Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happiness Is...

For the last few weeks I've been trying to figure out what I should blog about. It's been tough. I have a tough audience; my husband. He'll read the first few sentences then decide if it's good or not. Well Bob, I hope this is a good one. It's about ME.

Before I get started, let me give a shout out to fellow blogger Kle. Check out her blog at This is where inspiration finally struck.

Happiness Is...

-having a daughter that will clean the kitchen...without having to nag, cajole or bribe her

-knowing your dogs won't poop in the house today because they both did that on your morning walk

-sliding into a pair of jeans that were slightly too tight a couple weeks ago

-a crisp chardonnay with flavors of peach and berry with a slightly oakey undertone

-that glass of chardonnay brought to you poolside by a hot cabana boy (or your husband)

-pjs that make you look and feel sexy and that don't get tangled up around your legs when you sleep

-sleeping in the t-shirt your husband wore the night before

-getting through a really tough workout without whining (much)

-laughing without peeing your pants

-sneezing without peeing your pants

-a teenager laughing with you (not at you)

-snuggling in front of the fireplace with your husband, a good book, and a bold cabernet

-listening to a raging thunderstorm knowing you don't have to leave the house

-knowing your rescue dog is hiding in the bathtub because she's afraid of thunder

-finally writing a blog that's worthy of posting


Carbunkle Trumpet said...

Happiness is the perfect mix of a diet coke soft drink soda and that rat pellet ice!

Welcome back to the blog world, coming up and writing this stuff can be hard on occasion. If I had porta potties near my house I would write about that....wait, isn't BBQ fest going on?????

marathoner81 said...

ooohhh I agree...especially about the wine!!!

julochka said...

at least your husband reads your blog. which is more than mine does. he just laughs at me when i suggest it. on the other hand, he did come up with the idea of blog camp, so he is a keeper anyway. :-)

i love lists.

but you knew that.

any blog post with a list is a-okay.