Thursday, July 16, 2009

Banging and Me

I really don't get it. I did it because my husband has been asking me to do it. I mean for probably about a year he's been asking me to have David bang me. I thought it was just a phase. I thought maybe I wouldn't I like it. Maybe he was doing it out of jealousy. So I resisted and resisted, but he persisted and persisted. So, the other day, I asked David to bang me.

And he did.

Now I have bangs. I kinda feel like I'm back in 1985. Madonna anyone?
Comments that I've gotten so far have been:
  • Wow! You are rockin those bangs!
    • but this may be an insult, I haven't decided yet.
  • Wow! You look so young!
    • this may be an insult too, because I am young damn it all to hell. See, NO GRAY!
  • I would never change my hair just cuz a man asked me to!
    • Well, he is my husband, and besides, if I hate it I'll grow them out. It's only hair.
  • Oh cute!
    • this might also be an insult.
So for now, I'm banging all the way.


otin said...

How much did it cost to get banged? My mother used to bang us when we were kids and me and my brother always fought it! It was the 70's and it seemed that everyone was banged! It was cheap to get banged back then! Next time, if it is too expensive, let me know, I will bang you and not charge a dime! HA!

rxBambi said...

Otin: LOL I knew I could count on a free bang from you!

otin said...

I would stop after you though, I would not want banging people to be my career! LOL! Do you like short bangs, or long bangs? (I could comment on this all night!) Ha! I beat Michel here! and Eileen!!!!!!!

Beth said...

I'll bet your bangs look great!

K13 said...

I love your analysis of the bang comments. I'm sure they look great and this is NOT an insult.

Carbunkle Trumpet said...

How nice, how very, very nice!

Just curious but how long did David bang you and how much did he charge. Shawna has not gotten banged by Tricia yet but she she complains on Tricia's trim and blow jobs!

otin said...

LMAO! at Carbunkle Trumpet!

Just Jules said...

maybe you should have just let david give you a blow job instead... oh shoot I just read ...someone else already said that - oh well, I'm stickin with it.

It was a joke. I love bangs and I love not having them! They grow. You look fab, and hey - no grays

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I got banged a few years ago it was ok. I usually do it every couple of years when I get bored

Jersey Girl said...

I got banged when I was quite young and I've been banging ever since! I love it!