Monday, June 15, 2009

Questions from a VEG

Well, B did it. And VEG did it. Extranjera too. And since we all know I really want to belong, I'm doing it too.

Here are the questions VEG gave me:

1. Given the overload of girls in your home, did you ever wish for a boy?
Ummm, when I was pregnant with #2 (that is now #6) I thought it would kinda be cool. But my sister always said she imagined me with 3 daughters. Now that I have twice that amount I can say I'm happy I didn't have boys. I mean, the equipment is so different, and they are loud and smelly and like to fart at the table... Don't get me wrong, I love my nephews, but boys are Give me a princess and a tiara and puppies and kittens over toads and bugs any day.

2. If you had to give one up, would it be Starbucks or wine?
Haha yeah right. Actually, funny you should ask. Over Lent this year I was supposed to give up Sbux on tuesday, thursday, and saturday, and wine the opposite days. Ummm, never happened. I gave up soda 2 years ago for Lent and stuck with it. I think I've probably had 3 sodas since then, all of them recently and all of them because there was nothing else readily avialable. The first one was in feb on a cruise that was very choppy, I had a ginger ale to calm my stomach.
So no. I refuse to give up either one. Sorry. Aint gonna happen.

3. Name one thing you really regret and wish you could do over again.
This one is tough. I guess I'd say I wish I could take back all the mean things I've said or thought about people. Everyone is just trying to make it in this crazy world, I hate that I have been catty.

4. Do you ever wish you lived somewhere else?
Only every freaking day. I long for some excitement. Although if you made me pick a place I really wouldn't know where I'd pick. I think that's why I love to travel so much, but I think the grass is always greener on the other side. Plus there are good points and bad points about everything. If you find Utopia let me know and I'll live there...

5. What are your hobbies?
I do a lot but I don't do anything well. I like to shop, read, workout, and scrapbook. I just started (TODAY) piano lessons, I like wasting way too many hours blogging and reading everyone elses blogs. I enjoy my walks with the dogs, both solo and with my friends. I enjoy wine with my husband by the pool.
BUT really with this maternity leave I'm taking over and watching my nephews while my lucky duck sister is roaming around Scotland, I really don't have time to do any of that.

That's about it for me!
Want to play too and be part of the cool kids? Let me know and I'll send you some questions too!


otin said...

Oh, I don't mind answering questions! Depending on what they are lmao!

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Hi there - just dropping by from the wild world of the internet and thought I'd say hi. Adorable blog!

rxBambi said...

Otin: I'm gonna have to think about this...let me get back to you tmro with questions.

Krysten: Hi and Welcome!! Excited to have ya along. Do you want questions too??

Polly said...

Grass is always greener on the other side. I always want to live somewhere else!

And good luck with your piano! I've been playing for three years now, it's a painfully slow process to learn but it's soooo worth sticking to!

Loredana said...

Questions, questions, send me questions...lord knows I need to write SOMETHING on my blog!

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

YAY for your answers. I long for excitement too. And the pet hermit island.

Hit 40 said...

Excellent set of questions that you found!!

LOL on the boys!!! They fart/make gay jokes/work the word penis into any conversation/miss the toilet!!....

I wanted a girl!!! At least one girl!!!

No regrets for me. Just plotting new tricks.

rxBambi said...

Otin: Here are your questions:
1. What is your favorite keepsake from childhood and why did you keep it?
2. If you were stranded on a desert island with 1 person from history (or the present) who would it be and why?
3.Is there a fictional character that you'd say defines who you are?
4. What are you wearing right this minute?
5. When you were a boy, what did you want to be when you grew up? Why didn't you follow thru with it (or did you?)

rxBambi said...

Polly: In a few months when I've made no progress please remind me!

Lordana: I need to think some up. I'll get back to you this evening. But thanks for wanting to play!!

VEG: I'm glad you like my answers :D
I'm still a little sketchy on the pet hermit island, I've been seeing bits and pieces from twitter, but thats about it. But if you'll go then so will I.

Hit40: Plot away!! I forgot about the whole penis thing with little boys. And my 6yo nephew is *constantly* talking about butts! OMG!!

otin said...

Hey there! I am going to NJ on Thurs, but I will definitely answer these when I get time, If they are not up by Monday, please remind me! I don't want to forget!

Medora said...

Questions are fun.

Hit 40 - I remember how furious you were when you found out the second one was a boy, too - I know how you wanted one of each. I got one of each, but I wanted two girls and three boys. Doc said, hey, wait for the grandkids, no more for you. One of each is great.

McGillicutty said...

dang it girl... go on ask me anything and I will answer..then you can decide if my answers are true of false... just like that crazy show believe it or not..HAHAHAHAHAAAA maniacal laugh....

beth said...

that was fun !
getting to know you a little bit better...
and whoa....ummm, did I get this right ?....6 girls ?

Michel said...

YOU HAVE SIX KIDS!? No WONDER you're a pharmacist! Dude, I totally think you could do a reality tv show!!!

However, what on earth made you think it was a good idea to give up starbucks and wine? That's crazy talk!!!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

I pretty much loved your responses---VEG gave you great questions! And SBux or wine is tough, I'd pick giving up SBux.

I want some questions from you, too! I asked Ext for some, so I'll combine both of yours into a post!

Seaside Girl said...

Is it too late to ask for some questions? :)

Jaime said...

great responses. i'd definitely give up starbucks. i could still hit dunkin donuts or any other coffee shop to get my daily dose of caffeine.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I want to do piano lessons. We have a piano in our's stupid that I don't play.

rxBambi said...

Lordana:Hooray I'm glad you wanted to play! Here are your questions.
1.You mentioned your mothers lipstick in your Keepsake Blog, what is one other vivid memory you have of your mother?

2. You have also mentioned your big Italian family. What is one thing you'd like to CHANGE about it?

3. As a freshman in high school, mid year, describe your personality.

4. What is your favorite body part any why?

5. You mentioned that you write poetry. What was the inspiration for your favorite poem?

rxBambi said...

Medora: I love the Q and As, I think it gives us a chance to know each other better.

Ali: Love the maniacal laugh! Let me think some up for you and get back to you (sorry I can't do it off the cuff...)

Beth: Glad you had fun. Yes, 2 of mine and 4 of his equals 6 raging hormone-ful teenage girls. Ages 14-21. That's why I drink. A lot.

Michel: See above on the girls. As far as Sbux and wine, it didn't work. It was husbands idea. Something about money or calories or something. Who knows. Anyway, I have my skinny caramel latte every morning and a nice glass of wine (chardonnay in the summer) every evening...

Gidg: So excited you want questions, but again gonna have to think some up so they aren't all the same. GIve me til tmro...

SG: It's only too late when the wine is gone. So no, but again, need to think of some...Tmro?

Jaime: Really? Ummm, tough call. But I don't have a Dunkin Donuts near me, closest one is about a 1/2 hour away. I have other coffee joints that I hit occassionally, but it's not Sbux. I think they add some kind of drug to make us addicted...I'll let you know the next time I'm no where near one and need a coffee fix :)

B said...

Great questions and answers! I could never give up Starbucks or wine! But then again, I don't think I could have 6 children! :)

Loredana said...

I'm going to go answer my questions're good!! Thinking of becoming a reporter or something one day? Forget the pharmacy and imagine all the great ways you can wear your lovey shoes while reporting!

rxBambi said...

OP: You should take lessons now too! We can compare notes on Mary Had a Little Lamb ;-)

B: Thanks! And as far as the kids go, it's not that hard. They are teenagers so they pretty much fend for themselves on a lot of things. It gets dicey when everyone is mad at everyone else, but you learn to cope (ie drink)

Lor: cant wait to read them!

rxBambi said...

McG: Here are your questions:
1. What is the most outrageous thing you've ever done?

2. What is your oldest memory?

3. If you could have any super power what would it be? Only 1!

4.When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? Why didn't you? Or did you?

5. What is one accomplishment that you are most proud of?

rxBambi said...

Gig: Here are your questions:
1. Stealing from McG's cuz I know you are a wild woman, what is the most outrageous thing you've ever done?

2. If you knew you only had 48 hours to live how would you spend it? PS- being with family can't count cuz I make the rules.

3.Which would you choose:
a. being super-smart and butt-ugly
b. dumb as a box of rocks but super-model gorgeous?

4. If you could break any law for 1 day without consequences what would it be?

5. Describe your perfect day (actual or fantasy)

rxBambi said...

SG: Here are your questions.
1: How come you wont kidnap me and take me to blog camp?

Not fair? Ok, here are your real ones.
1. Did you have a nickname in middle or high school? How did you get it? How did you feel about it?

2. What, in your opinion, is your best character trait? Why?

3. What character FLAWS do you see in your children that you KNOW come from you?

4.If you could spend one day with someone, past or present, who would it be?

5. Which ONE super power would you pick?

spudballoo said...

Ooooh very interesting. Gosh SIX children, faints...I'm in awe....I'm with you on the catty things. There's not place for it in life, I wish I could cleanse my mind of all that 'judgepants' stuff!

rxBambi said...

Spud: Hooray! thanks for stopping by! I love yoru blog (probably mentioned that already) and excited to see you at mine (gushing)

K13 said...

awesome questions and answers. I love that you refuse to give up SBUX. I try so hard to cut back or give up when they make me mad, but the addiction is just too strong.

I have a pharm question for you - I actually had a local pharm here tell me that there is NO caffeine in TEA? Is he crazy? I was once told that Chai tea actually has MORE caffeine than coffee. Now I'm super confused.

K13 said... more thing...just realized you have 6 kiddos. very bizarre, because when I was living in Drug Infested Town, USA, the pharmacist @ the local WM -also female - also had 6 kids...just seems funny to be as 6 kids is not all that common. You aren't her, are you?