Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arbitrary Thoughts on the Day

1. I love it when a drug addict comes into the pharmacy to "chat me up."
I'm adorable (I just asked my techs, they both said yes. A cougar too) anway, I digress. I'm adorable, open, friendly, I try to make people feel good about themselves. I love to chat with the patients. But when you come in to chat me up then hand me an altered script (change the quantity, add a drug, etc) I'm gonna know you're a sleezebag. Or at least have a drug problem. The point is, chat me up all you want. I'm still calling the doctor and if he wants me to have you arrested I'll call the cops. It's what I do. It's my job.

2. If you smell bad, I might back up. Sorry. I can't help it. This goes for the guy who smokes 24/7 and also goes for the nonsmoker who swims in Polo. You stink. I back up. It happens.

3. I love watching the rain dance on the pool. Unless I want to swim, then I don't love it so much.

4. Awww, Puddin. You'll cope.

5. If you come in my house I will kill you. I don't go to your house uninvited. Ok, I know that sounds scary, but I'm thinking about the ants in my kitchen. Not my neighbors :)

6. A night without wine is like a night with whine.

7. Swingers? In this community? Wow (giggling a little).

8. Funny how my thoughts get smaller as the day goes on. Oh well.

9. Slainte!


Carbunkle Trumpet said...

Whats wrong with Polo, that used to be the shit! I so agree with number 5, actually down in NOLA there is a house that has a marker on the gate that reads; "We don't come to your house unannounced so don't come to ours." Write that down!

otin said...

My thoughts dont get smaller, just sillier lol!

marathoner81 said...

Ohhh...you get to have people arrested, I'm jealous!

When I was in high school I worked at a grocery store. There was a guy that always smelled like a camp fire. We creatively called him "camp fire guy" I had to hold my breath when he came through my line. I can still smell him all these years later.

I giggle everytime I drive by a swingers club on the way to my friends house. Reminds me of a couple that I know who are swingers. Put them in a room with 50 other couples and they would be the last couple you would ever pick to be the swingin' couple.

rxBambi said...

CBT: I don't mind Polo, but when the guy is bathing in it it tends to be a little over powering! I like the idea on the gate marker tho

Otin: yep my thoughts were also sillier. Probably should have stopped earlier in the day before my brain was mush :)

M81: actually having people arrested isnt as fun as it sounds. It's weird, it makes you feel good for getting them off the street and maybe keeping them from selling to kids, but most of the time its regular people who have an addiciton problem. Usually they need help, not jail. On the other hand, I sure wouldn't risk my license for them, so to the cops I go...
How do you know its a swingers club?? Is there a pineapple? I heard that on the radio that pineapple was they symbol but can't get any confirmation. You'll have to ask that couple for me :)

marathoner81 said...

Aww...that is sad, but in a way you're doing them a favor and maybe they'll end up in rehad.

As for the swingers, I've never heard of the pineapple before, but will keep my eyes peeled for them.

There's a club that has a sign saying "A Private Club" and the swingin' couple that i know of told someone that they go there...so it pretty much sealed the deal. The club looks scary and if I were to swing I would demand a much classier establishment!