Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Be sure to go see the Un-Mom for the original Random Tuesday Thoughts. This is her fault you know.

How come on days I don't work I never seem to get anything done? I don't think I sit around eating bon-bons all day. And I can't remember the last time I watched Oprah. What's the deal?

I took about 140 pix at the gym today for the Flickr 365 in 2010 project. Most of them weren't any good, but I think I had a few good ones. Go here to check out my photostream. But if you don't want to (I know, I'm kinda lazy like that too) here is one of the pix I like. I call it 'motion'. What do you think?

How does it make you feel when someone ignores your friend request on facebook? I think I've been ignored. I'm not *sure* -- but I'm pretty sure. It doesn't really matter, I haven't spoken to the woman in 20 years, why the hell should I care? I think it's the only person that's actually ignored me tho. Kinda makes me wonder. It kinda makes me feel inadequate. Didn't I get over that crap years ago? So now, not only does it bother me that I'm being ignored, it bothers me that it bothers me. I think I'll just have another glass of wine. And think about how wonderful I am. Wait, lemme ask Bob.... Okay, he says I'm wonderful. I guess that's enough.

Woke up to a fabulously foggy morning today. I love fog, it always seems to bring a dreamlike quality to my day. Granted, I don't like driving in it when it's thick as pea soup, but I love walking in it. Unfortunately by the time I got back from my morning stroll with the dogs the fog has somewhat lifted, but I think I got some decent pictures in:

Jenny just farted and it really stinks. Why is she so gassy and Juneau isn't? They eat the same food. Phew... I might have to leave the room...

Well I guess that is it for me. Be sure to go see Un-Mom!


Anonymous said...

Nice photos of the foggy woods.
Maybe she/he doesn't do much on Facebook? I don't so I might be ignoring people, too. Or....maybe they died.......oo oo oo oo

Regarding your first question, we were discussing that same thing yesterday. How when we are doing a lot, we can still do more, but when we have free time, we don't do anything. I wonder if it is spoken of as a theory? Maybe we can name it. The Would Be Bambi Theory of Nonaccomplishment When You Don't Work.

Doc said...

Great pictures of the woods!
I hear you about ignoring friend requests... I have been guilty of doing it myself though. But not yours... I would never ignore yours. (or would I?) Hee hee - Happy Tuesday Bambi

Brian Miller said...

oh, love the fog pics! fog makes me think mystery.

facebook...if you friend request me...give me a week. i am kinda slow like that. smiles.

AmyLK said...

Happy Tuesday! I like the pic from the gym. Reminds me that I need to get in motion too

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Nice photos. It was foggy here to this morning, but because I'm in Canada, we have damn frosty on everything, which I guess is beautiful if I like the cold.

Anyhow, I completely understand you on the Facebook thing. I have one person that has ignored my friend request - twice. I don't know why I care since I didn't particularly like her in public school. Morbid curiosity I guess...

McGillicutty said...

ok..theories here... maybe she's a bitch.. or thinks you were/are a bitch or both? Maybe she's grown up to be a super nerd geek living in the 19th Century and ventured onto FB once but can't figure out how to do it again. Maybe she doesn't remember or recognize you, maybe she is dead... who cares when you have me as a BFF!!!! get over it.
I have two kids that eat the same stuff and one is definitely smellier than the other!!!
Love the fog shots and that my friend is why you get nothing done.. you're wandering around in the fog taking millions of pictures.
love you!!! <3

McGillicutty said...

Oh, forgot to add, my cousin's wife is ignoring me but she's friends with my sister... whaddup wi dat????

Mostlygrocery said...

I think if someone ignored me..I can care less but then again just writing this.. i feel hurt about it.. what if I have been ignored?



Polly said...

great, great fog shots, and that piano shot that went Explore is really great! I'm going to practice taking similar one, but I won't post it on Flickr or blog so that I don't copy you :-)

the Motion photo is very interesting... did you work out too?

tori said...

isn't it annoying when something bothers you but what bothers you more is that you are bothered that you're bother in the first place?

It sounded better in my head.
I meant to say "I know what you mean".

Ah well. I think the pics are great!

Jay said...

I rarely send friend requests to anyone on Facebook because I hate to be ignored. So, I haven't been ignored. YET. I have ignored one friend request, but I have a good reason. I don't know the person and they included a message saying "Come join my Mafia!!" ;-)

Love those fog pics!

otin said...

I don't get shit done either.

Sometimes I wonder if people even remember who you are on facebook? I have a lot of people who I supposedly went to high school with that I do not remember. Maybe your person is like me and only goes to facebook once a month! :) Oh shit, I need to check now, maybe it's me lol!!!

Matty said...

Sue, I love that "motion" picture. The black and white is just the right touch too.

I did Facebook for about 6 months but stopped using it. I did reconnect with some long lost people, but lost interest and I recently closed down my page.

Lori said...

I feel the same way about being at home some days. I love these pictures you've posted today. It was very foggy here today too.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I worked today and I'm doing the laundry tonight. I'd almost rather be at work these days. At least I'm getting paid when I'm there.
Did you change your layout? Either that or it's just not loading for me.

Nice pictures! I do not love the fog so you can have it! All of it! I would never ignore you on Facebook. I'm Green-Eyed Momster there too if you want to "friend" me!


Sara said...

I love your motion pic. It should inspire me to get off my tushie and work out, but I am having a lazy day:)

Have a great Tuesday nigh

Eidothia said...

I like the gym pic, though try a running pic, if you can.

And however did you manage to walk the dogs, when its foggy, I refuse to get out of bed even - thats our birthright you know!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

When you think you're going to get a lot of stuff done on a day off, that's generally when Murphy's Law kicks in and it ends up being Opposite Day.

LOVE the fog pics!!

I don't hang out on Facebook much, so I don't send friend requests to get ignored. Probably because I hate being ignored. But sometimes I'll notice a friend request that has been sitting there for a while, and that person is probably thinking I've been ignoring them, when really I wasn't paying attention. I think I accepted your friend request within days, didn't I? Or did you send me one? Should I be bothered if you didn't? ;)

kys said...

These days the only thing I get done on my days off is read blogs! I love your photos. Esp. the foggy ones.

Here's a theory on the FB thing - Maybe she is one of those people who only likes to Friend people she associates with now. Or maybe she has a FB account but hardly ever uses it (like me).

PS Thanks for putting me on your sidebar!

Medora said...

Great pics - I can't ever get any good motion shots - too blurry.

Otter Thomas said...

One of my dogs can clear the room pretty quick. It smells horrible. Have another glass of wine. That pretty much fixes anything.