Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

  • Ahhhh, no more spilling evil truths. Now just regurgitating things I think about.
  • This style is for both the Optomistic Pessimist and Otin.
    • the OP cuz stream of consciousness makes her ADD go crazy
    • Otin cuz if he can change then so can I
  • I did not shower alone this morning...
    • There was a spider in there with me
    • He didn't make it out alive (sorry dude)
  • Yesterday I had a quad venti skinny caramel latte and completely got the jitters. Weird because I get them fairly often and never get jittery. Usually I just get a grande, but I thought I needed extra caffeine. I guess not.
  • Sunday I was pretty useless cuz I had some friends over to hang out in the pool. It was very relaxing. there was much day drinking going on. You may know that I'm not much of a day drinker, but I was on sunday
  • I haven't been to the gym in over a week. I'm thinking of taking August off. I work all this week, then next week I'm going on vacay (and hopefully meeting the OP in real life!), then I'm home for a bit then off to Blog Camp Reno!! Well, that's actually in September.
  • I forgot to feed #6's fish while she was in Tucson this week. I sure hope he's not dead. Actually I did feed him once. Is once a week enough? I remembered on the way to work this morning.
  • I just realized that my misspelled words aren't underlined. Now I have to go thru and make sure I haven't misspelled too much.
  • By the way, I cheated in 7th grade spelling. Now I am a horrible speller. Deal with it.
  • Whoo Whooo! I'm engaged! One of the elderly patients came in here and said he had the winning ticket for tonights lottery. 124 million smackers. He said he would buy me anything I wanted. And he'd build me a mansion in the country with an outhouse and everything!  Not sure what hubs will think when I tell him I'm engaged to someone else. I think as long as I share he'll be fine, and maybe buy him a membership to a bunch of golf courses.
  • Ok, this will have to do. Work is piling up and I think the techs are getting annoyed that I'm playing and not working.
  • Ready to count? Lets do it!


Sara said...

Haha, I love those proposals! So cute and always make you feel good. I'm sure hubs will be okay in the long run so long as he gets some pampering, too.

I'm getting really excited about Blog Camp and can't wait to meet everyone!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

wooohooo! you changed your format to accomodate my probably ADD!!! I'm blushing!

You still haven't answered me as to where you're going to be in NY!

Wish I still had my house. I don't think my parents would much appreciate me inviting some one from the internets to stay at their place.

otin said...

How do you know that the spider was a he?? You are meeting OP!? I kick myself in the ass for not just driving out to the OBX to meet her! Next time!

Mango Girl said...

Can I be engaged to you as well, then we can all share the gazillions of dollars you are getting. We'll break off the engagement after I get my meager handout.

Who cares about speleng...

marinik said...

hey there, I noticed that we've been reading and commenting the same blogs for some time now... so perhaps we should "hang out" too :)

Carbunkle Trumpet said...

tisk tisk - cheating in 7th grade and now you are engaged...

Good to know that my Elvis infatuation is ok!

Happy Dead Elvis Week!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I loved the changed format - so much easier to read.

Thanks OP for suggesting the change and Otin for proving that you can change.

Love how you told the showering alone story.

Hit 40 said...

I liked to write the spelling words on the edges of my yellow pencil. I could just twist the pencil to see the words. :-)

JW.BW said...

I cant spell either. And sometimes I dont know if my spell checker is working on my computer at work. I look like such a ding dong without spell check...

SO glad there wasnt a spider in my shower, or I'd definitely would have skipped it today, or Lani would have had to get up and done a spider relocation for me, I cant kill them, I think its bad luck.

Im taking august off from working out too, which is why my pants are so tight I cant breathe right now, I hope I dont pass out. I hate passing out!!!

Medora said...

I like the flowery thingys - I hate spiders! I would not shower with one. I would scream and holler and call my dad to come over and squash it.

McGillicutty said...

I have always had a dread of sharing the shower with a roach, just like the scene in Overboard with Goldie Hawn... and yes it happened one day and we have some big ol' roaches down here in GA!!!! I FREAKED!!!!!!!
btw..booked my flight!!! can't wait!!!

Jaime said...

aww - the post started out so great with the not showering alone thing... it'd freak me out to find a spider in there with me! i'd much rather shower alone :)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I would have killed the spider in the shower, too - and not been apologetic about it. ;)

The fish should be OK after a week - we have one lone fish left in the Princess Nagger's 10 gallon aquarium - thought for sure he'd be expired by the time we got back from our 13 day trip to Louisiana, but he's still going strong! :)

So are you going to invite us up to the mansion your new fiance is going to build you? I'm sure your hubby will be fine with the engagement - he'll get to benefit, too. ;)