Saturday, May 22, 2010

a little bit of everything

first of all, thanks so much to karebear for being a new follower. sorry I can't thank each of you personally, but I do thank you. the name, karebear, took me off guard for a minute and I had to take a closer look because I used to call one of my bff's in high school karebear. I thought maybe it was her. it's not, and that's okay of course, but just for a minute I was elated. well, not true. I'm still elated to have a new follower (it does so so much for my self esteem) but I thought maybe it was her.

anywhoodles... on to the postage. I want to take just a quick minute and mention my bloggy friend Daffy. in case you don't know, daffy lost her sister yesterday. let's just take a moment and send her and her family a cyber hug. {{{HUGS}}}

this post started out (yesterday) as a Happy Hour/ Friday Fragments post (a la mrs 4444s) but since it's now actually saturday I guess I won't link up. if ya snooze ya lose I guess, and I snoozed on this baby. so then I thought I'd do a Six Word Saturday post but this is umm slightly more than six words. You know what? screw it. I have six good words.


oh yeah, that's what I'm saying. juneau, jenny, and kodi are all monster dogs today. mr bambi got up early and went golfing, so I decided I'd haul my cookies outta bed and take the little shits dogs out for their walk.  sometimes on saturdays and sundays I don't always get to it early so usually on the weekends they don't get to run amok on the golf course (of course then we usually go across the street to the cemetery so they can run amok thru the headstones). anyhow, since we were early today they got to go on the golf course. on one of the tee boxes 'something' must have smelled good because all 3 little shits dogs decided they needed to roll in it. oh. my. gawd. my sweet little white dogs were brown. and stinky. it was gross. needless to say I was not a happy camper. sound familiar? on monday it was just kodi that decided he needed to get dirty (and then it was mainly just sand) but today it was all three fuckers. so when we got home they all got a bath. and my bathroom got soaked. it still smells like wet dog.

Fuckers. all three of them. remind me again why I do this to myself.


that 'za' up there is from kodi. he thought he needed to help me type. I thought I'd leave it so you can see how smart he is. or not. he's the dumb one. but at least he wants to be a blogger. you have to appreciate that.

ummm... I thought I had more to say but I guess not. have a great weekend!


Nora Johnson said...

We canines do like to look our best - always!!

Great post & great blog!
Happy 6WS - and look forward to *seeing* you again next time!
Mine’s HERE!

LOLA (the bichon!) :)

kkrige said...

Shame about the wet dog smell, but your pooches look happy and clean now. Funny ramblings. I am visiting from 6WS.

Barb said...

gotta love them

gretchen said...

Oh man, our little dog, Fancy, needs a bath too - she is stinky! But all that water and splashing and wet bathroom and excitement is so daunting. And you know what? Fancy tries to blog too! Though I'm not as kind as you, and never actually publish her writings.

Matty said...

What a shame about Daffy's sister. I did leave her a private note, along with many others.

As for dogs, it's been a real long time since I've bathed one. But I do remember what a mess it is especially when they aren't so cooperative. Having an extra set of hands sure does help though.

Have a great weekend Sue.

Brian Miller said...

mmm...wet dog. smiles.

hope you have a wonderful weekend...

Momma Fargo said...

Love the poochie pics! Clean dogs! Mine pouts when I give him a bath. You would think I beat him or something. LOL

Anonymous said...

Great pics of the dogs, they certainly seem a handful... I'll stick to the cockatoo because sometimes I can just keep him in the cage ;0)

Michel said...

I've got three even better words for you: Bark & Bubbles!!! Makes the times when the babies are jackasses into a stupid annoyance. No hair to clean up. I mess up their place and leave.

I don't even thank them. Because I can.

Hilarious...they have soo much fun and don't even care that they got mud on the couch. If only we could train them to clean house. How cool would that be!?

Jay said...

I guess just trying them up and spraying them down with the hose really isn't the best way to bathe them huh?

Dogs always find the most disgusting stuff and either roll around in it or eat it. Or both. Gross. But, I love 'em. ;-)

McGillicutty said...

Oh lord you're so brave... I take mine to the groomers.. I just can't stand the whole back ache, messy bathroom, whining, rubbing their wet selves on the carpet etc etc etc.
Plus I'm no good at all at combing them afterwards and it's a hot mess.

I'm so proud of you!!!

Amanda said...

I'm not sure which is worse, dirty dog or wet dog stink? At least you all had fun!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

We sort of avoided the wet dog smell in the bathroom this weekend - hubby decided to hose them off outside instead. Of course they then traipsed into the Summer House and shook off. So instead of the wet dog smell in the bathroom, we smelled like wet dogs.

Your pooches look happy about their baths, though! ;)

AmyLK said...

I hate stinky, wet bathrooms! lol They sure look sweet now that they are clean!

Warrior_Kat said...

Great pics and post! Your dogs are adorable. :-)

Call Me Cate said...

Nothing sweeter than the smell of wet dog in the morning! No, that's a lie. I think almost any smell is sweeter. Thanks for playing 6WS!