Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

Here we are again at another happy hour. What? You mean this looks different? What the heck? Well, don't fret, you're in the right spot. Our dear Otie has decided to take a break from the Happy Hour Scene, but he'll show up once in a while. So since it's just you and me let's belly on up to the bar and start drinking. The others will be a long shortly.

I am happy that I have a collaboration post with GregoryJ from living my life. If you may recall in this weeks RTT, I mentioned the fact that on days I don't work I never get anything done. Greg commented that he and his colleagues were discussing the very same thing. After a few emails back and forth Greg and I came up with the Would-Be Bambi Laws of Non-Accomplishment. Here they are for your general use:
  1. Time verses Work Accomplished are inversely proportional (T = 1/WA) -- ie the more time you have, the less work gets done
  2. With an over-abundance of Time minimal Work is achieved (T = -W) -- ie on your day off you won't get anything done
  3. An over-abundance of Laborers to perform a task is inversely proportional to the Time it takes said task to be achieved (+L = 1/T) -- ie if you have too many people working on a job, the less work actually gets done
  4. The addition of a Spouse to any Laborer equals less Work Accomplished, unless that Spouse is female, then the addition of a Spouse equals less Work Accomplished Correctly by Laborer and therefore an overall increase in work output (L+S = -WA) or (L+S(f) = -WA(c) = +WA)
  5. The addition of Children to the Work rena equals twice as much Time spent working but only half as much Work Accomplished [Wa+C = 2T(1/2WA)] -- ie if your kids help, plan on doing it twice
  6. An increase in Solar Energy equals a decrease in Work Accomplished (+SE = 1/WA) -- ie if it's a beautiful day no work gets done
  7. A decrease in Solar Energy equals a decrease in Work Accomplished (-SE = -WA) -- ie if it's a crappy day no work gets done
  8. The Number of times the phone rings is inversely proportional to Work Accomplished  (Pn = 1/WA)
  9. The Number of breaks taken is inversely proportional to amount of Work Accomplished (Nb = 1/WA)
  10. If Methane gas is expressed, there is no Work Accomplished (CH4 = 0WA) ie if someone farts, work is stopped, room is evacuated

Okay well needless to say, these laws make me happy! 

I'm happy that although I was at a meeting and got home late last night, husband was happy I woke him up rather than finish my HHF post. Oops, sorry Otin. That's why it's late. 

I'm happy that Barb and I (and spouses of course) are going to see Grease at the Fox tonight. We have front row seats (thanks to hubby's colleague) so that makes it extra happy.  Plus we are going out to dinner first, then out for drinks after the show with some of our good friends. All in all I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a fun night. The downside is that I have to get up and work saturday morning. 

Saturday night we also have plans. It's the Mice Races, one of Junior Services big fundraisers. It's also a lot of fun so I'm looking forward to it. 

Well I guess that's it for me. Sorry I'm late posting, but at least I'm not dead... right? 

Link up here with Mr Linky and see who else is playing. Cheers! 



Doc said...

Happy Happy hour Bambi... It's been a long week. I am glad to belly up and have a few with you.

Anonymous said...

WB, those are great. good work. so funny the way you did them.
thanks for the shout.

Have a wonderful evening, how can you miss. Are you going to sing along?

Brian Miller said...

ha. love the laws. sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. hope you have a great one!

Lori said...

I am more then happy to belly up to the bar for Happy Hour Friday with you and the rest of the happy finders....I raise my glass to your great happy list....have a great night out with your sister and sounds like you have fun weekend planned. Happy Friday to you and yours, Lori

Doc said...

If the round is on you I'll have a Landshark Thank you very much!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I'm happy that you're going to continue Happy Hour even without your HH partner because you are a stellar hostess! ;)

Love those laws - I might have to print them out and hang them on the fridge just to mess with Princess Nagger and Hovering Hubby. ;)

Have FUN tonight - I'm a tad jealous, but I'll get over it. Especially since you have to work tomorrow. ;)

otin said...

You are a stellar hostess if you would ever get here! I really am going to need to monitor you! LOL!

Sounds like it is the hubby who had a happy hour!

Have fun at Grease.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

A late HHF is fine with me. I never seem to get here until Sunday anyway. Love your formulas and soooo true.

xoxoKrysten said...

Mmm happy hour. Sounds like you're busy with a fun weekend. Yay you!