Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

So once upon a time there was this fabulously hot prince, his name was Otie. He looked something like this:

He was desperately on love with this chick, Bambi,  but no one knows what she looked like because she was always the one taking the photos of her prince. Some say she may look something like this (but with bangs):

But no one knows for sure. As usual, since she was the woman, she had to do everything. But I digress.

One day they decided to do a joint blog, and they called it Happy Hour Friday. They had a good friend named Hit40 (truth is stranger than fiction) and she made them a picture.

And they all got along happily ever after.


One day, this absentee prince was way far away from our Bambi. Bambi got lonely and met Bobby. Bobby was a real man. He had a job and everything. We love Bobby.

Bobby swept her off her feet, and took her out for dinner, and to drink wine. Lots of it.

One night they went to a restaurant and had this wine, along with brushetta, scallops, and all kinds of yummy stuff. It was a very romantic evening. Needless to say, when Bambi got home, she wanted to show Bobby how much she appreciated the date. She did not want to spend time blogging. Alas, she decided to put together a quickie to keep Otie happy. Bambi cares.

To see more Happy Hour Fridays, go see Otie and tell him you love him. Then you can click his Mr Linky (trust me, he likes it) and join in the fun.

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Theme Thursday

Of course the week before Halloween today's theme is, you guessed it, Halloween. For more Theme Thursday participants be sure to go here.

Although this isn't particularly about Halloween, it is a little creepy, so I thought I'd share it with you tonight. As I'm sure I mentioned at one time or another, I had a boyfriend that I totally loved. Seriously, I thought we were going to get married. We didn't. But that's another story. My point is that I loved his family. I considered his parents as my own. Not that my parents weren't enough, they definitely were, but I loved his parents as well.

This boy (because surely that's what he was at the time) and I broke up... or rather he dumped me, but I'm sure I was a major part of the problem ( I had issues). But I never stopped loving his parents. A few years went by, I had moved to Reno and had just given birth to my second child. I called this boy (who was by this time a man), because we still talked occasionally. He told me his father just died. In fact I had called on the day of the funeral. I was shocked. I was heart broken. I was 1500 miles away with a new baby, a two year old,  a good-for-nothing husband, and I couldn't make it to the funeral. Honestly I was devastated. I always wondered if I had made it to that funeral would things have turned out differently with us. Probably not, but that's where my mind was.

Anyway, over the next few days I was just crushed at not being able to be with this boy, or his mother, in their time of need. My then-husband and I were fighting (as usual) one night, I don't even remember what it was about. I got out of bed and went into my daughters bed to sleep with her. I was curled up on my right side facing the wall, with my back to the bedroom door.

A few minutes later I heard my husband come in the room. He stood over me for a minute or so, then put his hand on my left shoulder and squeezed it lovingly. I figured he was trying to make up since he was such an ass. I took my right hand and placed it on top of his (which was still on my shoulder). I felt the wiry little hairs beneath my palm. I felt the cold hard metal of his ring. I squeezed back in acknowledgment. Only then did I turn to look at the hand I was holding.

It was not my husbands hand.

I could see the Ole Miss class ring clearly, the ruby red gem in the center glinting from the light in the hall. I was holding the hand of my ex-boyfriends dead father.

I sat up with disbelief, but he was gone. He had always said he hoped we would stay together, and I think he knew how desperately I wished I could tell him a proper goodbye. I never saw Mr Jim again after that night, but sometimes I still think about him. I'd want him to know that even tho things didn't turn out as I planned, they turned out the way they were supposed to, and that is always okay.

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Tuesday

Hooray for Random Tuesday Thoughts brought to us by the fabulous Un-Mom. Be sure to check her out and see what random things are on her mind today.

  • Last night I made a real dinner from a real cookbook and wore my real apron. Everyone loved it. I am a Super Star Mommy-Chef. Even the big dogs were happy because they got the bones!
  • I am so glad it's raining AGAIN. What? You don't believe me? Well I am. Cuz this is the perfect day to wear my new rain shoes! I had some others, the kind with the leather ties, and the ties broke. I couldn't find anyone to fix them and honestly, for what I paid for them they should not have broken. That's okay. I sent them back, got my refund, and bought these. They are less expensive so I actually saved my hubby money by purchasing these.

  • This little guy we are fostering is pretty darn cute, but he's also annoying. He keeps trying to sit on my laptop. This makes it difficult to type. Plus since he's not neutered yet and is a male dog he keeps trying to mark his territory... in my house. That's not making me thrilled. But I'm trying to be a loving and caring foster mommy anyway.  He is supposed to be getting 'tutored' this week sometime. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's my previous post.
  • I told a few of my haiku poems to my slave driver trainer this morning.  Her favorite was the Gravity one. I think it's probably my favorite too. We are going to work on pecs more.
  • I'm thinking you should all go over and visit my wonderful sister Barb. She really does exist. She must; she blogs. Plus she's doing the Five Little Words meme.
  • Piano is outrageously hard. I love it. Right now I'm trying in vain to learn Fur Elise. I've got the first couple lines down, but my timing is off. That's okay tho because it is way above my level of expertise, it is just something I have always wanted to play. Right now I'm at an 'Oh Susannah' level, which is  not bad, but no where near people asking me to play at parties... which they will probably never do anyway... which is okay.
  • Did I ever tell you I don't use drive-thrus? The reason is because at one of the pharmacies I worked in, everyone that came to the drive-thru was fat. Seriously. I vowed then that if I was too fat and lazy to get out of my car to get my cheeseburger, I probably didn't need it anyway. 
  • I don't really eat much fast food. Usually I'd only encounter a drive-thru at Starbucks or the bank. Although to be honest sometimes we have fast food when I have lunch at the Med Shoppe. It's free, what the hell. 
  • I really should be cleaning my house and not sitting in my blog pod. I just tried to link blog pod to it's original owner, and silly me, I can't remember who it was that first to tell us about her blog pod. I'm guessing it was either VEG or OP. If you know, or if it's you, please let me know. And if you don't have your own, it's very easy to make with items you already have!
  • I think that's all the random crap in my head right now. If you go to Un-Moms site you can click the Mr Linky and see what other random people are thinking. Have a great tuesday!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Day, Another Dog

Well I did it. Maybe I am the Crazy Dog Lady. I just can't help myself. You probably know that my wonderful sister, Barb, and I volunteer at Hope Rescues. And you probably also know that we have both fostered dogs in the past. Barb fostered Happy Gilmore and more recently Snickers, who both have Forever Homes now.  I have been a foster mom for Tumbleweed and for Jenny, but then we adopted Jenny so she's all ours now. It's been a while since I've fostered anyone. I don't know why I felt I needed to do it again. Maybe I got too complacent at not having another challenge. Maybe I thought I needed another 14 pounds of warm body weight added to my lap whenever I sit down. Maybe I was chilly and needed a little bit of fur to warm my toes. Maybe I got tired of not cleaning up pee. Maybe I just couldn't say no to this little guy because his mom died and now he's in a shelter with a bunch of big dogs.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for a sob story and good trick.


Isn't he sweet? I don't think Juneau likes him much, or Jenny for that matter. But the rest of us think he's freakin adorable. Well, okay, hubby isn't thrilled about the idea either, but he'll come around sooner or later...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

My good friend OTIN and I had this wonderful idea to focus on Happy things on Fridays, and so a few weeks ago Happy Hour Friday was born. Hit 40 made us this awesome picture to go with it. Be sure to stop by their sites and see what they are happy about today.

  • I am SO happy that today is Friday because I have worked hard all week and I do NOT have to work today.
  • I'm also SO happy that I didn't lose any followers this week since I've been kinda MIA. It's not on purpose tho, it just working, working, working...
  • I'm extra happy that I even got a NEW follower. Welcome to my humble little blog. Okay, maybe not so humble... but still welcome.
  • I am super happy that my BRAND NEW GREEN WASHER AND DRYER are broken. Well, the washer is anyway. AND it's brand stinking new in case you didn't see that. Grrrrrr. The guy was supposed to come out today and fix it, but the part he ordered was not the part that was broken, so now it'll be next TUESDAY before it's fixed. Why does this make me happy? IT DOESN'T! Instead of going out on a real date my hubby and I spent the evening at the laundry mat doing a weeks worth of laundry. WONDERFUL.
  • It made me laugh when my favorite tech called me Ms Rappy Pants. It's cuz I was singing Baby Got Back in the pharmacy -- no there weren't any patients in there -- and I think I was doing a pretty good job of it. Click here for the lyrics.
  • Here they are. Those goofy boys. Don't they make you laugh too?

  • I'm happy that hubby and I went to a new sushi place yesterday. It's called Wasabi and it was freaking awesome. I think I need more.
  • I'm happy that I'll be spending Saturday with my friend and we are gonna scrapbook all day. No boys allowed.
  • I'm happy that I'm learning some cool songs on the piano, but it's getting really hard and I don't feel like I'm doing well. But I'm sticking with it and hoping one day it just clicks and I become awesome.
  • I'm happy that I'm a SUPER STAR cuz I was in the newspaper last week. And in the paper in a town about 30 miles away from us. I think that makes me an intercounty SUPER STAR. Of course people keep asking me why I didn't smile or why I wore what I did and why didn't my hair look better. It was for Junior Service and Habitat for Humanity. And it was a Saturday morning. Sheesh. Being a SUPER STAR is hard work...
Photo source here
  • Well I guess that's it for me...
  • What's making you happy today?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Five Little Words - Penultimate Finale

Little Ms Blogger set me up with Five Little Words some time last week, but I keep spouting from the mouth and making each word much longer than it has to be. Sorry, it's just what I do. If you want to see my take on the first three words you can look here and here. Without further ado, here are my last two words.

I took a circuitous route to get to where I am today. When I first started college I was a French major. The thought of doing anything sciency never entered my mind. Then I  considered International Business, but I really wasn't excited about it, plus I had transferred schools and wasn't really doing all that great. If my major had been playing hooky I'd have aced it. I spent a few years going back and forth, then I got married and had a couple kids, then before I knew what was happening I was a single mom with 2 little girls. I finally got my act together with the help of a couple close friends (I've mentioned them before) and got a degree in biochem, although there isn't much you can do with a biochem degree except be a peon in a lab or go for a PhD. Throughout my long and illustrious undergraduate years I kept taking career aptitude tests and they kept coming back "pharmacist" or "speech pathologist". I always immediately dismissed pharmacy thinking I didn't want to spend my life in a grocery store. When I graduated with my biochem degree I finally decided "what the hell" and decided to go to pharmacy school. I packed up my girls and moved 1500 miles in order to be near Barb and go to school. Imagine my surprise when I got wait-listed. I was devastated. I thought maybe I was right all along and pharmacy wasn't for me. I thought I'd give the whole speech pathology thing a look and shadowed someone for a day. One day. I hated it. I remember going to Barbs and crying crying crying. She said there was nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mom, but I wasn't married at the time. There wasn't much for an over-educated under-qualified single mom to do.
A few months later I got a phone call from the pharmacy school. I got in. I was so excited! It never occurred to me to be nervous or scared, I just did it. It wasn't easy tho. As I said, I was a single mother and in a school with a reputation of being difficult. I remember my Dad telling me that he hoped I'd stick with it. I entered as a 3rd year student, and it was a 6 year degree. So for 4 years school was pretty much my life. I did, however, find time to fall in love and get married to the man of my dreams, but I'm sure I've already told you about him.
Before I had even graduated I had a full time job at Schnucks. I loved it, and I think Schnucks is a great company to work for, but there was one problem: the hours. Most nights I wouldn't get home until 10pm, plus I had to work every-other weekend. Add to that the fact that I was newly married and had pre-teen age girls. I just needed to be home more.
There is a story about my breaking point, but I'm not going to put it here. Suffice it to say that I decided to venture out on "my own" as a free-lance pharmacist. I LOVE it. I work when I want to, I have contacts all over the area. Some weeks I work every day, sometimes I just work a day or 2 a week. I rarely work saturdays, but I will now and then to fill in for friends. I can honestly say that this is what I was meant to do. I love knowing that I'm actively helping people, and yes even saving lives. You don't think so? I'll tell you more if you want, but this is already longer than I wanted. My point is, I feel good about myself, my choices, my career.
And the best thing about it shows if you look at my profile. First I am a mother to teenage girls, then I am a wife, then I am a pharmacist.
There are some people that wish they had it all. I have it.

Tune in next time for my Ultimate fifth word :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Haiku Saturday

I'm not really a poet, and I even know it, but just cuz I want to show it, this morning I wrote these. I came up with these while in the shower and getting ready for work. I thought of writing in Haiku because of the 5-7-5 structure.


Look at you standing
so proud, so strong and true.
One bastard gray hair.


You used to be there
for eyes, lips, and decolletage. 
Collagen, come back!


What once was perky 
now has fallen. Hoist 'em up.
Gravity, you suck.


He does not see you
but I come armed with tweezers.
Ear hair, I'll get you.


I wave but one time,
you continue the gesture.
The Bat Wing jiggle.


Don't try to steal them, they're mine. Got it?

Do you Haiku? About what?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

Ahhhh finally Friday once again. My great friend Otin and I came up with this idea a few weeks back and Hit 40 jumped on board and made us this great photo. Be sure to check them out and see what they are happy about today.

  • I don't know why I'm happy about this Friday because it is the only day this week that I will have worked! That doesn't seem quite right, does it? So okay, I'm happy that I am working Friday and will have spending money to go to the mall on Sunday. 
  • I'm happy I'm having another good hair day. This makes two in a freaking row. I'm worried tho, now maybe the google hair gods will come down and smite me and I'll lose all my hair or maybe have 10,000 years of bad hair days or be plagued by split ends. But we'll worry about that later. Focus people! This is Happy Hour!!!
  • I am happy that so many of my bloggy friends and followers have linked their email addresses so I can respond to each comment personally. See, if you don't have your email on there, then I can't reply directly to you. Although the banter can sometimes be witty, I prefer the direct method. Besides we all have so many blogs to read, it gets overwhelming to have to go back to see if someone has commented on your comment. Know what I mean? 
  • Speaking of Bloggy Friends, thank you so much to my 100th and 101st follower! I was going to give the 100th follower a gift (yes, I am copying McGillicutty, so sue me) but since I didn't get to notify her in time because she doesn't have her email linked!! I have decided to also give the 101st follower a gift. So, if you are Boylerpf, Gaston Studios or (holy fuckoli Batman I just got another follower) Mountain Woman please email me! I have no idea what I'm going to give you, but it'll be something darn it.
  • I'm happy I didn't get hauled off to jail yesterday when I went to go pay my speeding ticket. I'm also happy no one was gunned down. The court house can be a pretty scary place, and there must have been something going on cuz there was a line all around the inside of the first floor. There must be something going on at court on Wednesdays at 1pm. Any ideas? And it took forever to go through security. I felt like I was going on an airplane! After I paid my ticket and got out of there I had to go soothe myself with some retail therapy just to get thru the rest of the day. It was harsh I tell ya.
  • I'm happy Michel is not dead and is back and saving smelly pirate ho's babies.
  • I giggled over the fact that everyone assumed my Climate Change story was true. Well, it really did happen, but I changed the names to protect the irrational. I figured without the names you would know it was a story. You all just know me so well. I sure hope none of you has an ax. Really. I'm out of Axe Repellent. And I like my limbs and head attached where they are. And those of my family. I'm just saying.

  • Okay well that's it for me. Do the Mr Linky and join in why dontcha?

Theme Thursday

Climate Change

Michael woke up that crisp October morning knowing it was going to happen, he just didn't know when. It would be soon though, he could feel it in the air. His wife had mentioned it just a couple days before, but you think he'd be used to it by now. It had been several years after all.

As he went through his work-day, thoughts of impending doom lessened as the anxieties of the financial world consumed his thoughts. The stress of the stock market crash usually over shadowed everything else, including that deep seeded fear of what was to come.

That evening as he walked in the door everything at home seemed normal. The aroma of cooking meat filled the kitchen and made his stomach rumble in anticipation. He didn't see any of his family, but the sound of the baby grand piano filled his ears as his wife toiled away, the odd note occasionally disrupting the tune she was learning. It seemed likely it wouldn't be today after all. As Michael sat down on the sofa with his laptop to check his fantasy football stats, he thought life was good.

As the timer on the oven shrilly announced that dinner was ready, the activity in the kitchen in increased exponentially. His beautiful wife raced in and planted a kiss on top of his head before getting the Le Creuset brazier out of the oven. His youngest daughter, now taller than her elder sisters, strode into the room with the grace of a ballerina. He thought perhaps there was a dark look in her eyes, but she turned away before he could be sure. Maybe he was getting worked up over nothing. His middle child, also a daughter, crashed through the back door with her total lack of grace, papers fluttering in her wake. He looked up and smiled, but she went right passed and up to her room, slamming the door behind her. This was not totally unexpected, of course, they were teenagers. As his eldest daughter came in the room he could feel the increased tension, although no one said a word. Apparently she was upset about something, but not the type to say anything. She went about getting herself a drink without acknowledging the rest of the family.

Finally his wife spoke, "Sweetie, could you please make the salad?" she asked the youngest. Although not happy about it, she nodded her assent. "Oh, and can you heat up the bread as well?" That was it. Those simple words and all hell broke loose.

"Why do I have to do everything?!" she bellowed. "Janie never has to do anything! I have to make the salad and heat the bread, what else do you want me to do, Mother?!"

In an effort to lighten the mood, his wife replied, "Well, you could feed the dogs for me as well." Then she went over to her daughter and poked her in the stomach. She knew she hated it, but it was a little game they all played, just to be annoying. It usually ended with laughter. Tonight, however, was a different story.

"Stop touching me! Why do you always do that? I hate it! I hate you!" She abruptly turned and ran out of the room. He could hear her bedroom door slam a few seconds later.

His wife took a deep breath and went to finish making the salad. No one spoke. His eldest daughter gathered her dinner plate and drink and stomped heavily up the stairs. The slamming of the door rattled the window panes.

Michael looked at his wife with a twinkle in his eye and a twitch at the corners of his mouth that could have been a smile. It happened. He'd been dreading it, but it always happened.
"It's that time of month again, isn't it?"

Ahhhh, the joy of daughters...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Thanks to Little Ms Blogger for initiating Rant and Rave Wednesday so that I can get it all out and yet still find some good stuff too. If I want to find good stuff that is.

Rave: I had a fabulous time checking everyone out at the Annual Willow Manor Ball. It was marvelously attended and my date, Otin, was quite the catch. Of course I think we all were quite fetching. It was fun and I can't wait until the 3rd annual Ball...

Rant: Stinkin Otin said he'd rather be there with Kate Beckinsale. Sheesh. That's okay tho, I had plenty of other dashing young highlanders lined up on my dance card.

Rave: I also found out that Otin is NOT really James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser (I think he might be Stephen Bonnet!!!). Thank my lucky stars for figuring out that one. Now I can continue my quest for the real Jamie Fraser Not some Irish/Italian thinking he can fool me into believing he's a Scottish Highlander. From the 18th Century, no less!! The nerve!

Rant: I have these fabulous-looking shoes, they are Borns. I bought them because Borns are known to be comfortable and I have purchased in the past and they are great working on your feet all day.
However, these shoes suck. They are fine for an hour or so, but if I have to walk anywhere I'm screwed. In fact, they are so bad that the balls of my feet hurt long after I take them off. I wore them tonight for the Field Hockey Banquet and I about died. I haven't had them on for a good hour or more and I just went down to the basement to get a bottle of red (Pillar Box) and my feet still hurt!! What's the deal Born???

Rave: These are the only middle-heel black shoes I have that aren't sandals. I guess I need to go shoe shopping. Darn it all...Plus I really need some rain shoes...

Rant: It's been raining for days on end...
Rave: I don't get out of bed to walk the dogs when it rains
Rant: Between all the rain and my working last week for my friend the dogs haven't been walked in almost 2 weeks
Rant: today I sucked it up and got out of bed and walked 2.5 miles in the rain
Rave: It only drizzled, so it was okay, and now my doggies love me again...

Rant: I didn't want to go workout. My trainer is a she-devil.

Rave: I did it anyway. And now I feel good about myself. And she's really not a she-devil. I actually like her a lot -- after my workouts anyway.

Rave: Here's Barb working out with Snickers a couple weeks ago. Aren't they cute??

Rant: Now I have to go pay my speeding ticket. I actually have to go to the courthouse and pay it. The reason for this is that I am a slacker. I got the ticket 3 weeks ago and didn't pay it. Today is the last day before they put out a warrant for my arrest. I really don't think I'd do well in jail. I like orange and all, but what if they made me wear horizontal stripes?? That just wouldn't do at all. Plus I'm not sure they would let me have my evening glass of wine. I am a much happier person with that.

Rave: Really, is there any thing to rave about paying a speeding ticket? I guess I can be glad that the police in my town have nothing better to do than to wait at the bottom of the hill on the highway to catch speeders leaving town.

What are you ranting and raving about today???

I just thought of another one:

Rant: I hate it when non-bloggers make fun of me for blogging. They just don't get it.

Rave: I am having a fabulous hair day :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Willow Ball

In case you haven't heard, the wonderfully fabulous Willow is hosting a Ball tonight! I am so excited and can't wait to go. Everyone who is anyone will be there! All the top stars will definitely be shining, and I am so honored to be there as well!

I have got a fabulous little number that I'll be wearing. You don't think it makes me look fat, do you?

Nah, I didn't think so. I just hope Willow has her french doors open so that the breeze will come in from the terrace and make my hair look this gorgeous.

Unfortunately my husband is not able to attend. That's okay though, I actually have a date. You may have heard of him, his name is OTIN. Here's a photo of him:

I believe his red hunting plaid goes well with my hot little red dress. God I love a man in a kilt. Oh, and I'm not sure if you knew this or not, but Otin's real name is James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser. I'm sorry, what was that? You don't know who Jamie Fraser is? Oh my. Oh my my. You should probably take a look here and here and here. Well I could just go on an on, but it's really something you need to do for yourself. Besides, all this talk of my date is making me so hot. I know that Otin is really Hit 40s bloggy husband, but I needed him with me tonight. I hope that doesn't upset you too much Hit40... I promise to give him back after I have my way with him the ball...

I have a fabulous little hostess gift for Willow as well. It set me back a little, but I figured she was definitely worth spending the cold hard cash. Isn't this fabulous? It's a diamond encrusted ball, you know, since she is having her Annual Willow Manor Ball. I thought it was a fitting gift. I'm not sure why the sales lady thought she needed to be in my picture, I guess she just wanted some recognition...

I also have some fantastic earrings picked out to wear. They are a little small for my taste, but I didn't want to go over-board. Here is a picture of my good friend Kate Beckinsale wearing them. She could possibly be in attendance tonight, but as of this post she hadn't been invited yet. Ooops, Willow, you may need to double check your guest list...

My date, Otin (aka Jamie Fraser) will be picking me up in his Mercedes. Isn't it just the most fabulous piece of machinery you have ever seen? This car makes me almost as hot as Otin does himself...

Well I guess I should be running along now. Be sure not to wait up for me. Don't forget to check in at Willow's so you can attend the Ball as well. It's still not too late to see everyone. Just click the Mr Linky and you could be enjoying the "cyber event of the year" as well! And if you're wearing a kilt, I'd love to twirl around the dance floor with you as well... Of course you'll have to clear it with Otin first, but I don't think he'd mind...

Kisses XXOO

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Five Little Words- Part deux

I am going to give this another shot. Recently Little Ms Blogger passed along a meme giving me five words to comment on in an effort to get to know each other better. In yesterday's post I sort of went overboard on Marriage so I didn't want to include all the other words for fear of driving you all away. Today I am going to try to succinctly get through the remaining four words :)

Motherhood: I think motherhood is the hardest job ever. Parenting in general is tough. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but the responsibility can be overwhelming. I've heard it said derisively that anyone can have kids but you have to apply for a dog license, and that is so true. Getting pregnant is the easy part. Actually, changing diapers, breast feeding with cracked and bleeding nipples, and waking up at all hours of the night to comfort a crying baby... that's the easy part. The scary part is that you are responsible for making a grown up. That sweet little baby will one day be on her own and making her own decisions. How will you know that she will make the right choices? Will she choose a peer group that is good for her? Will she respect herself? Does she have enough respect for herself to avoid drugs, reckless driving, abusive friends and boyfriends? Have you instilled the values that are important to you? Will she give of herself to make the community a little better? Will she volunteer her time to charitable organizations? Will she read? Exercise? Eat healthy? Treat her own children with respect?
Now that my girls are teenagers these are the thoughts that plague me. Just today we were talking about children, toddlers in particular. My daughter said "Ugh, remind me never to have kids." Well, while a screaming toddler can be a challenge as anyone with any sense will tell you, I sometimes reminisce about my own little ones; the snuggling close on a saturday morning, the smell of a freshly bathed baby, the soft spot right on the top of their heads pulsing with her heart beat, sticky fingers and pb&j for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The funny, matter of fact comments only children can make: "Daddy's poo poo burns my nose" and "I am NOT a butt-fish". It made me sad to think that my daughter might not share those same memories. I told her I'd want her to have children of her own someday. She'd be missing out on one of life's greatest gifts... just don't have them any time soon.

Bliss: I've been giving this one a lot of thought. The problem with bliss is that it's fleeting. Right now I'm sitting in my clean kitchen, the house is empty, I have on a pot of vanilla coffee and my Erin Bode cd. I spent the entire afternoon with my daughter Jessica (16) and we went to the Galleria and had a wonderful time bonding (okay and shopping too). My point is that right now this is bliss for me. Last night, however, my feelings of bliss were of a completely different nature. Last night my hubby and I shared a wonderful bottle of red from a local Missouri winery (yes, missouri has wineries), then we went up to bed and, well, you get the point. This morning bliss was staying warm and snuggly in bed while he got up at 5:45 to go to a soccer game, then sleeping another 4 hours with my dogs at my side.
So here are three separate instances of *bliss* in the last 24 hours, and they have nothing to do with one another. They don't reflect my moments of bliss over the last week, month, or year.
Although I have bad days just like everyone else, I also have perfect moments of bliss that I can find, if I only dare to look. Those moments can range from the satisfaction of finding and correcting an error on a prescription to an unexpected kiss from my husband, from my favorite Starbucks barista preparing my latte without needing confirmation to getting home from work and having dinner already made (whether by crock pot or a family member's initiative). What about stepping on the scale and finding you're down a couple pounds even though you weren't trying? Putting on last year's coat and finding a $20? Lipgloss that stays on even after you finish your coffee (Clinique Full Potential Lips in Cream Soda). Charles Schultz said Happiness is A Warm Puppy. I completely agree.

Where do you find bliss?

Well there are three of the words. Two more to go. I think I will wait and post the other two in the next day or so. Remember to let me know if you want to play. Also, I won't forget about you, but I want the words to be specific to you so it might take me a couple days to get back to you. Oh and if I see more comments about where are the rest of the words, I'll know you didn't read to the end. Goose. And Little Ms Blogger. You have been unmasked. Good thing I heart you both. xxoo

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

This is gonna be short and sweet. Not at all like me. Hey, 5' 4.5" is NOT short.





I find it amazing that I seem to be the ONLY person in this house that is able to purchase toilet paper.
This is what I woke up to. 
This makes me happy.
Ummm, maybe not so much happy as fairly annoyed.
Ok. Honestly it made me laugh. I peed while I was in the shower, then I went to work.
I felt sorry for laughed at those who did not get to shower this morning.
It's not like they are little kids. All but one has a driver's license.
I'm covering an emergency leave for my friend because her father died, then I have had meetings every single night this week and haven't been home until 9pm every night.
How about helping out a little?

But it's Happy Hour Friday, so go see what Otin and Eileen are up to.
Hope you got a good chuckle.
I did.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

There is Something About Otin

Blah blah! Blah blah!
Bladidy blah blah blah blah blah
Blah blah blah blah Otin blah blah blah
Blah blah blah. Blah blah BLAH blah blahdiblah.
Blah blah blah blah blah OTIN blah.
Blah blah blah Otin blah blah blah BLAH blah blah
Otin blah blah blah blah blah blahdidyblahblah blah blah!!
Blah blah Otin. Blah blah blushing blah Otin blah!
blah didyblah blah blah blah. BLAH. Blah!
Blah blah blah blah blah blah!!!
Otin blah blah blah!
blah bleeeeahhhh.
Blah Blah

Otin. Happy Birthday. You are seriously the most loved blogger I have ever known. You make everyone feel like we belong. I remember when you first started following me and I started following you. I was a little worried. A little scared. A little naive. Ok I'm still naive (do you believe that?). Anyway, you got me started. You showed me which blogs to follow, who to comment on, who to read. You are seriously the master of the blogosphere. It's a darn good thing there is no such thing as cyber-bigamy or you would totally be in jail. Many of us think of you as our bloggy-husband. You mean so much to so many of us. You make us who we are... well at least who we are online. Which, I don't know about the rest of the ladies, but for me I am in real life becoming the person that you see here.
Thank you so much for all you've done for me. I feel like a better person having gotten to know you.
You totally rock. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and I hope today is even better.
We all totally adore you.
Did you make it past the photo??

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Award Time Once Again...

I feel so honored to have gotten not one but TWO new awards in the last couple of weeks. Thanks so much for thinking my drivel is read-worthy. In case I haven't told you lately, I think all of you rock! Thanks for making me feel like I belong :)

A week or two ago (I know, I am a total slacker) Jessi from Jessi Bob and the Monsters gave me The Fabu award and I think it is Fabulous!

Here are the rules:
The requirements for this award are to post the award on my blog, linking it to the presenter. Next, I must list my 5 biggest obsessions. Lastly, I must pass this award on to 5 other worthy bloggers. Here are my 5 current biggest obsessions:

  • MUMMY TUMMY: Thanks for this wonderful term coined by Spud, it made me laugh. No one said my obsessions had to be good things, just things I'm obsessed with. I happen to be totally obsessed with my muffin top. I wish I had nothing to grab on to, alas that is not the case. I have a disease. It's called Dunlap Syndrome. My belly dun lapped over my pants. Shit.
  • WINE: I know I know. The rules didn't say they had to be new obsessions. I just really enjoy a glass or three of wine after dinner. Sometimes with dinner, but that's usually only if we are eating out or if I have a big bold red that needs something to bite into. 
  • COOKING: Ok, those of you that know me are probably laughing right now. I don't really enjoy cooking per se. I tend to see it as more of a job, like laundry. I like sitting down to family dinners tho, and I like to have my efforts praised (when they deserve it, unlike friday...). However, Julochka and Bee have completely drawn me in and given me inspiration with their new joint blog effort, domestic sensualist. I want to be like them. I want to create dinner, not just slap something together and feed it to my family. I bought an apron. I figured that was a good start.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: You can thank The Fragrant Muse for this one. I've started buying them, but honestly I haven't really don't anything with them yet except look at them.  I bought a ring to go over a light bulb but haven't used it yet. I'm planning on giving it a shot tomorrow while sitting in my office with whichever oil is supposed to be good for creativity. I suck. I can't remember which one. I want to say clary sage but I'm too lazy to go up to my office and look.
Well, that's all I can come up with.  Now the rules say to pass on to 5 worthy bloggers, but you know I hate that. Maybe I've been around Otin too long. Instead I'm going to give it to the people who inspired my obsessions...
Spud at Chez Spud
Bee and Julochka at domestic sensualist
Liz at The Fragrant Muse
Barb at Sassy and Ginger Chronicles because she will drink wine with me in person, not just cyberly...

Ok, the second award was given to me by Tori at I'm not in Kalamazoo anymore and it is the Superior Scribbler Award. I'm totally in awe by this because I'm not sure that I'm Superior in anything, let alone Scribbling. Anyway, I accept this award with honor :)

 Here are the rules:
1) Post it on my blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link, as well as a link to This Post from the original Superior Scribbler!

2) Pass the award to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

3) Add your link to the list of Superior Scribbler Awardees. This will promote your blog AND officially add you as a luminous Superior Scribbler!

Choosing 5 deserving blogs sucks. We all know it. So I'm gonna choose 1, and I think Stacy at Stacy's Random Thoughts should be it. She totally rocks. She makes her own wine for Pete's sake. Well, for her sake anyway, not sure about Pete. She's just fun and witty and I love her blog. She has giveaways too! If you haven't already, be sure to check her out.

that's it for me!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Be sure to stop by and see Cate at Show My Face for more Six Word Saturday. This is her baby, and today's is especially good.




That's it.  What 6 words describe your life today?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

 Otin just told me there was no being pissy on Happy Hour Friday, so I'm gonna do my best here. Actually today I was in a pretty good mood, but I've been dealing with internet problems and it's got me irked. Ok... Let's take a deep breath, and a deep gulp of my Sockeye Pinot Noir....

Ahhhhh. Better? I thought so. Let's get to it!

  • I lost a follower. I thought about being sad, but you know what? I adore the ones I have. So there you... you... you leaver! Everyone that's here gets a drink on me!! HA!
  • MRSA. Who knows what that means? Want a hint? It's Methicillin Resistant Staph Areus. Yep. Kid has it. Right before Homecoming. So why is that happy news? Well, technically it's not, but this is a no pissy zone, so I'm happy that kid is on antibiotics and she'll be able to go to homecoming. Although she's in a lot of pain right now. Well talk about the bad stuff that goes with it later. Good news: it's just a skin infection and she'll heal with no issues. 
  • Dinner makes me happy. I made dinner for my family tonight. The chicken was so-so, the broccoli was over-cooked (I was practicing piano), the corn muffins were undercooked, and I forgot about the rice and it turned into mush. So, again, what's the happy angle? Well, my daughter (not the sick one) said everything was fine and to chill out. So I did. It wasn't the best meal I ever made, but we sat down as a family and choked it down had a nice dinner together.
  • I'm happy that my color series posts have been so well received. I should do a Comment of the Day like Eileen does on Sane Without Drugs because Barb had a great one. She said I have champagne taste on a beer budget! That's one of the first things my Dad told Bob when they met. Luckily it didn't scare him away.
  • Speaking of Bob, he totally makes me happy. Even when he makes me nuts, I'm happy he's there to do it. 
  • I think my daughter has found her college! We have been to four of them on visits, and the last one she loved. It's the right size, right part of town, right student-teacher ratio, right quality of professors for the degree she is seeking... It's a little more expensive then some of the others, but there are grants and scholarships and work-study programs etc that she can use. I hope it works out. Keep your fingers crossed!
  • Want to know what makes me really happy? Hubby keeps asking me to come to bed. I'm thinking... well you probably know what I'm thinking. 
  • Have a fantastic weekend!
Join in the fun! Click Mr Linky and be one of the in-crowd! Don't forget to go see Otin and Sane without Drugs for more Happy Hour fun!