Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

 Otin just told me there was no being pissy on Happy Hour Friday, so I'm gonna do my best here. Actually today I was in a pretty good mood, but I've been dealing with internet problems and it's got me irked. Ok... Let's take a deep breath, and a deep gulp of my Sockeye Pinot Noir....

Ahhhhh. Better? I thought so. Let's get to it!

  • I lost a follower. I thought about being sad, but you know what? I adore the ones I have. So there you... you... you leaver! Everyone that's here gets a drink on me!! HA!
  • MRSA. Who knows what that means? Want a hint? It's Methicillin Resistant Staph Areus. Yep. Kid has it. Right before Homecoming. So why is that happy news? Well, technically it's not, but this is a no pissy zone, so I'm happy that kid is on antibiotics and she'll be able to go to homecoming. Although she's in a lot of pain right now. Well talk about the bad stuff that goes with it later. Good news: it's just a skin infection and she'll heal with no issues. 
  • Dinner makes me happy. I made dinner for my family tonight. The chicken was so-so, the broccoli was over-cooked (I was practicing piano), the corn muffins were undercooked, and I forgot about the rice and it turned into mush. So, again, what's the happy angle? Well, my daughter (not the sick one) said everything was fine and to chill out. So I did. It wasn't the best meal I ever made, but we sat down as a family and choked it down had a nice dinner together.
  • I'm happy that my color series posts have been so well received. I should do a Comment of the Day like Eileen does on Sane Without Drugs because Barb had a great one. She said I have champagne taste on a beer budget! That's one of the first things my Dad told Bob when they met. Luckily it didn't scare him away.
  • Speaking of Bob, he totally makes me happy. Even when he makes me nuts, I'm happy he's there to do it. 
  • I think my daughter has found her college! We have been to four of them on visits, and the last one she loved. It's the right size, right part of town, right student-teacher ratio, right quality of professors for the degree she is seeking... It's a little more expensive then some of the others, but there are grants and scholarships and work-study programs etc that she can use. I hope it works out. Keep your fingers crossed!
  • Want to know what makes me really happy? Hubby keeps asking me to come to bed. I'm thinking... well you probably know what I'm thinking. 
  • Have a fantastic weekend!
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Jaime said...

know what would make me happy? if my son would actually sleep through the night in his own bed.

what do you think the chances of that are?

Hit 40 said...

I don't know if you remember but supersperm got that MRSA rash over the summer too!! Nasty stuff. Very hard to get rid of it. He was on a cocktail of several drugs and an ointment to get rid of it.

He got it on his behind. The rash started with one zit like itchy bump on his behind. He scratched it open... and it spread!! and spread and spread!!!!

To all bloggers... watch out for strange blustery like zits that are not zits!!! Do not scratch it open. It spreads.

Hit 40 said...

BLISTERY NOT BLUSTERY!!!! I wish I could got back and edit!! I never see my mistakes until I hit publish.

Hit 40 said...

Got back!!! REALLY!!! I NEED TO FREAKING GO TO BED!!! I can not compose a legible blog comment.

Quit laughing Otin!!!

Ice Queen said...

What are you doing writing this?? Get to bed and get some!

marinik said...

that's right.. get to bed ;)

otin said...

You were teetering on the border of not being happy! I hope he gave it to you good! LMFAO!!!!!!!

JW.BW said...

O, I just love family dinner!!! Its my favorite thing when we have the kids. We all tell what the best part of our day was and what we are thankful for. Its really fun to hear what the kids say.

Goose said...

where does daughter want to go to college?

CatLadyLarew said...

I'll try to make you happy by becoming a follower to make up for the loser who left. :-)

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

What a great Friday! love the part about dinner...doesn't matter about the food, it's just being together that counts.

I lost a follower,too and it is a really strange feeling...!

Get to bed!!!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I have to admit, loved your color theme this week, but missed your Wednesday Rant & Rave.

About the dinner...the good part is you got to practice your piano, your daughter said the dinner was good and no one dinner. If you served raw chicken then you should be concerned.

Matty said...

My wife is always making excuses for her cooking, even when everything is fine.

It's nice to get the college choice behind you. No more thinking about it, and you know what direction you're heading.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

If I could follow you more than once, I would. :)

I hope kid gets over MRSA soon - poor thing!

Champagne taste on a beer budget - love it and can totally relate! :)

Keeping my fingers crossed that your daughter gets to go to the college she really wants to go to! Very cool!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Pastor Sharon said...

Sounds like you have turned some really so-so situations into glass half full moments.

I'll send prayers for your daughter.

Lisa Michelle said...

Hit 40 makes me laugh out loud!!!

Daughter going to college :cringing: at the thought of sending mine off to college in 4 years.. :(

I like your color posts. I haven't commented on any of them, because, well...I have been busy. Tonight I am working the night shift and hopefully can catch up on some blog reading..

Medora said...

I am totally disgusted by Eileen's rather, uh, descriptive comments. Gross.