Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

If you've been hanging around for a while then you know that Otie and I host a Happy Hour every Friday. Otie has the Mr Linky at his site (yeah, I let him have control of it, kinda like the remote, you know the guy has to hold it to feel manly).

  • I am happy that it is only one week til Christmas. This is my favorite week ever. I love the excitement in the air and the good will towards men. People tend to be a little bit nicer. Okay, that's not always true, sometimes they are grumpy and bitchy and whiny and annoying, but FOCUS PEOPLE it's Happy Hour.
  • Actually I love October, November, and December. Best three months of the year if you ask me.
  • It is just 2 weeks until my birthday. What are you gonna get me?
  • At first I was a little annoyed about the plans for my birthday. We share season tickets to the St. Louis Blues with Barb and there is a game on New Year's Eve. Now let me just tell you that I don't entirely feel that the world revolves around me, but I think that since it's my birthday we should do something that I want to do. I like going to Blues games, but seriously. Not on my day, okay? Well, it turns out that we are going to the game. Why is that okay? Because we are going to leave early and head 2 blocks down and see Erin Bode and have dinner. Then we are staying downtown for the night in the Westin which is right next door. If you're not familiar with Erin be sure to check out her website. She has the most amazing voice I've ever heard. In fact I'm listening to her Christmas cd right this very minute.
  • Only 3 days til I get to see my momma. Yep, that outrageous older woman.
  • Hopefully I'll be able to check in with some of the fabulous bloggers I met at Blog Camp Reno in September. I just came across this post and it made me giggle again... go check it out. I'm sad that Ali won't be there this time, but Barb will be there to pick up her slack. Plus I'll for sure get to see my friend Schmecky (aka Zena, pseudoblogger), Sara and I are gonna try to make our schedules mesh so we can play, and I have a friend from college that I haven't seen in several years and we are going to try to play also. If you're in the area let me know and we can play too! Unless you are an ax murderer. That would totally suck to have my family hacked to bits at Christmas time.
  • I haven't worked all week. This is an okay thing, not great as the money would be nice to have, but it's not a horrible thing either because I've been doing stuff this week that I wouldn't have had time to do if I were working. BUT I got TWO calls today for me to work TOMORROW. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to clone myself so I can only work one of the places. Although in all honesty, if I did figure out how to clone myself I wouldn't have all of my selves working. Several of them would be on vacation. All the time. All over the world. It'd be great.
  • I've gotten several new followers in the last couple weeks. Thank you thank you and welcome to my little corner of cyberspace. I hope I don't bore you to pieces.
  • December 17th is my daughters 17th birthday. Yep, it's her golden one. The one that is supposed to be the best. I always feel sorry for people who have their 'golden' birthday when they are young. How the hell are you gonna know if it was your best year ever? I can truly say that mine was indeed the best year ever, mainly because I fell in love with hubby (gak I know at least one of you just threw up in your mouth a little bit... but it's true).
  • Both Jenny and Juneau got to go to the spa today and they look and smell wonderful. Hey, doggies need spa days too. Don't judge.

  • Okay I think that's plenty of stuff to be happy about.
  • Oh wait, update: I was, in fact, not the drunk spouse at hubby's work Christmas party. I don't think there was one that really stood out this year. However, people were still talking about the drunk spouse from last year. I felt kinda sorry for her... but she was under tight control this year. And, ps, I looked fabulous. Except my ankles. Really. The dang hose I was wearing kept trying to bunch at the ankles. I had to adjust several times until the room got full enough that people weren't looking at my ankles. It kinda pissed me off, but then I just had another glass of wine so I was okay. Besides, I was one of the younger ones in the room last night so I doubt that anyone noticed my ankles.
That's it for me. Go see Otie and see who is playing along with Happy Hour Friday!

Update: this afternoon while I was counting to 333 I was also thinking about my post and realized I made a grievous mistake. Our Christmas trip to Reno will also be down one fabulous blog camper: Shannon. She lives over the mountain and far away and will probably not venture the pass (Donner's pass, you know the early settlers that resorted to cannabalism while stuck in the mountains). Anyway, Shannon, sorry for my oversight. And if you do venture over the pass please come play with us!


otin said...

How am I gonna remember all of that!? lol
You were off all week? did you accomplish anything? hehe! We both linked to Barb this week! You are going to Reno, again?

Happy 17th to your 17 year old!

You are way damn happy this week. I am glad that you are over talking about the douchebag who you were not talking about anymore!

iasa said...

that sounds like a great birthday evening for you. i will even root for the blues that night since they are playing the canucks (Go Wings!)

Fragrant Liar said...

For my Happy Hour Friday, I'd like to visit the dog spa with Jenny and Juneau. I'd much rather be surrounded by friendly pups than diva bosses. Can I?

Brian Miller said...

happy birthday to the little one. i love this week too. the boys are crawling the walls already. do you think they would take me at a dog spa?

Gaston Studio said...

Love that you're so obviously happy, work or no work. And you're right, most people are nicer at this time of year; sad they don't think about the other 51 weeks.

Kate Hanley said...

This was great, my husband's birthday is on New Year's Eve as well and my daughter just had her golden birthday (11 on 11th), I love coincidences. Have fun at the game and enjoy the week!

McGillicutty said...

My good friend Courtney is 28 on the 28th!! and didn't even realize it til I pointed it out! tskk.
I wish I was going to Reno too, boo hoo now you've spoiled my whole Christmas!!!!
Remember... if the road goes half way to anywhere.. take it!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

Otter Thomas said...

It really is a happy time of the year. I am glad you are enjoying it. Happy Birthday to your daughter too.

Cristin said...

I never heard of the Golden Birthday thing... mine was my 18th,
I don't remember doing anything special.

These are my favorite months too... I can't wait for Christmas!!

mean_owen said...

I'm impressed. I thought pharmacists couldn't count past 30? Seriously, though, 333 is a very suspicious number. Exactly one-half of the "mark of the beast". What ARE you up to?

mean_owen said...
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Pastor Sharon said...

Lovely doggies!

I hate stockings that bunch at my ankles!

What a fabulous friday here and Happy birthday to your golden child!

Lisa E said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh your puppys look marvelous. I wish I got mine into the spa. I always remember stuff too late. I can't even put mine in the tub. he weighs 122 lbs...............Enjoy your day.

Tom Bailey said...

It looks like you have plenty to be happy about.

I stumbled here through another blog and this is my first visit you had some interesting archives.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey

Matty said...

When I first started following you, I remember something about you going to blog camp. I think it's neat that you actually meet other bloggers.

Happy birthday to your daughter. Enjoy. They're only young once.

Happy early birthday to you too.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

What a week... Happy Friday, late and Happy weekend. Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays.


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Fall months are my favorite too. And your dogs look gorgeous. Mine is sitting her jealous (well, maybe nto - I think he likes being stinky)

smiles4u said...

What a great list of things to be happy about! Just reading all of it made me happy. I am thankful there are people that enjoy all of this holiday stuff. Even though I don't so much, I do make the best of things and have fun anyways. :) While I do love fall, I do not like it getting so cold here and then of course there is always the snow...which I really don't mind...especially if it means a nice blizzard and being snowed in at home...just don't like the cold we have been having at this time of year. Ugh.

Have a great happy weekend. It sounds like you will! Lori

CatLadyLarew said...

Happy Happy Hour!

Peterson Family said...

You are just across the river from me! Small bloggy world! And Erin Bode is fab!