Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

Welcome to the very first installment of Happy Hour Friday! Last week Otin and I got a little bit harassed about being downers on a Friday afternoon, so we came up with this gem. Actually, Otin get's the credit, I'm just hanging onto his apron strings. Also, big big kudos to Hit 40 at Sane Without Drugs for making our picture. They both totally rock! And yes, I know it's only Thursday night, but we want you to be happy all day long. Plus, it's already Friday on the other side of the world you know!

Here are some things that make me Happy:
  • I feel honored and special and all gushy inside that Otin asked me to co-host Happy Hour Friday with him.
  • I'm so happy I came out to visit my mom. It's totally a coinky-dink that Blog Camp Reno is here this weekend...
  • I gotta tell you, I was worried about the mom visit, even more than werewolves and axe murderers running amok. Seriously. She's 82, recovering from a broken hip, and really just not herself lately. On the phone she's been kinda cranky and crotchety. However, just for me, she put this on:
  • I'm not too thrilled that the picture is blurry, I had a better one but for some reason Blogger didn't like it. Oh well, I'm only posting happy stuff today, and you can still see her t-shirt and that's what counts. I told you she was an Outrageous Older Woman!!
  • I'm also so happy I am in Nevada because I love the view from my parents house:
  • Not only do I get to see my mom and my new bloggy friends from Blog Camp Reno, but I also get to see one of my bestest real live friends. World, meet Schmecky. Schmecky, meet the world (ok just my little portion of the blogosphere, but it's my world!)
  • Yep. That's her piranha face. She makes me laugh. Constantly. And that is a very happy thought for a Friday
  • Here are the flowers she brought for me and mom: (isn't she thoughtful?)

  • I'm so happy everyone is so interested in my chicken apple chili recipe! I'll get it to you, I promise! I think I'll wait til I get home tho so I can be sure to get the amounts right... but if any of you are the daring sort in the kitchen I can give you what I remember!
  • I just made the chili without a net recipe and we were 3/4 the way thru dinner before I remembered the garlic. I totally forgot about it. Oh well. We have wine.
  • That reminds me... I'm happy about wine.
  • I just asked Mom and Schmecky what they were happy about. Mom says she's happy I'm here. Schmeck says she's happy to be sitting at a table with someone other than her dog.
  • Otin is happy about lots of stuff. Be sure to check him out! You can also go to the other participants below to see why they're so happy.
  • What are you happy about??


otin said...

Don't give me so much credit! You are the happy one! I kill my story people, remember! LOL!

Hit 40 said...

Otin is right. He is the Dexter of blogland.

I am happy that you are visiting your mother!! Give her a hug for us.

And... i am happy for the shout outs from you and Otin. I am tickled that you liked the picture for your blog meme. No hurt feeling if you change it

Jaime said...

mmmm... wine makes me happy too!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Awwww! Your mom looks great in that T-Shirt! So happy that you get to visit her this weekend and your hilarious friend Schecky and bloggy friends - I really need to plan a trip to Reno where one of my bestest friends lives, too!

Wine makes me very happy, too!

Have FUN this weekend - I know you will! ;)

Little Ms Blogger said...

I told Otin - the weather. It's been perfect weather and for a summer of rain, a sunny perfect day is like winning lotto (it also helps derail bad news).

I'm also happy that I finally finished my just 'okay' book.

Oddly enough, happy I'm doing yard work this weekend. It so needs to get done. Yeah, it's the end of the summer, but I'm a tad slow.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm happy about wine too... imagine that!

JW.BW said...

I'm happy to be home!!! Happy to beable to paint my nails dark brown (since I wont beable to paint them in africa), I'm happy my dogs are so damn happy!! I'm happy for wine and coffee and I'm happy that I have your AWESOME blog to follow!!!!

Loredana said...

Thank you...I needed a little kick in the a*s to write something happy ;-)

Loredana said...

Thank you...I needed a little kick in the a*s to write something happy ;-)

iasa said...

Glad we have something to be happy about. And it means i got a blog post up before 11 at night. Hope you have a fabulous time with your mama n nem and at blog camp. What i mean, i got alll bayou dere for a minute.

Mango Girl said...

My mother always told me "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

I am having a bad morning, so I will be quiet.

Bamboo said...

I did Schmecky's Piranha face! Classic.

Michel said...

Wow...after hit40s comment, i am happy that otin is not in sudan!!! I kinda always suspected he was a dexter-like serial killer.

Now i have no choice but to suspect you help him by making it look like an overdose!

otin said...

Hey wait a second!? Why are you picking on me? LOL!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

This is fun..I love that so many of us are happy about wine!
Enjoy Blog camp!

♥ Braja said...

Otin's always happy, gotta love 'im :)