Monday, May 17, 2010

monday musings and maybe a little random tuesday too

yeah, it's only monday but I'm feeling a little random. plus I like keely and want to be a part of her randomness. don't you? if you link up then you get to use this little gem too:

okay I don't know how much rain you've been getting but I think we've had something like 102 straight days of rain. well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. the problem with so much rain is that the pool fills up. I mean way up. I mean like it's over the skimmer and then it doesn't skim right. which really doesn't matter because it's too cold and shitty rainy to swim anyway. but the issue is that now the pool is all cloudy. and has visitors. uninvited visitors. and they are doin it froggy style. in my pool.

speaking of doin it, did you know that I'm a milf? yep. apparently I am. my 15yo daughter came home from school today and informed me that a couple of her guy friends told her so. here's to you mrs robinson. or maybe stiflers mom.

do you have any idea how long it takes for white fluffy dogs to dry after a bath? let me tell you, it's a long time. today kodi was running around the golf course and, naturally, in and out of the sand traps and got filthy. I should have taken a before picture, but I didn't. I didn't take an after picture either, so it's fine. my point is, I gave him a bath at approximately 8am. it's now 7:30pm and he's still slightly damp. during our afternoon nap (what? I didn't have to work today) he got my shirt damp. 
juneau and jenny were good dogs today so they didn't have to get a bath. I don't think kodi liked the fact that he had to get bath and they didn't. he's a cute little fucker monster dog tho huh?

I'm really looking forward to wednesday cuz mr bambi and I and barb and mr barb are all going to the fox theater and seeing young frankenstein. oh speaking of barb, it's almost her birthday so be sure to go see her soon. jealous? you should be. or maybe not. but I'm still planning on having a good time. and wine.

okay well I guess that's about it for me. go see keely. go see barb. just go. no wait. leave me a little something to make my day, then go. 


Brian Miller said...

err...congrats on milf-age? smiles.
youg frankenstein is a great movie...wet dogs, mating should really blog for animal planet. smiles.

Jay said...

MILF? Giggity! ;-)

One of the reasons I would never have a pool is I'm convinced that I would always be finding things like frogs and snakes in it. yuck!

Coffeypot said...

I can see you being a milf. You are pretty enought and damn right sexy, too.

FB said last week was Barb's BD. I sent her a BD wish, but she thank me anyway.

Ed said...

Congrats on the MILF status.
I'm pretty sure Kinman thought so too.

And give it up for a little frog on frog action. It's like Discovery channel does Cinemax.

Matty said...

Not much rain here actually. It's here and there.

I guess you should take it as a compliment that the hormones, er, I mean teenage boys have an interest. LOL

Let us know what you think of the movie.

tulpen said...

'froggy styly' tee hee.

I workd with a young guy, who in his early 20's who was sleeping with a friend's mom... she was in her late 30's. That was a few years ago... I still call him Finch.

SumSum said...

I need to point out that little frogger picked himself up a hefty gal...good for that little chubby chaser!

gretchen said...

I guess it's a little sad that we're all so excited for you that you've been labeled a MILF, go girl! A few years ago, I was in the grocery store parking lot with my son, and a car full of young men slowed down next to me, rolled down their windows and said "Hey lady. You're a MILF!" I think I freaked them out a little by excitedly telling them "Thank you so much!!"

Tracie said...

I can't seem to achieve that MILF look. :(

For some reason that Froggy Style picture is cracking me up. Reminds me of being at the zoo (years ago - before I had kids) and 2 ginormous turtles were getting jiggy with it whilst a huge crowd stood and watched. Little kids were providing the color commentary.

AmyLK said...

Happy Tuesday Randomness! I love Randomness!

CaJoh said...

Perhaps that is why they call it "Wet Dog" because they never dry. We tend to towel our dog down and lay down some extra ones on a chair so that we don't get that wet dog smell all over.

Thanks for your randomness,

Barb said...

I think you're a MILF! :)

Michel said...

wow. MILF. That is soo much better than cougar! Well done Pharmacist!

FYI, Young Frankenstein is one of my all time favorite movies!!! Right up there with Anchorman! I always knew you were a good pharmacist. Obviously, this proves it!

Where the hell do you live that they allow dogs on the golf course!? They didn't even allow that in Khartoum!

Carbunkle Trumpet said...

So you had a little rain up there eh? My rain boots have finally dried out from last weekend of BBQ/illegal drug fest.

How does Bob feel about your new status there Mrs Robinson?

McGillicutty said...

Oh Lordy... that's scarey.. glad you like older men, would hate to see you on a Dateline Special Investigation.

HAve fun at the Fox... you lucky lass.

otin said...

Funny how the weather patterns are so different everywhere. We are in the midst of a drought.

Congrats on your conquest of high school students! hahaha

Jeni said...

Stopped by from Mrs. 4444s place as your button was at the top of the list as someone to meet. A neat way to meet new bloggers, this idea of Barb's, don't 'cha think? Beats the heck out of hitting the "next blog" button at the top of my blog and getting some rinky dink blogger with their stuff all in some weird language or characters.
The weather in my neck of the woods has not just been way too wet of late but also just too damned cold to be the middle of May!

Anonymous said...
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