Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Tuesday

Hooray for Random Tuesday Thoughts brought to us by the fabulous Un-Mom. Be sure to check her out and see what random things are on her mind today.

  • Last night I made a real dinner from a real cookbook and wore my real apron. Everyone loved it. I am a Super Star Mommy-Chef. Even the big dogs were happy because they got the bones!
  • I am so glad it's raining AGAIN. What? You don't believe me? Well I am. Cuz this is the perfect day to wear my new rain shoes! I had some others, the kind with the leather ties, and the ties broke. I couldn't find anyone to fix them and honestly, for what I paid for them they should not have broken. That's okay. I sent them back, got my refund, and bought these. They are less expensive so I actually saved my hubby money by purchasing these.

  • This little guy we are fostering is pretty darn cute, but he's also annoying. He keeps trying to sit on my laptop. This makes it difficult to type. Plus since he's not neutered yet and is a male dog he keeps trying to mark his territory... in my house. That's not making me thrilled. But I'm trying to be a loving and caring foster mommy anyway.  He is supposed to be getting 'tutored' this week sometime. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's my previous post.
  • I told a few of my haiku poems to my slave driver trainer this morning.  Her favorite was the Gravity one. I think it's probably my favorite too. We are going to work on pecs more.
  • I'm thinking you should all go over and visit my wonderful sister Barb. She really does exist. She must; she blogs. Plus she's doing the Five Little Words meme.
  • Piano is outrageously hard. I love it. Right now I'm trying in vain to learn Fur Elise. I've got the first couple lines down, but my timing is off. That's okay tho because it is way above my level of expertise, it is just something I have always wanted to play. Right now I'm at an 'Oh Susannah' level, which is  not bad, but no where near people asking me to play at parties... which they will probably never do anyway... which is okay.
  • Did I ever tell you I don't use drive-thrus? The reason is because at one of the pharmacies I worked in, everyone that came to the drive-thru was fat. Seriously. I vowed then that if I was too fat and lazy to get out of my car to get my cheeseburger, I probably didn't need it anyway. 
  • I don't really eat much fast food. Usually I'd only encounter a drive-thru at Starbucks or the bank. Although to be honest sometimes we have fast food when I have lunch at the Med Shoppe. It's free, what the hell. 
  • I really should be cleaning my house and not sitting in my blog pod. I just tried to link blog pod to it's original owner, and silly me, I can't remember who it was that first to tell us about her blog pod. I'm guessing it was either VEG or OP. If you know, or if it's you, please let me know. And if you don't have your own, it's very easy to make with items you already have!
  • I think that's all the random crap in my head right now. If you go to Un-Moms site you can click the Mr Linky and see what other random people are thinking. Have a great tuesday!


I am Harriet said...

Random is fun. We have rain here too.
Have a great RTT!

Anonymous said...

as you know.. random is my thang.. lol great post!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Love love LOVE your rain shoes! So cute, and so YOU!

I think it was our dear VEG who has the blog pod.

Cristin said...

Love those rain boots! I never used the drive thru til I had kids... now it seems a necessity, but only for coffee, rarely fast food.

I'm not fat.


Anonymous said...

random, random, randomness ... ;0)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Well, I missed Saturday's post so when you started out with the little guy we are fostering and his liking to sit on your keyboard..I was thinking what the heck kind of kid is this? Not to mention you letting him sit on your keyboard. Problem solved...just a puppy with territory issues!
Kudos for you for trying to play the piano. I like Oh Susannah so am looking forward to the youtube video coming to your nearest computer screen soon!

iasa said...

I love the rain shoes. Yep VEG is the queen of the blog pod iirc.

blueviolet said...

Your rain boots are cute!

I enjoyed playing piano but I hated the lessons!

Tracey said...

Cute rain boots! Sorry the little guy is marking his territory and sitting on your laptop. At least he hasn't tried to mark your laptop?
Congrats on learning to play Fur Elise. I used to love to hear my Middle daughter play it. It's a beautiful piece.

(signed in with the wrong account again. Green-Eyed Momster)

O said...

those booties (I feel you have crossed the line into booties territory with their cuteness) are so adorable. And they even have little heels. I can see why you want the rain now. All that's missing is a little matching tartan jacket for the fostered pup.

Loredana said...

I'm totally having a random day today...so I will post. Thanks for your randomness!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Those are really cute rain boots.

I'm sorry about your puppy - I'm surprised the shelter doesn't neuter him. I thought most shelters did that - oh wait..that's what they do with cats.

I love your random thoughts.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Ohhhhh! I LOVE your rain boots! I want a pair! Where did you find them??? LOVE them! :)

So I take it you have the little foster dog in your lap? :)

I wish our piano teacher hadn't stopped teaching...I'd know how to play the piano if she hadn't! So you'll just have to play for me... ;)

Good point on the drive-thrus!!

Happy RTT! :)

♥ Braja said...

Love to Poochka :)))

Matty said...

Lovable puppies are always forgivable.

I can't play piano and have no interest in learning. Good luck.

Good point about the drive-thru. Never thought of it like that.

And who among us shouldn't be doing something else when we're here blogging.

Brian Miller said...

love the randomness and i am swearing off drive thrus, after tonight...lol. really i can quit any time i want...

my wife always comes home from shopping telling me how much she saved...really?

as long as he does not mark the laptop...small blessings.

McGillicutty said...

Man... I am always the slacker bringing up the rear... wtf? i am not a good blogger lately, why is that... oh you did a post.. oh right.. well done, love the slippers and did you say you have a cat????

Jaime said...

i only have a kitchen because it came with the house... forget making dinner from cookbooks and wearing aprons!

Hit 40 said...

I hope the dog does not try to mark his territory on your computer!! Otin and I might have a melt down without you.

I understand about the drive thru, but it is usually quicker than going inside. Plus, the food is usually for my kids and not me. I do not like fast food.

Jay said...

I don't do drive throughs either. Mostly because if things are going to get screwed up, it's almost always at the drive through. Pharmacy, bank, fast food, it doesn't matter. I hate the drive through.

Pastor Sharon said...

This is a lovely random post! Have you posted pics of that sweet little foster boy you are raising right now?

And what is with laptops and small dogs? My Daisy thinks ours belongs to her.

otin said...

I don't eat fast food, I eat food fast! LMAO!!!

I like your Bambi boots!

I visit Barb all the time:)

Now go clean!!!!! LOL

Gaston Studio said...

Love why you don't do drive thrus, and love your Bambi boots! I also love the rain and since we have rain today, am getting ready to curl up with the second half of my current read.
Great random thoughts, just great.

Michel said...

If you went to a ho-down, old fashioned type party I bet someone would totally ask you to play oh Susanna! I know I would....because it would totally make the party!

PS I hear those boots!

Hit 40 said...

And Otin calls me a slacker!!! LOL What do you post like 2 or 3 times a week???

He is psyched about a story for us today!!

Goose said...

I go through drive throughs a lot (not that I get fast food that often) but I will use the drive through. Does this mean I'm a fatty?

julochka said...

i love your yellow rain boots. yellow is the new black.

i hope you didn't show the hubby the money you saved, b/c if you didn't, then you've got it towards a new purse. ;-)