head involved with Habitat for Humanity, the Junior Service, and Hope Animal Rescues. I've been with these organizations for a couple years now, and taking on another wouldn't do any of us any good because I barely have time to do what I've already committed.

In that same vein, I'm feeling very overwhelmed. I'm trying to do this NoMoSlackMo (a redo if NaNoWriMo) and I'm just not feeling it so far. I have a couple ideas, but can't get the story moving. It's blah blah blah. I need some action baby. In addition, I'm totally intrigued with art journaling (a la the Fragrant Muse). I even went out and bought a brand new journal, but I haven't had time to either artify the journal or write in it. Speaking of paper, Barb bought me a paper making kit for my birthday. I love it because I've been wanting to make my own notecards, but now I have one more thing I don't have time for. So far I've only made 1 new sheet of paper, and it's still sitting right where I left it to dry. The other thing that isn't new but that I've been trying to be better at is cooking more meals at home. It's just so easy to grab Quizno's or suggest we go out (or my fave, get the kids subs and have hubby take me out somewhere fancy). The other project I'm tackling is the flickr 365 in 2010 challenge Julochka and Spud started. I've gotten four pictures in four days, so I just need to stick with it another 361. In addition to that, my google reader is about to bust. Aggghhhh!

Okay... deep breaths... it'll get done, I just need to prioritize.

This wasn't very random, was it? Okay, well here is some randomness. I had a bad hair day today. It would have sucked, but I turned it into a fabulous hat day. Jaunty, oui?

While I'm sitting here being all jauntified Barb is writing an amazing post. Go see. Go on. I'm done here. GO NOW.