Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Little Ms Blogger is the awesome chick who came up with this baby for getting out your rants and raves. Go see her, she always has some funny stuff.

Rant: I got three (yes 3) certified letters today from that ex chiro that I'm not wasting my energy on

Rant: Step-daughter signed for all 3 certified letters while I was at the spa

Rave: I marched my happy ass up to the post office and told the lady that my child signed for these letters and that I did not want anything to do with them. She had me write "Refused" and my name and date on them and took them back. Today, the USPS is freakin awesome.

Rave: I have no idea what was in those letters, but I don't really care either

Rave: pas de touche sucka!!

Rave: I spent the last two days at the spa

Rave: I got my hair did yesterday and had a mani/pedi today

Rave: I look fabulous! And I feel fabulous as well. And my toes are freakin awesome

Rave: We have hubby's work Christmas party tomorrow

Rave: It's at a fancy schmancy country club, and it's actually a pretty good party

Rave: I've never been the 'drunk spouse'

Rant: I hope I'm not the drunk spouse tomorrow

Rave: Hubby agreed to take me to go see Up In The Air

Rant: It's not freakin playing in my stupid ass town and that freakin pisses me off

Rave: So we thought we'd watch The Hangover on PPV

Rant: It's not freakin showing on PPV and now I'm pissed

Rave: Hubby just told me it's time for bed

Rant: Seriously? Ummm, none :D


Brian Miller said...

the last one gave me a smile...seems more raves than rants...so a good week eh? have fun at the party...

Jay said...

Christmas parties are fun. Especially when they have a bar.

otin said...

I want to see it!
It's not playing!
Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! lol

That guy that you are not talking about anymore is certainly getting a lot of blog time!

Mango Girl said...

2 days of spa? Rock on!!!

xo, Mango

Barb said...

Just so long as everybody understands, you don't need two days at the spa to look fabulous! You always look fabulous!

Gaston Studio said...

Yay, USPS (for today!)

Smart girl, having two days at a spa and destressing plus getting prettied up; good for you and everyone you come into contact with.

Our little town isn't showing Up in the Air as yet either! What is it about small towns and cinemas anyway?

K13 said...

OK, it's official...I want to trade lives with you. Despite the Rants, the Raves overpower them 10-fold. I'm SO grossly overdue for a mani/pedi or spa day at all...well, let's just leave it at that.

Otter Thomas said...

I am concerned about you and the evil chiro. I hope it passes soon. I have never been the sober spouse. I count that as a Rave too.

Ice Queen said...

I love the option of sending certified letters back with no questions asked. Haha. It seems that your raves outweigh your rants...always a good thing! =)

rxBambi said...

Brian: It has been a pretty good week :)

Jay: I don't think I've ever been to a Christmas party without a bar... or ever would go ;)

Otie: hey, that's my rant, deal with it. And I'm trying to forget the other guy he won't leave me the hell alone.

Mango: It totally did rock. I think I need another just to get thru today

Barb: awww, U are fabulous too!

Gaston: I know, right! I thought they were gonna be all pissy, but nope. Then I told the lady she made my day and we laughed at how wonderful we both are :)

K13: I'd say you definitely need a spa day. Take one, it'll do wonders

Otter: You and me both. I keep trying to concentrate on good things and now I'm feeling harassed. I love that you're never the sober spouse!

IQ: It is a good thing when the raves win. Hopefully that means a great rest of the week...

Little Ms Blogger said...

2 Days of Spa...I'd be in heaven...ahhhhh....

tori said...

You are so strong!! I would be way too tempted to find out what was in those letters. I'd HAVE to look!!
Next time forward them on to me and I'll read them for you.
Lots of raves today I like!!

CatLadyLarew said...

Yay! More raves than rants! Way to go, sending back the certified letters! REFUSED!

McGillicutty said...

Love it... Refused!!! you rock!! and I agree with Barb, you really don't need the spa to look fabby. I wish I could have some days at the spa...I need a makeover!!! I want a fabulous Christmas party too.. not gonna happen... woe is me.

Trooper Thorn said...

No posting yet today. Does that nean you were the drunk spouse last night?

rxBambi said...

LMB: it was heaven. I need another day tho to get over withdrawls

Tori: Okay I'll forward them to you. I want nothing more to do with it!

CLL: Haha yep it made me feel good to send them back. I have an idea of what it's about and I am having none of it.

McGilly: You rock too! and even if I don't *need* the spa day, I *need* the spa day, so it all works out.

Trooper: as I said on your blog I wasn't the drunk spouse and so glad because they were STILL talking about last years drunk spouse! My hubby would never live it down!

Dad.. said...

You've got more raves than rants... YAY!! This week.. I've got more rants than raves =^(

smiles4u said...

How nice you have been pampering yourself. How nice you have a party to go to. I hope you have fun. I went to Hangover and I enjoyed it...needed to just laugh over stupid shit. :)