Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Hour - Christmas Style

If you've been hanging around for a while then you know that Otie and I host a Happy Hour every Friday. Otie has the Mr Linky at his site (yeah, I let him have control of it, kinda like the remote, you know the guy has to hold it to feel manly).

  •  I am so happy that it is perfectly acceptable to drink alcohol after spending the day with your PIA sister... and I don't mean Barb. This is not gonna be a rant, but I'll have plenty to talk about on wednesday! 
  • Bacchus we thank who gave us wine
    Which warms the blood within our veins;
    That nectar is itself divine.
    The man who drinks not, yet attains
    By godly grace to human rank
    Would be an angel if he drank.
    Pierre Motin
    French drinking song (source)
  • I'm happy my mom seems to be handling the chaos of a full house. Usually it's just her and her kitty, but now it's also the three daughters, the SIL, and four of the grandkids. Loud and crazy would be an understatement.
  • I'm happy Barb is here with me to take some of the slack from the other sister. Seriously. She makes me nuts. But this is not a rant ( I know, I'm repeating myself).
  • I am so excited about the turkey! I used a Nigella Lawson recipe for brining the turkey and it's soaking right now. I just stepped out to check on it and it smells soooo good. Thank you Julochka to turning me onto her. Doesn't it look amazing:

  • I was so happy to get to spend the entire day with my friend Schmecky (the pseudoblogger) yesterday. We had such a good time. I was going to add some pictures from our day, but I think that'll be a whole other post. I chronicled the whole day. You will like it, I promise. 
  • Today Barb and I got out of the house and walked down to one of our favorite coffee shops (shhh!! don't tell Starbucks). It's about a mile or so down the mountain and we always walk there at least once to get dough for scones. Yes, I know I could make my own dough, but we love this stuff. Anyway, we had some great photo ops along the way:
A gaggle of geese

One tough guy got scairt...

Barb discovered some really cool 'eye' trees for Julochka...

and we saw a pretty little Mallard and her hubby out for a swim in the stream...

at last we found our way to the promised land...

  • I'm happy I got to open my present from hubby early. It's a new camera! I was shocked, I wasn't expecting it at all. There's kind of a funny story that goes along with it. The camera I ended up with is not the one I unwrapped. But it's over and I love it. Its a Canon D50 and I'm so so pleased. I still need to read more of my manual (yes Spud, I blame you for this) but so far I'm amazed and in love.  
  • Well I think that's about it for me. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas edition of Happy Hour yourself. Be sure to check in with Otie and play along. 
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Doc said...

Great pics !!
Merry Christmas!

Mango Girl said...

Love the geese & eyes, and ducks, and post...even if one sister is being a royal PITA!

Oh, did the brine turkey thing @ Thanksgiving ~ my new recipe fo' sure.

Merry, Merry Christmas!

xo Bambi,

otin said...

Merry Christmas! (I am not sure that the linky is working!!) It looks wonderful there! Merry Christmas to Barb, also!

CatLadyLarew said...

Wow! What a wonderful stroll you had! Love the Julochka trees! Have a fabulous day with your family!


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Wait...are you in the Seattle area? Why do I not know this? I grew up there, an original Washitonian currently misplaced in PA... ;)

Awesome pictures you captured - and how fun you and your sister have your traditional walk! :)

I have camera envy for sure... ;)

I love that you have a sister you're close to, and a PITA too!!! :)

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!!

smiles4u said...

Cheers! I love your happy list. I hope you continue to have a happy Christmas day! I raise my glass of champaigne to you!

Brian Miller said...

merry christmas...or the day after at this point...smiles. a new camera....nice! love the eye tree...

Matty said...

A cool new camera? Now we'll be expecting award winning photo ops from you all the time.

Merry Christmas.

amy said...

Beautiful pics!

Happy Holidays. xxx

Joanna Jenkins said...

Looks like a great Christmas. Woo-hoo on the new camera!

Happy New Year

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Looks like you've had lots of interesting stuff going on lately. Love the eye tree and congrats on the new camera.

Otter Thomas said...

I hope you had a great Christmas.

Joshua said...

I'm tardy to the party again. Oh well. I don't eat meat, but I'm curious about this brining method of which you speak. Can you help a brother out and point to the right page? Or do I need to search Nigella's page for it?

Merry (belated) Christmas!


Peterson Family said...

Love the cool tree!