Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

You should know by now this is my favorite post of the week. Yes, sometimes it's my only post of the week, but I'm working on that! Through emails with my good friend Otie we came up with this weekly gem and hope you like it. Go to Otie's site and join the fun!

Here are some things that are making me happy today:
  • My new iFrogz case came! I think I told you about it at some point. Anyway, isn't it cool? Nope, it's not, it's hot. Hot Pink, that is. (Gotta love teenagers. She wouldn't be in the picture with me, but at least I got her two fingers. )

 In case you can't remember, here's my old case:

  • Ok is Blogger frustrating you?? I don't like this new picture up-load thingie. 
  • Ummm okay back to Happy Thoughts
  • Tonight is another Junior Service night. After the meeting, which hopefully wont last too long, we are going to one of my favorite wine bars, Erato. I love it. In case you forgot (how could you??) last weekend we had Girls Night Out. It was okay, but it was at a bar-bar, not a wine bar, and the wine wasn't that good so I didn't stay too long. But here's a pic of a few of the JSC girlies:

Hahaha I just realized I'm the only one without a drink in my hand!!! Trust me, that doesn't happen often.

  • I'm happy that I have a clean house and haven't had to lift a finger. Okay that's not true, I had to lift a couple fingers to pay my child, but I'd rather pay her than do it myself have a dirty house. She's trying to raise money to go to Mexico with her friend over spring break, so all I have to do is wave cash in front of her and she'll clean. 
  • I'm happy that my other daughter has a job. She works at Dippin Dots and seems really happy with it. That, of course, makes me happy. 
  • I'm happy that I got a fabulous surprise from Ali (from Inner Ramblings of a Mid-Life Mama) in the mail! It's a Union Jack heart shape pin because I love love love the UK. Plus the card was funny which is always a good thing to get.

  • I'm happy that today while I was taking a long, hot bath (and not cleaning or anything else) I decided what I want for Christmas and my birthday (cuz they're only a week apart). I want airline tickets to Denmark so I can go to Blog Camp 3.0 at Julochka's. Hubby's probably gonna say no. And then I'm gonna wine whine a lot. And then maybe he'll come around, but I kinda doubt it. But since I don't know the answer yet, I am still hopeful and therefore still happy.
  • I'm happy that I still had some candy corn left. I ate several large handfuls some for lunch. I'd like to blame it on Bee since she sent me an email to thank me for sending her candy corn, but actually I already opened it before I got the email. It must have been her fault tho, normally I wouldn't eat candy corn for lunch. Besides, now I'm hungry!
  • Oh yeah, speaking of both Julochka and hungry, I bought the new cookbook I wanted. Well, actually it isn't the one I was looking for, but it's by the same author: Nigella Lawson. It's her holiday cookbook and since I'm going to my mom's house it'll be fun to try new stuff on the family. Plus it has lots of drink recipes in there, and if your family is anything like my family, you need lots of drinks to get thru the holidays! 
  • I'm happy that I'm done with this post...and I'm sure you are too. Don't forget to go click on Oties's thingie, and also visit the others that are joining us for Happy Hour Friday!


Jaime said...

just rolled in from my office - briefs still not done. but i can practically taste the glass of wine i'm going to down as soon as these briefs get out the door.but now for some sleep...

otin said...

Wow! You are really happy this week! I like the phone, but hate that everyone takes pictures and hides their face!!

No way that you are going to Denmark! I will be extremely jealous!

A clean house rocks!

Geez, I could comment all day on this post! I think that I will go to Dippin Dots and get me some ice cream!

I didn't see your name in the linky!!!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I love the name Dippin Dots.

Tickets to Denmark would be a cool gift. I'm just asking that a donation be made to my local food bank (I know, I'm not that exciting).

What Nigella Lawson book are you looking for?

Polly said...

The new phone case is very hot pink. Although the white one wasn't so bad.

It would be nice if you could come to blog camp 3.0. I think I'm going and I'm very excited about that.

And I've never heard of corn candy. I hope it was good...

Gaston Studio said...

I'm thinking of waiting until my grandkids arrive early next week and pay them to clean for me. It's only 12 rooms, so what the heck.

Those Dippin Dots are awesome; I'd be paying that daughter a regular visit if I was in your neighborhood.

We practically share the same birthday; mine's 10 before Christmas so we're only 3 days apart... in birthdays... not age!

Enjoy your girl's night out while I go play with Otin's thingie.

McGillicutty said...

Yep love the new phone thing, actually really disliked the white one for some reason!! isn't that even have had an opinion on it????
don't you dare go to Denmark without me... you can get your tickets for your birthday then send me tickets for Christmas. Clean house??? what the heck is that???? Going out with JSC??? yeah right, you have a good time now ya hear.
oops ramblin' again!!!! HUGS!!!!

Barry said...

Happy hours sounds great, especially now I'm supposed to be drinking red wine each day (including Fridays).

And when your daughter is finished we'd be happy to wave some money in her face to clean our house too!

Of course her drive home might eat up a little of that.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Nigella is it's a great cookbook. And you didn't say you knew how to do photoshop? The ONLY one without a glass of
I need to get a fistful of house is really dirty!

iasa said...

Candy corn is yummy, I don't care what anybody says. I hope those tickets to Denmark come through, though i will be forever jealous ;)

Barbara said...

Hmmm... [note to self--look up what iFrogs are...] Meanwhile, now that I'm working full time, I'm loving the happy hour idea. I will join you virtually. Here's to another week down and Nigella to look forward to. (BTW, How DO you do that cross out thing in your posts? I can't figure that one out on blogger!) Have a great weekend!

Otter Thomas said...

You sound extra happy today. You have good reason with the lack of cleaning and the abundance of candy corn.

Goose said...

I didn't like the white one either. Now you're making me want to take pics of my new cases to show everyone. Denmark will be cool. I have a feeling your hubby eventually caves to all your wants and desires

Sara said...

I want tickets for Christmas too. It would be cause to be happy indeed.

Brian Miller said...

happy happy!

hot baths...always happy!

great that dau enjoys her job!

nice phone!

hope you get what you want for christmas!

have a great weekend, hope you had fun at Erato!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Cute picture!! I think you have a drink in each hand and you're trying to hide them!! ;)

I want some candy corn! I didn't eat any this past Halloween. That's not like me at all!

Happy weekend!


blueviolet said...

I get really frustrated with the new blogger editor too. I almost always use the old one still. I'm such an old dog.

I love your UK pin and surprises in the mail are always fun!

Ohhhhhhhh, I should pay my kids to clean too!

tori said...

I love Nigella cookbooks. I check them out from the library. I'm always hoping if I make her recipes I will look sexy like her...
Maybe you could earn some extra money for a trip to Denmark by doing some "things" for your hubby.
I lol at "click on Otin's thingie". I'm so mature

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi, Just stopped over from Otin's. Love your Happy List!

I'm happy you mentioned candy corn. I'd forgotten I have some left too :-)

Have a great weekend.

Matty said...

You are one happy gal. Keep pouting. He'll give in.

spudballoo said...

Ah this is a jolly list! Nigella Lawson books are fabulous, although she is immensly irritating on TV. Enjoy! xx

prashant said...

I almost always use the old one still. I'm such an old dog.

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Medora said...

Dippin Dots? Holy cow, my daughter would chew off her arm to work at Dippin Dots. And she's only ten . . .