Monday, June 29, 2009

It's All About Me...Yes Again

I know I already played the 5 question game, but I think it's fun. So guess what...I got more questions from the fabulous Julochka so I'm going to answer them darn it. Be sure to check out her blog if you haven't yet. She's an amazing photographer and has wonderful taste in shoes...

1. what does your ideal vacation look like?
This is a tough one. I think an ideal vacation for me has to have a bit of an educational slant. I like to know things about people, cultures, religions, etc so when I go to a new country I want to know how it's residents got to be there, so having someone knowlegable with me is a wonderful bonus. However I also want to get a feel for the residents by going into pubs or other local hangout. I think my ideal vacation would be in Europe...but not necessarily. I've traveled quite a bit...well, for an American anyway, I think people in other countries probably travel more, but that may be a misconception. But I digress. I travel as often as I can and I love going to other countries, but Europe keeps calling me back. Maybe it has to do with my heritage.

2. if you could only buy one brand of purse for the rest of your life, what brand would it be? (you can buy as many of that brand as you want, but only the one brand.)
Agghhhh! Another tough one! You know what, I'd actually probably have to go with Coach. It's sort of a cliche now I think because everyone I know has one, or usually more than one. But they are well made, they come in everything from bright pink patent leather to a basic black handbag. I have owned a couple of the more expensive brands, but I don't like the whole line like with Coach. I always wanted to have a Versace and I was determined to buy one in Italy a couple years ago. I couldn't find one I liked. Honestly. I mean I was prepared to put down a boatload of money (it was going to be my only souvenir) and I was so disappointed. I went over to Gucci and bought one on clearance. It made me happy, made husband ultra happy, and I got to bring home a few other trinkets with all the money I saved.

3. who is your favorite muppet?
Oh my gosh, can't you just ask me about my sex life or something??? Actually I was more of a Mr Rogers fan than a Muppet fan. But if I had to name one I'll say Beaker. Or maybe Cookie Monster. Yeah, me like cookies.

4. harkening back to the early days of reality t.v. - would you have tried/did you try to get on Real World or Road Rules?
Haha. I am NOT a reality tv fan. No I have never tried to get on a show. I think I may have seen a couple minutes of both shows, but I don't really know enough to say. I did want to be Martha Quinn or Nina Blackwood (MTV video jockeys)

5. when they make the movie of your life, who will play you?
hahaha this is a great one. And yet I have no idea. How about Audrey Hepburn? I just asked my husband and he said Sandra Bullock. I'll go with that one.

Hope you learned something new about me today. If you want to play along just let me know!!


Pastor Sharon said...

You know, you do have the best taste in purses. I totally said Coach outloud before I read your answer. . . and it is for the same reason. They are made so well. YOu wouldn't have to buy a whole bunch for the rest of your life!
And if Sandra Bullock plays your life story, I will totally buy that movie! She is the best actress.

spudballoo said...

Cool, I love these 5 questions you really get a good sense of people from them.

I agree re Coach, they are not that common over here in the UK. I have a classic black one which I adore.

Reality TV is my idea of a nightmare. Even watching it brings me out in hives....

otin said...

Damn, I need to costar in that movie! Can I play your husband? LMAO!

McGillicutty said...

Great questions from the great one.... and great answers from the also great one!!! OK too much schmoozing here... I love Coach too and have ONE but I hate that there are so many knock offs floating around.. makes me want to stick with Gucci although there are a good bit of G knock offs too. I'm feeling fat today so I think I'd have Kirsty Allie or Kevin James play the part of me!!!

beth said...

I love getting to know more about other people and this was so much fun....

my hubby tells me it would meg ryan who plays me someday, especially the way she was in "you've got mail".....I think we have great hubbies for such wonderful suggestions !

K13 said...

I also went with the Coach purses, although I currently have my first and only ever purchased Coach. I'm just not a purse gal, but I'm very happy with the one I have.

I'll take 5 questions if you are feeling up to it.

Anonymous said...

I said Coach too! I've always wanted one (at least as long has I've been aware that they exist) and I've never gotten one. Booooo! I just can't spend the money, but I do love the styles!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Fun answers Bambs! Of all the questions, the muppet one was my favorite and would have been the easiest to answer. ANIMAL whose character is molded after my darling Keith Moon.

Loredana said...

ok you and I would have the best time on vacation...cause I love to be involved in peoples cultures and to see how they live their day to day life and my #1 vacation spot is Italy...although I think I really need to start branching out a bit (I did make it to Sweden and it was great except it was winter time and by 1pm it was dark out...strange!)

rxBambi said...

PShar: I know, they are totally great. I actually have a couple that are nearing the 20 yr mark and they are in perfect condition. I don't use them anymore, but I cant bring myself to sell them or give them to charity. Maybe someday but right now they are kinda sentimental.

Spud: I had no idea Coachs were hard to come by in the UK. Between that and mutual despising of reality tv I can see we'll be good friends :)

Otin: You can probably play my husband...he doesn't have much hair either (LMAO!!)

Ali: there are days when Kirstie would have to play me too, but I'm trying to be positive :)

Beth: I love Meg Ryan and if I were a little blond girl I would definitely want her to play me! Husbands can be wonderful sometimes, huh?

K13: I wish I wasn't so much of a purse girl, but unfortunately I am. I do want to give you questions...I'll email them to you in a day or two. Glad you want to play along!

JAG: One day you'll get one! I actually just bought a wristlet the other day. It's very cute and on sale. Of course it's only good for little things (I wanted it for ball games and other places I don't want a big handbag). I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.

TFM: I forgot all about Animal!! That would have been a great answer!

Loredana: when we went to alaska we landed at midnight and it was daylight. It was strange but cool. Let me know when you're ready to take me to Italy.

Polly said...

Sandra Bullock? That's pretty good, but you're right about Audrey.

This 5 questions tag is a really good idea, I've done one and read many, you get to know people behind the blogs much better thanks to them.

Hit 40 said...

Europe is a vary broad stroke to pick for a vacation. There are so many countries there to choose from. I want to see Italy!!! I have heard the food is just fabulous.

Jack and Kernel said...

We just like to go to the local park to run around and poop

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O said...

Cute that he chose you sandra bullock.

come to europe - i shall be your knowledgeable local (of the best wine bars at any rate.. haha).