Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

Woo Hoo! It seemed like Friday would never get here, but it's finally arrived and we can say we've made it thru another week. If you've been keeping up with me on my last couple posts, you know I have had a fairly crappy week and I'm more than ready to start a new one.

Here are some things I am happy about:
  • Tonight I am going to a Hootenany. Yep. Seriously. Cowboy hat and all. It's our first Junior Service Club meeting of the year. Each year there are themes and this one is western, cowboy, whatever. My motto for the year: Save the Horses: Ride a Cowboy!  But, I'm still drinking wine, not beer.

  • Is it hot in here??
  • I'm spending  the whole day Saturday with my wonderful hubby. First we are going to the Cardinal's game and watching them stomp the Cubs. I might even get to meet up with CBT who not only exists because he is a blogger, but is also an old high school friend. Plus he owes me money since the Cards are spanking the Cubs.
  • After the game hubby and our friends are going out to dinner
  • Then we are heading to the Blues game. I will definitely have enough sports for one day. But since I get to play with my main man it'll all be good. Plus I'll have wine.
  • My technician just told me that I am happy to be working with him because he is my all time favorite tech. Well, I like a lot of them, but yeah, he's pretty good. Just ask Goose, he belongs to her!
  • I'm happy that the front hall is cleaned and vacuumed. You'll never guess who did it. Me. Yep. Kids won, I lost. I couldn't stand looking at it so I vacuumed before work today. After I cleaned the bathroom. I need a house keeper.
  • I'm happy I've gotten 5 new followers in the past week. Welcome to my humble world. I hope you have fun.
  • I'm happy that I've gone 5 full days without a fight with my daughter (formally known as #5, but I'll just call her J). We tend to butt heads a bit. She's too much like me I think. We are working on it though.
  • My tech says I'm happy about him some more... so I guess I am!
  • I'm happy that I didn't get bitten by the 50 freaking brown recluses that I stumbled upon. Seriously happy. We were at the house where the party is tonight setting up and someone had a bunch of cowboy junk in her attic for us to use tonight. Many of the spiders were dead, but there were several live ones. I don't normally shriek like a girl (unless it's a wasp or hornet) but today I did. Those suckers were HUGE and FAST and SCARY. And yes, I had several women come and take a look, we are pretty darn sure they were brown recluses.

  • I've been trying to lay off the Starbucks because I've been going twice a day. So the past couple of days I made coffee at home and drank that. It was pretty good, but not the same. So today I'm happy that both my kid J and my sister Barb brought me a grande skinny caramel latte from Starbucks! It was a super nice treat and it made my day.
  • Are you feeling like a Happy Hour Friday? If so, click on good ol' Mr. Linkey here and join in the fun. Don't forget to stop by and see Otin!


otin said...

I have been called Huge, Fast and scary! HAHA!!

I hope you have fun at the games. I don't pull for either of those teams but the Cards are pretty good. Go Yankees!!

McGillicutty said...

FIVE NEW FOLLOWERS!!!!! Send them to me, although I do have a one new one this week for which I am thankful.

Once again our lives are paralleled with the whole Junior Service thing tonight and time with hubbies and wine tomorrow!!! creepy!!! luvs ya!

Mango Girl said...

I sort of got stuck lookin' at the cowboy... GLAD you didn't get bitten by any of those NASTY spiders (I was fortunate enough to have one munch on me about a dozen years ago).

Enjoy your weekend! Sounds action packed...

Have a FABULOUS time!!

xo, Mango

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

OK, I was all warm and fuzzy and happy reading through your list until I got to the spider part! Yeah, I'd be shrieking like a girl if I saw those suckers crawling around. I think it's funny, though, that you got other women to take a look, too... Your powers of persuasion are impressive! ;)

Sounds like you have a GREAT weekend planned! And I'm with you - I'd be drinking wine and not beer. ;) I'm looking forward to reading all about the hootenanny! ;)

I really need to think of a way to participate in Happy Hour Friday. It's too fun not to. ;)

JW.BW said...

Im happy you didnt get eaten by the spiders too, but now I'm NOT happy my skin is crawling because you are talking about spiders... YUCKY!!! Glad you and J are having a good week. thanks for sharing your happy hour!!

JW.BW said...

ooo... ps... I want some new followers!!! :-)

Bee's Blog said...

Enjoy the weekend, try not to ride too many cowboys and stay safe!

Polly said...

I've never heard of Hootenany but I think I want to go.

This spider is really scary. I would faint if I saw that. They don't come in those sizes in London and that's another reason (main reason?) why I love living here.

PS is that your piano in the previous post?!?! nice...

Matty said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Since the Cards on in the central division, I don't care if they win or lose.

You are the umteenth person to blog about spiders this week. I wonder why those little buggers are so popular now. Maybe it's just that time of year.

So you lost the vacuum battle, huh? We need to talk.

Goose said...

oh..that silly tech!! Although, he makes me happy too!

MW said...

Ride'em cowboy...yowsers. Thanks for sharing that picture. It made my Friday...LOL.

Nanodance said...

I didn't get past the cowboy pic. I would like to believe that he is inherently good.

Marion said...

Giddy Up! Thanks for the cowboy! I am inspired by your Starbucks Abstinence! Look at all the fun you are having even without Starbucks...maybe I'll give that a go...just need to finish my lattee!

Enjoy all this!

Mrs4444 said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday! Wow-Those spiders--I probably would have screamed, too!

You can't underestimate the value of a good tech! :)

Hey, there's no harm in doubling up on fragmented posts, you know--Don't be afraid to get two-for-one links next week if you do this type of post again :)

tori said...

just catching up on my reading...glad to hear things are better with #5. And 5 new followers?- nice! Just think if you cut back enough on the starbucks you'd save enough for a house cleaner (maybe). Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Somebody is in for an ace time, looking forward to reading all about it ... Oh and I want a close up pic with you and THAT cowboy ;0)

Crazy Charm said...

I'm pretty sure I was bit by an evil spider a week ago. Good thing you avoided them! I had shooting pains in my arm for three days and it's just finally scabbing over.

Did I mention this happened in the grocery store?? Only me.. ha

Hit 40 said...

I had to click on the linkie for fun!! It is addictive.

I usually lose the cleaning battle too. I give in before anyone else.