Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pharmacy Friday #3 (on Sunday)

This past friday I had an extremely stressful day at the pharmacy. As you my know, I don't have my own pharmacy, I do relief work. Most days I love it; I set my own schedule, I work only when I want shoes a paycheck, and I only work at stores that I like the techs and the customers. I tend to go to the same pharmacies over and over, so a good proportion of the patients know who I am and trust me with their medications.

But this post isn't about me. This is about you. Yes, you. Doesn't everyone go to a pharmacy, at least occasionally if not monthly? Well, maybe if you or your husband is a doctor, then you probably have samples, but for the most part I think a pharmacy has to be at least a small part of your life.

You may be thinking "Me? I'd never do that!" But I wonder if you realize how many times we get asked to do just that.
  • Your little sleeping pill that you didn't realize you were out of refills. I can't fill that without the docs ok. I know he's going to say yes, you know he's going to say yes, but I need it authorized offically before I can give it to you. I'm sorry.
  • This also goes for the sweet little old lady that I know is not an addict. I really am sorry, but I'm not willing to risk my shoes license over a couple alprazolam.
  • To the druggie: I know you're seeking, I know what to look for, I know how to spot a fake script (sometimes I am fooled, mostly I am not). I will not fill it. Furthermore, I will not give it back to you if I can prove it has been altered.  
Here's a good one (and partly the reason for my bad day on Friday).
  • If you are going out of town, please take care of medication refills a week ahead of time. I can call the insurance company and get an overide, BUT I might not have time to take care of it right this second. Also, it usually takes a day or two for the insurance co to get it to go thru. And thirdly, while I value you as a patient, you are not my only one. Please understand that I have several things going on at any one time.
And most importantly, KNOW THE LAWS FOR CONTROL DRUGS.
  • Heres the scenario: Your son as ADHD and is on a C2 (that's a narcotic that has the strictest laws for dispensing...there are no legal C1s). States differ in their laws regarding C2s and your pharmacist has to abide by those laws. There are also Federal Laws, but if the state law is stricter, then that's the one that has to be followed.
  • In my state, C2 prescriptions are only good for 7 days. That's it, no exceptions.
  • The C2 rx MUST be handwritten...NO FAXES!! Hospice and emergencies are exceptions, but I'm not talking about those right now.
  • I get a faxed C2 rx for an ADHD med that I can not fill.
  • This is not hospice or an emergeny
  • I call the doc and tell her that I am not filling it.
  • She says the mother brow beat her (I'm sorry, which one of you is the professional? ) into writing and faxing the script, but it was my call if I wanted to fill it or not.
  • Apparently the family was leaving on vacation and needed the rx, but the mother did have time to drive to get the written prescription.
  • I'm sorry, this is my fault how exactly?? How long have you known you were going on vacation?
  • I've had a run in on this same issue with this same biotch woman in the past. She says the regular pharmacist would fill it. So I guess I'm irregular?
  • I told her I thought it was extremly rude that she'd even ask the regular pharmacist to break the law, but I wasn't doing it.
Here's the facts:
  • Does anyone really care? Ummm, only the pharmacist whose license is on the line.
  • Do they really take licenses away for that? Maybe not the first time, first there will be a fine, maybe a suspension. It really depends on how many times it happens and how serious the offense is.
  • How often do they check? That depends on several things. But at any given time a federal or state agent can come in and check your logs. C2s better be accounted for.
  • If I'm not going to break the law for my own husband on his sleeping meds I'm certainly not going to do it for YOU.
I hope this wasnt too harsh sounding and cranky, but it really irritates me that some people think I'm just being mean when I wont give them what they want. It has nothing to do with how I feel about a patient as a person. Pharmacists work very hard to get where they are. Some will bend the rules, some will not. Some go to jail, some do not.

Do you ever get asked to break the law? How would you handle it?


iasa said...

Now that you mention it... When I'm being an archaeologist, I do get asked to break the occasional law. Sometimes by the company I'm working for, sometimes by the landowner, sometimes by my friends, wanting me to loot artefacts. They all get the same answer 'piss off'
I find my bosses respond very well to me telling them that their name would be the first one out of my mouth should we run into any problems. Then they aren't so anxious to 'bend the rules'

otin said...

I am a goody goody, I never break the law, except for speeding in my car!!!

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

You Go Girl! Stupid freaking RWP are always the ones who are quite willing to make your day hell because of their ineptness. I'm with you all the way!

Medora said...

My son takes some seriously heavy duty anti-psychotics - enough to kill a horse - and I have learned the hard way about the fax business. For some reason, doctors believe that pharmacies will accept faxed scripts. I argue with them, and tell them I will stop by to pick up the handwritten script, but they assure me that they have already faxed it to the pharmacy and I should call the pharmacy. It is a nightmare.

rxBambi said...

Iasa: Ohhh, artifacts sound pretty cool...but I wouldn't go to jail over them either.

Otin: I knew you were a good boy, and well if you want to know the truth I think all speed limits should be 80mph. But I do slow down in construction zones cuz I'm terrified of hitting a worker.

VEG: THANK YOU! It helps knowing I'm just not super cranky.

Medora: The docs should know the rules, however I've found that nurses don't always. The good ones do. Sorry you've had to deal with it though...

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Hey...why would you put yourself and your shoes at risk? People are crazy.

B said...

Good for you, girl! If only RWP did things properly, everyone's life would be so much easier!

rxBambi said...

OP: I know, right? Stupid people. RWPs. All they care about is themselves and it pisses me off.

B: I totally agree. Maybe we could neuter them all and not have to deal with any of their offspring!

diana! said...

My mom is a nurse practitioner and gets asked to bend the rules *all* the time...she feels bad not being able to help whoever is heckling her, but then remembers that if she gets her license revoked, she can't help anyone at all. Way to stay strong and stick to your guns.