Friday, June 12, 2009

All About the Shoe Love

What is it about that perfect pair of shoes? You know the ones I mean. They are the shoes that can lift your spirits just by the sight of them. The ones that bring back memories of the perfect date. Or maybe they're the ones that inspire dreams of your perfect day, perfect job, perfect life. Whether that day is spent shopping, lunching with friends, out on the town, or the underbelly of a cruise ship, the shoes are an integral part of your life.
Recently several posts (here I'm combining everyone into the Blog Campers, actual or fantasizing, rather than name everyone) have been talking shoes. Chucks to be acurate.Yellow Chucks. As I've said before, I have purchased many pairs of Chucks in all different sizes and colors, however I have yet to own a pair of my own. Therefore I must be content with the shoes I can find in my own closet.
I don't consider myself a shoe freak. I'm not the type of woman that gets stopped on the street and asked about her shoes. However I often will stop other women and comment on their shoes, so maybe that makes me a freak after all.
I'm also not a brand hound on shoes the way I am with other things (jeans, handbags, makeup, cereal, wine...) but they do have to be decent shoes. I've bought my fair share of crappy shoes and they just don't last. But you have to admit, there is something orgasmic wonderful about buying those shoes you've been wanting needing eyeing for weeks. Actually, I do have one pair of Prada shoes. I have also purchased both Manolo's and Jimmy Choo's, but had to send them back. Europeans must have small feet!! Ahh well, at least they were mine for a day.
As a pharmacist, I am on my feet 8-10 hours a day. Very rarely during the day do I actually get the chance to sit down and give my feet a rest. Therefore, a good deal of my shoes are loafers, flats, sketchers, and sneakers. But I crave love heels. There's something about the way my legs look when I'm wearing heels that brings out my inner Audrey Hepburn. All I need is the little black dress and the pearls and I'm set.
Since yellow Chucks were the inspiration for this post, I feel obligated to show you my favorite (and only) yellow shoes.
If I were going to name brands, I'd say they were BCBG, but that's not the important part. What is important is that I was shopping with husband (and probably a couple teenagers) in Louisville, KY. I saw these shoes and they called out to me. JUMPED out at me actually. I initially wasn't going to purchase them, but I couldn't help it. I had to. These are actually the only shoes I can remember anyone commenting on...of course I was wearing pink fishnet pantyhose at the time (it's a long story, but a pretty cute costume).
These shoes (Anne Kline) were another impulse buy. It was late fall, heading into winter. I loved the red plaid, and I loved the black lace over the top. These shoes needed to be in my closet, and I needed to make them feel loved. This purchase occured probably 2 years ago. I've worn them once, but I love them and am ever hopeful of finding occasion to wear them again. Holiday party anyone?
Oddly enough, I bought these Micheal Kors shoes thinking I probably wouldn't wear them much, but I ended up wearing them several times last fall. Maybe it's the wedge shape, but they are really comfortable. Well, not pharmacist comfy, but definitely shopping comfy. And I love the brown zebra stripe. They are the perfect fall shoes, and Autumn is definitely my season. Oddly enough, I found a handbag that matches perfectly. Must be kismet.
These Coach shoes were also an accident. Well, like my mom says about me, they were a "pleasant surprise." I was out shopping with husband and teenagers and my jeans were just an inch or so too long. Like any sensible woman, I have jeans I wear with heels and jeans I wear with flats. Unfortunately, like any modern woman, I was waaay behind on laundry, so all my shorter jeans were dirty. It was making me insane with rage that my jeans kept dragging on the ground, so I went into a store, saw these, and bought them. Actually with the wooden heel I didn't think they'd be an important part of my wardrobe, but they turned out to be a great pair of shoes, and, like myself 30-something years ago, have become an integral part of the family.


The Fragrant Muse said...

Okay, I can see I'll be shoe shopping today.

I love your shoe closet - so organized!

When I clicked on the closet shot for a closer view, the two shoes that jumped out at me were those amazing yellow pair and the coaches and it turns out they're two of your favs! Girl, we have the SAME taste!

Personally, I'd love to see pictures of everyone's favorite shoes. I say we all do a shoe post in the coming week!

otin said...

I love a good pair of old sneakers, or my sandals that are ripped on the seam! It's a guy thing!

Hit 40 said...

I like the Michael Kors shoes. Hot!!

Ice Queen said...

The red plaids are my favorite. I would have bought them too.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I love the yellow shoes. I have a pair of yellow flats, but not heels. I've been searching for the right pair of yellow heels for about 2 years.

It's been awhile since I've been shoe shopping. I think I might be able to sneak a mini trip in today.

Carbunkle Trumpet said...

Yo Imelda Marcos! you got anything in a wedge possibly in size 11?

rxBambi said...

FM: The closet tends to lean toward chaos occasionally, but I try. I'm not surprized we have the same taste in shoes...I figured you had pretty good taste :) And I think a shoe blog is a GREAT idea!

Otin: You are such a man! I have to drag husband out to go shoe shopping, or usually just pick some up for him. I have favorite sneakers as well, I just change them every 300 miles.

Hit: I know, right? Thanks!

IceQ: I like the way you think!

OP: Did you get in your mini trip today? I bouth the yellow ones at a dept store, but I can't remember the name, it's not one we have in st. louis. Along the lines of a Macy's I think.

CBT: NO GOOFBALL! Size 8 only!!

Polly said...

I love your shoe closet!

And those yellow heels are very very nice! I know what you mean about the inner Audrey, I feel exactly the same when I wear heels. Only in my case that also doesn't happen too often, my feet don't like high heels, so it's a treat. Shame. I'm always full of awe for all those girls running through London in high heels looking like they could be just as well wearing converse sneakers.

rxBambi said...

Polly: Thanks so much. And I get ya about the women running around in heels. Either their feet love them or they have no feeling in them!

Seaside Girl said...

I'm not too good on heels either but I like to wear them when there is not too much walking involved. I know what you mean about your inner audrey hepburn!

rxBambi said...

SG: Haha, yeah I had my hair up in a bun one day and said I was channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn and the woman just stared at me like I was nuts. She just wasn't in the know. ;)

julochka said...

yay for yellow shoes!

and i'm a coach girl, but haven't ever had coach shoes. more coach bags than i can shake a stick at, but no shoes. will have to remedy that next time i'm in singapore.

Pastor Sharon said...

I do love a pretty pair of good shoes! Those Coach shoes just scream. . . sweet with jeans! And those Michael Kors. . . well, I have a brown outfit, designed by him and those shoes need to be shipped to my address!

tori said...

I was never into shoes before but I think I could get into them now. I like that you'll go up and ask someone about their shoes. You should come to Chicago and we'll do what my friend wanted and take pics of all the amazing shoes and blog about it. You get to go up and ask them though....
And I'm drooling over your closet! so organized *sigh*