Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

Hooray for Happy Hour Friday! I hope you've already been to Otie's site so you can click his little Linky and be one of the cool kids. If not, go do it. I'll wait.

Okay, well I'm so so sorry this is late. Thanksgiving dinner was fine, we only had 12 people over, so that was very doable. However one child who hadn't been here showed up late, ate someone else's stuff, and unintentionally started a battle. I should have stayed out of it, but I made a comment (bad mommy, bad bad mommy) and the battle escalated to an outright war. Needless to say, I was not in the proper frame of mind for a HHF post.

However, that was last night, the peace treaties have been signed, my blood pressure and heart rate are back to normal, and I'm ready to focus on some happy stuff. Are you ready? Let's hit it, sister.

  • I'm so happy I got 3 new followers! Thank you thank you and welcome. I hope not to bore you to tears.
  • I'm happy that peace reigns supreme (at the moment) in my house. Of course there is a little bit of ignoring going on... but I'll take it. It's better than outright hostility.
  • I ventured out today and I had a great time at the mall. Most of the kids shopping is done, but not all of it, which is fine with me. I like to spread it out a little.
  • I bought a couple things I needed... okay really I didn't need them, but I wanted them, and that's almost the same thing, right? I'll get photos soon, but not now.
  • Yes, I'm lazy. Deal with it. I like it this way.
  • Hubby told the girls what he wanted for Christmas so they are taking care of it. Nice, for them, but now I have to think of a whole other idea. I wonder if he wants to go to Denmark in January...
  • I was planning on putting up the tree today, but I'm pooped now. It can wait.
  • I'm so happy that we have enough left-overs for dinner tonight. And possibly tomorrow night. That'll be it tho... I am not going to drag it out til Christmas like my mom used to do.
  • I just downloaded 3 new tunes to my work-out iPod. This makes me happy. I'd tell you what they are but you'd just laugh at me. But they have good beats and are good to run to.
  • I am thankful that I had a stay of execution at the DMV today. It's closed. The only problem is that now I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to be there before 8 tomorrow.
  • In case you have forgotten, yesterday was the baby's birthday... we are going to get her learner's permit.
  • We saw Blind Side and it was amazing. Go see it. It's worth it. BUT. I hate seeing movies about Memphis. It brings back a flood of memories. And usually it makes me feel like crying. I didn't tho, so I guess that's good.
  • Okay, I think that's it for me. I know it wasn't very happy sounding BUT remember that my Rant and Rave post on Wednesday was all RAVES! I can't be sunshine and sparkles all the time dang it.
  • Don't forget to go see Otie! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving... or just a wonderful Thursday night if you're not American.
  • Cheers!


Brian Miller said...

cheers! lol. hope the little one had a great birthday...and have fun driving glad you survived black friday as well. happy happy hour!

Ace said...

You have one driving!! They grow up too fast!! My oldest wore his dad's tie to an event at school. The tie fit perfect. Very cool first for us.

otin said...

That was kinda happy? At least it seemed to be. Remember what my mom said about other people's children! :))

You really went shopping today?? And your happy?

Every time I turn around, you have new followers?? You must be doing something right.

tori said...

I'm glad to hear things have settled down on the home front. If I went shopping today I'd be ready to kills someone, so I'm amazed your happy at all!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Nice...I'm going to have only Raves for my next R&R Wednesday. You and LMB are making me look bad!
I really want to see Blind Side. I love Saundra Bullock.

Needs and wants are much better to justify if you're working. I AM NOT working so wants will have to wait. ! When #1 Son asked me what I want for Christmas, I said a greatest hits CD by the Cranberries. I don't even know if one exists.


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

You poor thing...a learners permit..God help you and anyone else going down the road!! I wish I had valium when mine were learning. It's a right of passage that parents have to go through. I have no clue how you managed the malls on black Friday. Way to go...super brave!
Have a great weekend!

CatLadyLarew said...

Happy is the child getting their first learner's permit! Much as you dread it, I bet it makes you just a wee bit proud!

Jaime said...

hope you had a great thanksgiving. how's the baby doing behind the wheel?

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Glad the war front calmed down so you could do some therapy shopping on Friday... ;) I really want to see Blind Side - I love Sandra Bullock! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving in spite of the issue. :)

Gaston Studio said...

OMG, you just reminded me that I need to renew my license this December 15th... well, BEFORE December 15th!

Can't wait to see Blind Side; love Sandra Bullock and hear they're talking Oscar for her in this one.