Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Keepsake Award

Gidget from Figeting Gidget awarded me with my very first award, the Keepsake Blog Award. I am totally excited because it's nice to be validated, and we all know I need that. Thanks so so much FG for thinking of me!

Here are the rules:
1. Post a funny or sweet keepsake that tells something about you

I thought long and hard about what I should post. At first I was going to post a picture with me and my 2 kids (yes, there are 6 total, 4 of them are my Bonus children). Of all the hats I wear, Mom is by far the best. It's the hardest sometimes, and often I'll tell the girls "I quit" but, as most of you are moms (or moms-to-be) you know it is a forever job and the love is unconditional. But I figured that was too easy. Then I thought about posting a picture of Husband. Wife is also a hat I wear daily and with pride. But I have mentioned Husband in posts before, plus we all have, have had, or will have a spouse (or partner), so I decided against posting one of him. Then today the photo I wanted to post dawned on me. I spent 2 hours searching for a photo of me and my Dad. Not just any photo, but one that was taken in June 2003. I love that photo. I can't find a digital copy anywhere and it's making me nuts. Luckily I have a copy in a scrapbook so at least it's not gone forever. That photo was one of the last ones taken of the two of us before he died. I do have a few more of us from my wedding, but the wedding was about me. The photo I'm speaking of was about us. Alas. It's not here. *sigh*

However I did find one of my Mom and Dad. This photo was taken approximately 7 months before he died.
The reason why I wanted to post a photo of my Dad was because I think it tells a lot about who I am. And actually having my Mom in there adds to it as well. I am my parents child, and as they say the nut doesn't fall far from the tree. Since my dad is the one gone from this scenario I'm going to focus on him, just know that I am also very much like my Mom. Although Husband will tell you that I'm not enough like her (I don't dote on him the way my mom did on my dad). My Dad craved adventure. He was into cars, trains, airplanes, or anything that could get him from Point A to Point B. He traveled all over the world. He liked espionage. My parents were planning a trip that would take them from DC to Russia with many 'secret spy' stops along the way (think CIA, KGB and the like). Unfortunately he did not get to take that trip. He liked martini's before dinner and wine with dinner (except he liked real martinis, I drink cosmos). He was definitely a techie. We were the first people I knew that had a microwave (yes, I am that old), a cordless phone (it pretty much sucked, but we had it), a throughout the house intercom system, etc. He had a computer and a cell phone before I did. He loved his toys until the day he died. He liked kids and I remember his playing with us often, but I think he liked us much better as we got older. Well, minus my pre-teen years. They were rough on the whole family I think. I wasn't the favorite child -- I was the youngest (read: spoiled, bratty, did whatever I wanted, etc), but I am so thankful that he was proud of the woman I became. I'm not really sure I know what I believe as far as an after life is concerned, but sometimes I like to think he's watching over us. And I know he'd be proud of me, my kids (*cough* most days), and the life I'm living. So, Dad, this Keepsake Award is for you.

2. Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers you think are keepers

Picking 10 would be impossible so I have another plan. The way I see my cyber world is that there is this group of (mainly) women who I can totally relate to. This world centers around several of my favorite bloggers, and they all follow each other. Yes, I'm talking about the Blog Campers. I see these women as the center of my universe with Julochka at the helm. I have heard her referred to as the Queen of the Blogosphere (sorry I can't link that, I'm not sure who it was). Anyway, my point is that I'd be showing you all links to the same circle I think most of my readers are already in. SOOOO what I decided to do is give this award to some other bloggers that don't have quite as big a readership (I mean Jul has 821 followers!). But just know that all the blogs I regularly comment on, you guys are all Keepers as far as I'm concerned too!!

Here it goes, check them out!

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Loredana said...

I'm honored...thank you! You def deserve this award, congrats! And so I'm off to thinking about my funny or sweet keepsake...and posting it.

rxBambi said...

Thanks and you're welcome! Choose Wisely :)

otin said...

That was a really really touching post! Your parents looked very happy in that picture! Thank you for my award, and for sharing those personal thoughts!

Hit 40 said...

Beautiful Story! I need to think one out also :-)

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I just love your dad's silver white hair and beard...very distinguished!

I love real martini's too! He must have been a hell of a guy!

julochka said...

what a nice tribute to your dad. i love that he was planning a spy holiday. that's awesome.

and i'm blushing a bit from your kind words...but thank you. :-) it is quite a fun little bloggy community we've got going on, isn't it?

B said...

What a beautiful post about your dad. It's so good to ahve the nice memories!
And yay for blog camp and an awesome blogging community!

rxBambi said...

Otin: I wasn't really sure where to put you in this whole world I've created in my head, but I thought whoever hadn't been to your site needs to check it out.

Hit40: Thanks, I was hoping it wasn't to mushy

OP: I just can't get into it plain old martinis, and I'm not a fan of olives. I need the foofy flavors ;)

Jul: Yeah he was quite a character. I'd love to take that spy holiday they were planning.
I love our little community and glad I found all of you. Now if I can just get to Denmark...

Loredana said...

I found my keepsake! I had to think extra hard cause I wanted to make it special. Now all I have to do is actually take a picture of it and post my lil story! Ah the work I tell you! ;-)

Seaside Girl said...

What a lovely post about your dad. He sounded like a great man :-)

The Fragrant Muse said...

Bambi, I love love love this post.

I was also very close to my dad who was an engineer and a real techie as well. Our house had heated ceilings and the first central vac system I'd ever seen.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful warm story.

rxBambi said...

Loredana: I'm glad you figured it out, can't wait to read it.

SG: thanks. He was a pretty cool a nerdy techie sort of way!

TFM: Oh yeah, we had that too! and yes, he was an engneer also (trained as one, didn't work as one)

Polly said...

Hello! Thank you for following my blog and I'm really glad I found yours that way. Your tribute to your Dad is beautiful, it made me wish I had met him in person, he certainly sounds like a wonderful person.

And as one of the blog campers - thank you for the award! The blog camp is in two weeks time - exciting and a little scary at the same time...

Michel said...

Oh My! Thank you for directing me to this as I had missed it before!

What a wonderful story. I am so sorry for your loss, but am also happy that you had such a wonderful man in your life that helped me you who you are today.

well done.