Saturday, October 17, 2009

Haiku Saturday

I'm not really a poet, and I even know it, but just cuz I want to show it, this morning I wrote these. I came up with these while in the shower and getting ready for work. I thought of writing in Haiku because of the 5-7-5 structure.


Look at you standing
so proud, so strong and true.
One bastard gray hair.


You used to be there
for eyes, lips, and decolletage. 
Collagen, come back!


What once was perky 
now has fallen. Hoist 'em up.
Gravity, you suck.


He does not see you
but I come armed with tweezers.
Ear hair, I'll get you.


I wave but one time,
you continue the gesture.
The Bat Wing jiggle.


Don't try to steal them, they're mine. Got it?

Do you Haiku? About what?


JW.BW said...

wow, you are really in deep thought in the shower... my mind is much more like this... soap, soap, soap, lather, lather, lather, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, thats pretty much all I can manage, and even then, I still normally forget to shave one of my legs...

otin said...

You paint such a lovely picture! LMAO!!!

rxBambi said...

I know. Weird sense of humor this morning :)

The Fragrant Muse said...

Hilarious! But all age related! Is someone have a crisis today?

CatLadyLarew said...

These work for me! Well done!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Wonderful post! I love your take on aging!


marinik said...

very cool, and i hate gravity too :((

tori said...

You have some Haiku talent! I've never tried before but I'm sure it would be about carbs.
here goes....

I love fall flavors
apple crisp, cider doughnuts
gone straight to my butt

yeah I suck!

Brian Miller said...

chuckles...usually what i think in front of the mirror is not nearly as

McGillicutty said...

what in the world is this???? and what's wrong with you??? if you stand upside down in the shower it all goes back to where it was, crisis over.

♥ Braja said...

Ahhh....a poet too! My love just deepened, Pharmacy Girl.....

O said...

haha - i wish i had such moments of clarity in the shower. It's much more a case of getting everything donw before the hot water runs out!!

I love that you have 'bat wings' as a label.. haha.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

You've shown great talent! How is it that you saw my picture in the mirror to know what to write? Still laughing at the first one!

Loredana said...

Ear hair...oh that's just bad and NOTHING to Haiku about! lol :-x

otin said...

A one day a week blogger are we now????? Get on the stick! Hmmm, interesting choice of words!!! LOL!!

Bee said...

These are GREAT.
I'm sure that many of your readers can identify; not me, of course. ;)