Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

Yep that's right, I'm ready for a little show-n-tell. Anyone in?

Here's the deal. I've tweeted, texted, commented, whined, begged, and cajoled. I really need some new songs for my work-out play list. Julochka (thanks lady!) was the only one that answered, and she only gave me one suggestion. So I thought maybe I'd show you what I have on my work-out iTunes list and you could give me some more suggestions.

Walk This Way    Aerosmith  
Just Push Play     Aerosmith  
21 Things I Want In A Lover   Alanis Morissette
dirty litte secret   The All american rejects
Potential Breakup Song    Aly & AJ 
Girlfriend    Avril Lavigne 
Dancing With Myself    Billy Idol  
3    Britney Spears 
Womanizer    Britney Spears   
Pour Some Sugar On Me    Def Leppard 
Move Your Body    Eiffel 65  
Sugar, We're Goin Down    Fall Out Boy 
Fergalicious    Fergie   
Paralyzer    Finger Eleven  
I Ran (So Far Away)    A Flock of Seagulls  
American Idiot    Green Day  
SexyBack     Justin Timberlake 
I Kissed a Girl    Katy Perry 
Bad Romance    Lady GaGa 
Shake It    Metro Station
So What  P!nk 
Hotel Room Service    Pit Bull          
SOS   Rihanna 
Panama    Van Halen 
Don't Trust Me    3Oh!3 

So there ya have it. That's what I run to. I like it loud with a good, fast beat that will make me forget I'm sweating my a$$ off.

Thoughts? Ideas? Inspiration??

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday again

Go see Keely at The Un-Mom and link up for some random tuesday goodness.

Today started out on an interesting note. I got up early and went to work only to have another pharmacist show up. If you recall, I'm a temp pharmacist so I only work when people need me. It's a pretty good gig, and I set my own schedule, etc. Well, what happened today is a long story, but I'll see if I can put it in a nutshell.
:: I sometimes work for a temp agengy
:: Sometimes the people at the pharmacies I go to want to hire me as their own temp pharmacist rather than go thru the agency
:: That's fine, but then they owe the agency a finders fee (I don't see a dime of that money)
:: I *think* that the pharmacy I went to today does not want to pay the finders fee
:: I *think* they wanted me to keep my employment with them on the hush-hush, in essence screwing over the temp agency and my contacts there
:: I did not keep it on the hush-hush
:: which is *I think* why they had the other pharmacist show up

So, you want me to work for you because I am a good, honest, responsible pharmacist, yet you want me to lie for you and be your bitch? Hmmm. I don't get it. Sorry.

Okay, enough badness. Here's some goodness. Do you know Goosey? She got married over the weekend! It was a great party. Slasher Norm was there, and Bamboo too. That was fun because I never met her before this weekend. Goosey looked beautiful, the food was great, and the wine was awesome! Today she and her new hubby are jetting off to Jamaica. Hopefully they will stay clear of all the drug lords and enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches. I'm jealous!

How was your Memorial Day? We had a nice weekend, the weather was beautiful and I am thankful that I'm an American. That reminds me. While I was cleaning the pool I was thinking about PRIDE. Pride is a funny thing. It is one of the Seven Deadly Sins according to the Catholic religion. And yes, I suppose it could be sinful sometimes. But when I say I'm proud to be an American, that doesn't mean that I don't love and respect other countries. London is one of my most favoritest cities in the world. I love all of England. And Scotland. And France. And Italy. And I could go on and on. Oh and Greece. And Canada (sorry michele, it's a beautiful country). Anyway, you get my point, don't you? Also there are times when I'll tell 17yo daughter to have some pride in herself, that she's a great person. Is that a sin? I don't think so. I think that pride and respect go hand in hand. How can I respect your culture, your country, food, religion, looks, etc without respecting my own? None are better than the other, just different. Although in a pinch, I'd have to say that we are the greatest country in the world. Not without our problems, sure, but a pretty darn good place to be. Especially today sitting by the pool, kids and dogs around me. All I need is a glass of wine and life would be good. What do you think of pride? Is it wrong to be proud of yourself? Your accomplishments? Your country? Your kids???

Wow. those were some deep thoughts. Okay. I was *going* to add one of Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts here because I thought that'd be funny. Well, Mr Handey doesn't let you post them on your web site without permission. Plus I couldn't figure out how to ask him for permission. So go here if you want to see the Deep Thought for the day. Although now I'm annoyed that I can't just post the thought. Mr Handey must be PROUD of his thoughts, huh? Grrr.

Agenda for the evening: not a damn thing cuz mr bambi is outta town. Oh, okay I'll have a glass of wine or 3. But that's it. Re-runs of Grey's? Well, if you're going to twist my arm, then sure. Cook dinner? Surely you jest. Finish and just post the damn thing? I'm on it.

Link up and get random peeps.

Oh and ps, I finally got my Skype to work. Email me with your name and we can chat! Woot!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Six Word Saturday Plus

Thanks to Cate at Show my Face for bringing us Six Word Saturday. Go see her and link up. All the cool kids are doing it, shouldn't you?

While some people (can anyone say Coffeypot?) might find this a plus in a woman, I find it rather annoying. Seriously, I'm a grown-up, completely over-educated, a lady, and I like to think I have a modicum of class. And yet.

I can't look at clouds without seeing penises everywhere. Seriously. I have to consciously try to find different shapes while cloud gazing. I'll see a great big stiffy in the sky and laugh - of course - at The Big Guy's sense of humor, then remember how grown-up and mature I am and come up with something more sensible. A mushroom cloud? nah. A tree and two boulders? nope. A couple of tea bags at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower? that's just silly.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or should I have saved it for a TMI Thursday??


This photo isn't even the most suggestive. I did most of my cloud gazing today while in the pool with the camera tucked safely away inside. I think the penises just follow me...

Monday, May 24, 2010

As I was reading thru my google reader this afternoon I came across the Blue Zoo and her Monday Minute (brought to us by the Daily Dose of Reality). Having never done a monday minute I had to give it a shot. Plus, it all is for our friend Daffy (I mentioned over the weekend about her losing her sister). If you want to give Daffy some love you can get to her site by clicking on the photo.

1 - Do you *snort*?
I'd love to say no, but I'd be lying. I actually do snort, but only if I'm really laughing hard. I think it may stem from the fact that I'm usually concentrating on not peeing my pants at the time, I can't think about not snorting.

2 - Our friend, has a nickname and it's Daffy.  What's your nickname?
Well believe it or not, Bambi isn't actually my real name. I bet you didn't get that.  So, yes, Bambi is one of my nicknames. It goes back a long time ago from when I was in college and my bff was also named Susan. One of our profs said we needed nicknames so I said I wanted to be Natasha (you have to say it with a russian accent of course). Well the other Susan didn't want to be Boris, so we agreed on Bambi and Thumper. I'd say I still got the better end of the deal, although now in my professional life people tend to think I am a former stripper or something.
Other nicknames I have would be sue, susie, mom, mother, satan's whore, and wifey. I think that about sums it up.

3 - Do you know sign language?
well of course I know the universal signal to go fok yourself, but I actually learned how to say 'penis' in sign language by the master herself - Daffy - at TAR last month.

Here are Travis and I practicing saying penis. Thanks Daffy! I'm sure this will come in very handy at the pharmacy. and thanks to Barb for taking the picture.

4 - What's a sample convo from your hood?
"'scuse me. can I talk to the pharmacist?"
"I'm a pharmacist, can I help you?"
"No, where's the other guy that's usually here? You know, he got dark hair."
"He's off today, can I help you with something?"
"Are you his wife?"
"No, I'm just a pharmacist. I fill in when he's gone"
"Well, he was supposed to leave some vicodin for me. Did he leave it?"
"Ummm. NO. He sure didn't. Why don't you come back tomorrow..."

I could go on but really I think that's the gist of it. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the pharmacists that I fill in for *never* leave vicodin laying around for people... darn it.

5 - Do you sleep with electronic devices - i.e. laptop, Blackberry, iPhone, etc?
I can think of many ways to answer this... however since it's my first Monday Minute I'm gonna keep it all clean and say... YES. Actually I do. My mattress pad is electric and when it's cold and snowy outside I like to turn it on high and get my bed all toasty. Then I turn it down to 4 and settle in for a warm sleep.

Well that's it for Monday Minute. Go see Daffy. Go see Ian at Dose. Go see all the other people I bothered to take the time to link up. I'm going to GO to starbucks. Ciao!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

a little bit of everything

first of all, thanks so much to karebear for being a new follower. sorry I can't thank each of you personally, but I do thank you. the name, karebear, took me off guard for a minute and I had to take a closer look because I used to call one of my bff's in high school karebear. I thought maybe it was her. it's not, and that's okay of course, but just for a minute I was elated. well, not true. I'm still elated to have a new follower (it does so so much for my self esteem) but I thought maybe it was her.

anywhoodles... on to the postage. I want to take just a quick minute and mention my bloggy friend Daffy. in case you don't know, daffy lost her sister yesterday. let's just take a moment and send her and her family a cyber hug. {{{HUGS}}}

this post started out (yesterday) as a Happy Hour/ Friday Fragments post (a la mrs 4444s) but since it's now actually saturday I guess I won't link up. if ya snooze ya lose I guess, and I snoozed on this baby. so then I thought I'd do a Six Word Saturday post but this is umm slightly more than six words. You know what? screw it. I have six good words.


oh yeah, that's what I'm saying. juneau, jenny, and kodi are all monster dogs today. mr bambi got up early and went golfing, so I decided I'd haul my cookies outta bed and take the little shits dogs out for their walk.  sometimes on saturdays and sundays I don't always get to it early so usually on the weekends they don't get to run amok on the golf course (of course then we usually go across the street to the cemetery so they can run amok thru the headstones). anyhow, since we were early today they got to go on the golf course. on one of the tee boxes 'something' must have smelled good because all 3 little shits dogs decided they needed to roll in it. oh. my. gawd. my sweet little white dogs were brown. and stinky. it was gross. needless to say I was not a happy camper. sound familiar? on monday it was just kodi that decided he needed to get dirty (and then it was mainly just sand) but today it was all three fuckers. so when we got home they all got a bath. and my bathroom got soaked. it still smells like wet dog.

Fuckers. all three of them. remind me again why I do this to myself.


that 'za' up there is from kodi. he thought he needed to help me type. I thought I'd leave it so you can see how smart he is. or not. he's the dumb one. but at least he wants to be a blogger. you have to appreciate that.

ummm... I thought I had more to say but I guess not. have a great weekend!

Monday, May 17, 2010

monday musings and maybe a little random tuesday too

yeah, it's only monday but I'm feeling a little random. plus I like keely and want to be a part of her randomness. don't you? if you link up then you get to use this little gem too:

okay I don't know how much rain you've been getting but I think we've had something like 102 straight days of rain. well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. the problem with so much rain is that the pool fills up. I mean way up. I mean like it's over the skimmer and then it doesn't skim right. which really doesn't matter because it's too cold and shitty rainy to swim anyway. but the issue is that now the pool is all cloudy. and has visitors. uninvited visitors. and they are doin it froggy style. in my pool.

speaking of doin it, did you know that I'm a milf? yep. apparently I am. my 15yo daughter came home from school today and informed me that a couple of her guy friends told her so. here's to you mrs robinson. or maybe stiflers mom.

do you have any idea how long it takes for white fluffy dogs to dry after a bath? let me tell you, it's a long time. today kodi was running around the golf course and, naturally, in and out of the sand traps and got filthy. I should have taken a before picture, but I didn't. I didn't take an after picture either, so it's fine. my point is, I gave him a bath at approximately 8am. it's now 7:30pm and he's still slightly damp. during our afternoon nap (what? I didn't have to work today) he got my shirt damp. 
juneau and jenny were good dogs today so they didn't have to get a bath. I don't think kodi liked the fact that he had to get bath and they didn't. he's a cute little fucker monster dog tho huh?

I'm really looking forward to wednesday cuz mr bambi and I and barb and mr barb are all going to the fox theater and seeing young frankenstein. oh speaking of barb, it's almost her birthday so be sure to go see her soon. jealous? you should be. or maybe not. but I'm still planning on having a good time. and wine.

okay well I guess that's about it for me. go see keely. go see barb. just go. no wait. leave me a little something to make my day, then go. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a little randomness never hurt anyone...

and it's a good thing too because I'm at work so I'm sure the post will be a little disjointed anyway.

speaking of disjointed, have you read Barb's post yet about poor little Chili? Go read... I'll wait...

oh, speaking of waiting, I guess I should tell you that today's post is due in part to the awesome Keeley. Go see her and link up dammit. 
and don't forget to read her too, she's funny as hell.

when you eat a banana in public do you feel a little bit dirty? a little risque? do you bat your eyes at the man walking by and take a big bite and go 'ummmm.... so so good...'?

how come when I go on a diet I end up gaining weight? does that happen to you?

do you play Words with Friends? I know you can play  on the iphone and itouch, not sure where else. you should play with me. just search rxbams. they also have Chess with Friends, but I'm not very good at it so if you want an easy opponent then search for me there too.

do you remember a while back we talked about thoughts that we couldn't get out of our heads? I'd look for the post, but I don't know where it is and honestly, well, I'm just too damn lazy to go hunting for it. the point is tho, that I still have these 2 thoughts that are plaguing me and I can't freaking stand it. one of the thoughts is a mean and nasty one that I don't want to waste any energy on. the other is just annoying because it's 20 years old and won't go away. I was thinking what I'd like to do is be Fat Bastard and tell those thoughts to get outta my head and into my belly then I'd eat them and they won't bother me anymore. what do you think? anyone know how to do that?

okay well I suppose I should go and do some real work while I'm here. hope your tuesday has been full of fun random facts that you want to share.

go see Keeley!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

musings on a college graduation

One down, five to go. We just returned from Louisville where daughter #1 graduated from college. During the 4 hour drive there, the 4 hour ceremony, and the 4 hour drive back, I've have plenty of time to ponder life's little mysteries.

A priest, a rabbi, and a democrat walked into a church... literally. The college where we have been sending our paychecks for the last 4 years daughter graduated from is a small Jesuit college in the heart of Louisville. It's a great school and known for it's education and nursing schools, and it was a good fit for #1. However, there wasn't much in the way of diversity, at least not that I could see. Yes, there were minorities of course, but I think 99% were your basic upper-middle class catholic-irish white american teenager. There was a mass before the actual distribution of diplomas, and at the end of the mass there were 3 students that gave talks on their "reflections" of the last 4 years. Those students? You guessed it. A future priest, a future rabbi, and a raging democrat. I say "raging" because she was so naive and full of hope (much like I was at that age until I kept having to give that FICA person a huge chunk of my money, then got even more disillusioned by seeing the abuse the public aid system gets on a daily basis by those it is trying to serve) anyway she was so full of hope that it was almost comical. She was the epitome of what you think of with new graduates out to change the world and make it a better place... and yet we all know what happens. Reality sets in, the true uglies of the world reveal themselves, and soon those naive young graduates are the wizened old fogies that wish they knew what the world had to offer while they were still young enough to go get it.

If you are the president of a college and know that there are families out there in the audience waiting to see their child (or sibling, parent, grandkid etc) walk across the stage, don't be a windbag and drone on and on. Seriously. Did you not see all the people walking around during your talk? IT'S CUZ YOU ARE A PRETENTIOUS BLOWHARD AND NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOU TALK ANYMORE. GET ON WITH IT.

Also, if you are an alum of said college and have all sorts of fancy degrees and sure you may have done great things for the embarrassingly low standards of kentucky's education back in the 80s, but if you have nothing to say THEN DON'T AGREE TO BE THE KEYNOTE SPEAKER. YOU ARE MIND-NUMBINGLY YAWN INDUCING.

Okay, that was my rant on the day. The actual diploma distribution was quick and easy. Oh, and the best speaker of the entire day? The future rabbi. I don't remember his name, but he was smart, funny, self-effacing, and a joy to listen to. He should have been keynote. I'm just saying.  

When deciding whether to walk your dogs or pack before your trip you might as well know that neither choice will be the right one. You should  have packed the night before, then you would have had time to remember all the things you forgot. Like
  • your Kindle
  • your phone charger
  • your socks
  • your underwear
Yes. Underwear. Although it turned out to be a good thing. I went shopping. I bought more than socks and underwear. Sneaky little devil, aren't I?


Monday, May 3, 2010

It was just one night...

but it was a good one. Welcome to the latest edition of Memoir Monday hosted by Travis at I Like to Fish.

Last weekend we had a great time at the very first ever Tornado Ally Round-Up (TAR).
Barb and I could only hang out with them on Friday night, but we had a great time. Well, there was crappy free wine so of course we had fun. When we got to the hotel we couldn't find anyone that looked like they were with TAR, and no one was wearing t-shirts, and we didn't know what anyone looked liked except for Travis, and he had the nerve to not be there yet (thanks a lot). There was one group that had a priest with them, I thought it could be our boys... okay not really but I didn't know! Finally we called Travis and he called Ed and told him to look for 2 naked women with cameras (thank goodness someone gave us some clothes...)
We finally found Ed and Coffeypot

 Travis, Kid Funk (my new BFF) and Travis' wifey finally decided to make an appearance

 We got our TAR shirts (which actually came in REALLY handy when it was pouring down rain and we didn't have umbrellas). Here is Barb modeling hers...

 Yeah he may look sweet, but he has got a mouth on him! Ha! John I have no idea how your wife puts up with you, but you sure are funny!

 Moseying along to the Hard Rock Cafe before the tornado...

Oh yes, Travis got a bit toasty and was up dancing to YMCA... he'd have made a great member of the Village People
 More dancing with some random chick...

Funky Cold Medina Kid Funk was dancing too... but not making quite as big a spectacle.

Ed lost a bet and had to wear a Duke hat all weekend. Not sure what that was about, but he was a good sport about it.

 Proof that we all got soaked running back to the hotel from the Hard Rock. Everyone needed more beer just to overcome it.

There he is, looking all sweet again...

And finally! Paddling all the way down I-70, here is the one and only Daffy. She's just as funny and gorgeous in real life. Oh, and she taught us how to say PENIS in sign language...

Ahhh, it was a great night, tornadoes and all. Can't wait for Round Two!

For more Memoir Monday go see Travis!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Contrary to Popular Belief...

I have not fallen off the planet. I haven't been in a horrible accident and lost all my limbs. I haven't been abducted by aliens. I haven't been hacked to pieces by Slasher Norm. I did, however, fall down the stairs taking out the recycling and twist my foot. Yes, that purple and yellow swollen thingie is my foot. Or what's left of it. And no, my toes aren't dirty, they are bruised. There is a difference.
However, that isn't why I haven't been blogging or tweeting or picture taking. The reason for that is much more believable. See, I've been on this undiscovered, uninhabited island. You have probably never heard of it. It's called Analog Isle. I went out on this 3 hour boat trip with an old professor of mine known as Doc, a silly little country girl named Ali, a glamorous star named Gretchen, a goofy old couple named Otie and BlueViolet. My sea-worthy captain was none other than CBT, and his helper was Coffeypot. Well the captain and his mate must have been telling silly jokes or something because we got way off course. Next thing I knew we were being tossed all around in a hurricane. We finally came ashore on this island. It took us 26 days to get off the island. Really. That's why my last post was April 1st. I couldn't take any pictures of the beautiful sights because my camera battery died. And of course I couldn't tweet.

Now that I'm finally home I hope to get reacquainted with all of you. Thanks for sticking around. One of the best parts? I actually gained a follower! You all totally rock. I also got a couple more tweeps following me too, so I'll try to say something witty and intelligent.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

Hi and welcome to Happy Hour Friday. I know, I know, you don't have to tell me... I am a big slacker. It's been an entire week since I've posted. In fact, I'm surprised to see that I've only lost one follower considering the fact that I not only haven't posted, I also haven't read nor commented on any blogs this week.

In my defense, it's been a hectic week. If you read my last post, you know that I took my two chickadees to chicago for a few days. We had a fabulous time.
we saw the city
we saw some wildlife at Shedd Aquarium
we saw some dead stuff at the Field Museum
we walked -- a lot
we looked at feet
we marveled at 'the bean'
we made a new friend irl (Tori)
we did some touristy stuff - the billy goat tavern
we hung out with my cousin joey
(but now that he's an adult he prefers Joe -- too bad, he's still joey to me)
and we shopped a little lot.
can you believe I forgot to take a pic of the Magnificent Mile sign? Grr.

All in all, the girls and I (plus joey and his girlfriend meaghan) had a great weekend. I can't wait to go back and see tori again -- whether she wants me to or not. Chicago is just a very cool place to be.

Anyway, I was back for a day and then hopped a plane to Reno to see my mom
and her kitty, cj
So yes, I have been a very bad blogger buddy. hopefully you can forgive me. I tell ya what, why don't you belly on up to the bar and I'll buy the first round of drinks... happy friday.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

Can you believe it's already time for a Happy Hour Friday post? This week seems to have flown by. Well, I have several things to be happy about this weekend.

I am taking my 2 girls to chicago for the weekend and I'm pretty happy about that. We don't have any plans, just shopping. We are staying right on the Mile (or is it the loop?), so hopefully I won't have to drive anywhere. Plus my cousin lives there so we might have a little tour guide. Not sure how much he'll want to shop tho... I'll leave him at home for that part of it. He has a new woman in his life so I'm a little anxious about meeting her. Also... guess who else lives in chicago... Tori! I think we are going to try to play, and I'm very excited about that. A little nervous. Trying to decide if I should bring an ax. But I don't want to be walking around on Michigan Ave with an ax, so I probably won't. I just hope she doesn't hack up my kids. Or steal all of our newly purchased goods. Or, more importantly, drink all my wine...

After chicago I'll be home just long enough to change clothes then it's off to Reno to visit my mom and... you guessed it-- Sara! That makes me pretty darn happy too. I already know Sara and she won't hack me up... even tho she does have axes... I've seen them. Zena the non-blogger will be there too which always makes me happy.

I'm happy that husband decided he'd like to have Wang Gang for dinner so that I don't have to cook. Ever since Bee posted about pad thai on domestic sensualist I've been craving it, but I don't think I have the ability to master the dish on my own. I'd rather have it delivered thankyouverymuch even tho I have a le cruset wok (it's yellow).

Husband showed me this last night and I about died. I've been trying to figure out how to get the actual video into this post but I'm not smart enough (obviously). Just click on the link...

I've moved to 12th in the pool on Doc's blog, and I'm hoping that Butler can pull it out tonight so that I might have a chance at beating my good buddy Beav (you don't know him... yet) in Memphis. It's half time as I'm writing this and Butler is ahead by 10. Keep it up boys!

Okay well I hope you'll belly on up to the bar and join me for a few drinks. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rants and Raves

Rant: I am at work and can't get the cool button from Little Ms Blogger to work!!!

Rant: I am at work and people keep interrupting me! How am I supposed to concentrate on my post?

Rant: What is up with Blogger lately? I'll hit 'enter' to go down a couple lines and the little blinky thing will just stare at me like I'm an idiot. Move down blinky thing. Sheesh.

Rant: My kids are pissed at me. Well, one is. The 17yo. We were supposed to go prom dress shopping and...


Okay how about some RAVES to spice things up a little?

Rave: Husband likes it when I work. I like it when husband is happy. Maybe I can take advantage of him tonight. Oh yeah. I said it. (woot woot)

Rave: Slasher Norm is almost done with the new floors in the basement. It's taken him a while, but in his defense he can only work on it a couple days a week. Plus I keep giving him other small jobs to do in between. However, I'm ready to have my craft room all finished and purty and the basement all nice and have people over for a fun party.

Rave: Last night I looked out the window and saw this foxy little lady:
what a fox! 83/365

Rave: I'm done. I can't concentrate here. Plus I have ce I need to finish so I'm going to go be productive.

Have a great Wednesday, and don't forget to go see Little Ms Blogger and see what has everyone else in a tizzy.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

F&@K Me! Did it really take over an hour to do this post?

Hello and welcome to the first in a series of Wine Tasting Posts for your complete pleasure and enjoyment... not to mention our complete pleasure and enjoyment... we get to actually drink the wine whilst blogging... now there's a concept. 

Let me introduce myself... I am McGillicutty from Inner Ramblings of a Mid Life Mama.....

And I think you know who I am... I'm rxBams from right here.

Though several emails, texts, IMs, etc, McGilli and I realized that there was one recurring theme to our conversations: We Like Wine.  There are several of our friends, both cyber and IRL, who tell us they "just don't like wine". Well that, my friends, is like saying you don't like food. There are so many different types of wines out there to please so many palates. If you think you don't like wine, you probably just haven't found the right one for you.

We thought a fun way to enhance your wine drinking experience was for us to drink the wine and tell you our thoughts on it. Are you ready? Here we go!
And it's back to me....remember me.. McGilli...OK Bambs, like your point there.. there's a wine for everyone and everyone for a wine.. tonight I have decided to go with a cheapo wine from Walmart... yes.. can you believe it... it was $4.97 and it's called Lucky Dick... ooops no it's not it's called Lucky Duck!!!!  It comes in several different types but tonight I am reviewing the Cabernet Sauvignon. It's usually one of the bolder reds so this should be interesting.. what you sippin' on Bambs????

I chose to  go with a mid-priced wine from my local wine store. It's a Hess Chardonnay from the Su'skol Vineyard in Napa. It retails for about $20. My initial impression is that this wouldn't be the wine for beginners. It is fairly light in color, but don't let that fool you, it has a big oaky taste to it. Personally I love the oakiness in my chardonnays, but I have found that many winers, especially the newbies, don't care for the heady oak flavor. Our readers that love chardonnays will love it tho. This wine also has hints of pear and citrus. How is your Cab, McGilli??

 Just what you'd expect from a five buck bottle of fruit juice from Wally World!!! next week you can test the cheapo beginners wine....this would be a great wine to serve en mass at a fundraiser or picnic where the emphasis is to cater to every taste and get people shit faced so they'll spend lots of money.  I'm on my second rather large glass and I can tell. Over to you Bambs.... tell me what foods you'd pair your delicious Chardonnay with???? 

That's a great question, McGilli. Tonight we had ribs. I didn't like them though (they were very fatty... but that's another story). Anyway there is a school of thought that you drink red wine with red meat and red pasta sauces and white wine with everything else. Personally I don't subscribe to that theory. Drink what you like and don't worry about what color it is. However, since this is a bolder wine, I'd serve it with something like rosemary chicken and risotto or maybe a pasta... something that will fill your mouth.
 My "thing" is that I usually drink a white wine when it's warm out because whites are normally served chilled. Conversely, if it's cold out I'll usually pick a red wine because they are traditionally served at room temp. But again, I don't always stick to that. I drink what I feel like drinking. McGilli...?

Have to agree with you on that one. I'm a big red drinker but when it's warm out there's nothing like a chilled glass of white on the patio. 
To sum up... I'm pretty toasted on this red, it's way too easy to drink and although the blackberry fruit certainly shines through very nicely it's not as bold as I like in a Cab.I can't wait, however to try the Hess... you've described it well and seeing as I love Oakiness I think I'll get some tomorrow and try it with some Broccoli Con Pasta or Pasta Con Broccoli or whatever that super recipe you gave me was. I'm off to take two Advil and go to bed!!! This Lucky Ducky has kicked my ass!!! LOL.  
I've had the pleasure of sharing my chardonnay with my husband, so I can say it hasn't hit too hard yet. Just to recap:
Lucky Duck Cab: good for beginners, crowds, and cheapos.
Hess Chardonnay: good for chardonnay lovers willing to spend a little cash for a great wine. 
We hope you enjoyed our first installment. Let us know what you think as we would like to make this a regular feature.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

seeing double

I honestly never thought it would happen to me. It was always those other people. You know, like my sister. But no. It's official. I am one of them.

here is Jenny...

Here is Juneau.

And here is Juneau again... 

No... Wait.
Is it?

Nope. It's not.

World meet Kodiak. 
Kodi meet the world. 
World, we are that crazy 3 dog family. 
With lots of dog hair. 

What have I gotten myself into??