Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Tuesday

  • Don't you hate it when you look all hot and sexy and you've been parading around town feeling confident then that evening your daughter comes up to you and says "Your pants pocket is hanging out"?
  • McGillicutty made me LOL - literally - with this post. Did you?
  • My birthday is in 25 days. I'll be 39... at least for the first time. Maybe next year I'll be 39 again. I haven't decided yet. 
  • Spud did a post on 39 things to do before she's 40. I think I should revisit that and perhaps do the same.
  • Why didn't Jenny poo on our walk today? I hope she doesn't do it in the house. 
  • I couldn't do the December Challenge at the gym today. I'll have to try again tomorrow. But that's okay, failure is good for you -- sometimes. It builds character. Right?
  • Does anyone use Jane Iredale make-up? I just started a month or so ago. I'm a bit undecided about it. I usually use CHANEL or Lancome. 
  • How come when teens learn to drive the criticize every move you make? "You're speeding" "Uh, blinker, mom!" "Go! The light's green!"
  • But then the first time you tell them not to run over the pedestrian in the parking lot they get pissy and say they don't want to drive anymore. Sheesh. 
  • I'm having a good hair day. Curly. I should take a picture. If I can get off the couch maybe I will. 
  • Tonight I'm going to a nursing home and having a bingo Christmas party. It's kinda fun, but I wish the kids were coming with me. 
  • "Software is like entropy. It is difficult to grasp, weighs nothing, and obeys the second law of thermodynamics; i.e. it always increases. "Norman Ralph Augustine 
  • The same is true for my kitchen. Seriously. I haven't done anything in here and days, and it's a mess. I think kids add to the increasing entropy of a room. 
  • My favorite equation: delta G = delta H - T delta S. The way to remember it: Goldfish are Hell without Tarter Sauce.
  •  Okay, time to clean my kitchen and finish my Christmas cards.    
  •  Go see Un-Mom for more Random Tuesday Thoughts!


Amanda said...

Because teens know everything and parents are stupid? *eye roll*

Little Ms Blogger said...

"failure is good for you " - only makes you try harder the next time.

the kitchen thing is SOOOOOOO true.....

btw, it is always a great day when you have cute hair.

Polly said...

is it only me or does "going to a nursing home and having a bingo Christmas party" sound exactly opposite of "fun"... pleeease let us know how that one worked out

CaJoh said...

I don't know what it is about kitchens… every evening I swear I did all the dishes, but find more in the sink the next morning.

Thank you for your randomness,

Barb said...

I totally laughed at McGillicutty's post. I too have kids who'd threaten to put a snorkel down their pants! And I've decided I'm not up to the December challenge. Not with a 4 minute plank and a 3 minute wall sit in there! What will they think of next!

Jay said...

"But that's okay, failure is good for you -- sometimes. It builds character. Right?"

I've built lots and lots of character then. LOL ;-)

Otter Thomas said...

Holy crap you can post about engineering without instant blog death. Entropy? Delta H? delta S? I am in awe.

rxBambi said...

Amanda: you are definitely right. It's amazing, I used to be intelligent, but now I'm pretty stupid. I hope in the next few years I'll get my smarts back.

LMB: that's true, most of the time, but sometimes failure makes me not want to try again, especially cuz I know how much my thighs will burn when I try it again.

Polly: Welll... It's not the time of my life, but it is kinda fun if you get a *good* old person. You know one that is funny and friendly and having a good time. They can tell some great stories if you listen. Plus you get to yell "B-7!" at the top of your lungs like 18 times.
Last time I was talking to our towns oldest resident. She was amazing.
Down side: sugar free cookies and no alcohol...

CaJoh: It's amazing the way order turns to chaos, isn't it? thanks for stopping by!

Barb: You should try it, but yeah I'm a little worried about the plank.

Jay: Hahahaha yeah me too. Luckily there's alcohol to bring you back down to earth. :)

OT: who'da thunkit? Although I might lose some followers with that. I love the 'goldfish are hell' thing tho, it makes me smile.

blueviolet said...

What in the world is that equation for? I've never even heard of it. You're making it up just so you can have a favorite, aren't you? ;)

I have a stack of cards sitting here too. I have got to take the time to write them out but I'm so lazy. I just can't send them out without writing something personal on there.

Brian Miller said...

nice random...if your hair looks reat today, you may want to make sure your pockets are tucked in...lol. failure is not bad, as long as you learn from it. smiles.

Matty said...

One of the advantages to not having any hair is that there are no bad hair days. Another is the annual total cost of haircuts....zero.

I empathize with you on the driving lessons. Been there, done that.

I just got all my Christmas cards in the mail this morning. Done.

Cyndy said...

My great hair day was last weekend. Of course it was. Family photo this weekend. Don't even dream that it could happen twice in one week. But gotta grin and bear it or the Christmas cards will never get done (although that has happened before, too, and the world did not stop spinning).

Hope you're having a great day!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I taught my son how to drive and although I wanted to jump out of a moving vehicle several times while sober for the first time, I'm not doing it again. I'm done. #1 Son and Hubby can teach the others. The only positive about teaching a teenager to drive, IMO, is that my arteries had a good flushing out of plaque, I'm sure of it.

Happy good hair day!


marinik said...

sheeesh.. my boys are not even driving yet and constantly criticize my driving...

rxBambi said...

BV: just something I remembered from chemistry class. I always liked the goldfish part. It's just a thermodynamics thing about randomness and disorder...and my kitchen always seems to be in disorder

Bri: I *did* actually check my pants today! All seems to be tucked in the proper spots :)

Matty: Hubby will agree with you, although he does have some hairs that can get long. As for driving, this is #6 of 6 so I guess we'll survive... I hope.

Cyndy: I couldn't get the fam together for a photo, our pic is of the dogs. Oh well, it's probably better that way.

GEM:It can definitely be scary at times, especially when they don't seem to think people can die...

Mari: Look out. It'll get worse :)

willow said...

Ah, teenagers. I miss those days when I had a house full of 'em.

Erin said...

I am not looking forward to having teenagers!

And I boycotted exercise today, too.

Loredana said...

Jane Iredale? No good? Semi good? I just bought THE BEST palette from Tarte! I love it! Love the colors! It's a day to night with about 10 colors-looooove it! I'm a make up whore, yep, i said it, whore!

Nursing home bingo, that's real sweet.

Have fun tonight!

rxBambi said...

willow: I'm trying to decide if you're being facetious or not, but decided to go with not. As much as they make me nuts I think I'll miss the chaos and drama when they are gone.

Erin: although, as I said to willow, there is chaos and drama, it's still kinda fun. When they aren't pissy. Which is quite often. That's why I drink :)

Loredana: I'd say it's okay. I think it'd be great in the summer because it's very light mineral make-up. Doesn't seem to be a lot of coverage tho, and I have red cheeks I like to tone down. I'd give it a B+
I've never tried Tarte, this is the first time in a while I've gone out of my comfort zone. I'll look into it tho.

...mmm... said...

Oh, I so relate about the teen's driving thing. too funny but so spot on there.

I think women just start coming to their best when they hit about 40, btw.

otin said...

39? Thats not bad! You are still young using my age equation system.

(If you double your age and have a realistic possibility that you may live to the age the doubled number adds up to, then you are still young!)

As for the rest of this post...You are so silly!!! LOL!

Kitty said...

bambi: i answered your ? about iredale on organic orgy a little while ago... so you can check there if you want a more detailed answer. it's definitely the safest, but it's expensive for shizzle!

McGillicutty said...

Thanks for the shout out.. I need more of them. teens suck...kitchens suck... dogs that don't poo suck..thermodynamics suck... suckahs suck.... and I need to stop sucking wine down on a Tues night!!!! hahahahahaaa I am so blitz right now.. I'm laughing so much at this I think it's the dog didn't poo thing that tickled me!!! haahahahahah

rxBambi said...

mmm: it's funny isn't it? They are all the same. And, oh, BTW, you are officially my new BFF for the women @ 40 comment. :)

Otie: ditto what I said to mmm, but your already were my BFF, so now your my extra-super BFF.

Kitty: I'll check it out on your site. thanks!

Ali: You goofball. I love ya.

Gaston Studio said...

The driving thing with teens is SO true. Hope Jenny doesn't poop in the house!