Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Color Me -- Wine

I don't know what it is about the color of red wine, but it really turns me on. No, not like that. I just mean that I love it. My "old house," the one I lived in pre-Bob and 4 step-daughters, was all done in green, gold, and burgundy. I loved it. The greens were sagey, the golds were, well, goldish, and the burgundy was like a fine red wine. Last year we repainted the house we are in now and Bob (bless his heart) had me choose the colors. I should tell you now that I'm not an artist. I can't envision the way things are going to look. I try to "feel" it, but it usually doesn't work. I am just much too left brained. I need facts.

Anyway, I really loved the colors in my old house, but figured that they needed to be updated. I really liked all the chocolate colors that are so hot right now, but I was worried it would be too trendy and I would get sick of it. Instead I chose a toffee color (it looks just like a skinny caramel latte, and you should know by now how I feel about those...) for the entry way and the family room. The kitchen is green (kinda sagey, but different. Scotland Road is the name). And the focus walls in the hallway and family room and under the chair rail in the living/dining room are Vinyard Estates. There is my fine red wine fix. I truly love the colors we chose, and I think they fit my personality.

But I totally got off track. This post was supposed to be about the color of red wine and how I often find myself surrounded by it.

I don't know what these are, but aren't they beautiful?

My upstairs hallway. I think the toffee may look a little yellowish in this light, but it's not. It's beautiful. I love it.

Fireplace mantle in the family room

A tray. I don't know what else to say about it.

How adorable is this guy??

A lace making thingie in Ste Genevieve, MO

Front foyer

Wine drinker? Moi? What makes you think that?

In my living room

Doh! Yep, there it is. Mighty tasty...

So I'd guess it's pretty obvious that this whole wine color (burgundy, maroon, reddish-purplish?) is my color. What color do you identify with?


Matty said...

From the glimpse into your home that you've given us, I'd say that your tastes are pretty good.

I prefer blue. It's my favorite decorative color.

darsden said...

You have a lovely home I love the hallway!

Ice Queen said...

I think you should just stick with the wine colors. I've always been a fan of the red.

JW.BW said...

What a beautiful home!! Fabulous decorating touches!! Love it!!

For me, common areas of the house I love blues and greens, all shades, it doesnt matter. For our bedroom more cozy and warm. We have peach walls and an orange and gold bedset. I guess for me I just want to always be surrounded by blue skies and green pastures which is why I love to bring those colors in side.

otin said...

I don't know why I would notice this but, I love your hardwood floors!! LOL! I am serious.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color. Very rich... in taste too!

Barb said...

Sunshinemeg, that reminds me of a comment Bambi's husband made about her. She has champagne taste on a beer budget!
Bams, love the post. Too bad Jenny isn't wine colored so you could include her!

tori said...

I think you did a great job picking colors! I always love the names of paint colors (esp the green you mentioned-Scotland Road). How cool would it be to come up with paint color names? My fav color is wine red almost on the verge of purple. In my last 2 kitchens I painted an entire wall that color and each time we went to sell the realtors said "you need to paint over that wall or your house will never sell" and both during both sales the wives both loved the color!

Anonymous said...

just dropping by to let ya know that the chili recipe is linked on the blog page. :)

oh, and lovely home.. love the wine color scheme! it's warm & welcoming!

Loredana said...

We get it, we get it, you love WHITE WINE! GOSH! ;-)

The colors I identify with the most are black, brown, grey and purple...wow, depressing colors or the fact that i live in NYC?!

Mango Girl said...

Very warm and inviting...that is what the color of wine says to me.

McGillicutty said...

OK I did the whole wine color thing in my last house and it took a million freakin' coats! and that was using the good paint (can't imagine how I got some of that). Then we did a much redder red and I loved it too. Now we've gone a more sagey green thing that Hub calls Umber .. he's the expert. Collecting corks why have I never thought of that? Probably cos I'd disappear under them in a week!

Medora said...

"A tray. I don't know what else to say about it."

That is hilarious - for some reason I really like that. Maybe I need to get more sleep.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

You are truly a girl after my own heart! My favorite color is hunter green, but I always pair that with burgundy wine... Your home is beautiful and you definitely have good taste! :)

julochka said...

love this one! i'm such a white wine girl, i'm not sure i would have thought of it, but it's so much fun seeing all of your wine-soaked i mean colored things. :-)

isn't color week grand?