Thursday, April 2, 2009

Performance Anxiety

Today in my shower - where I do my best thinking - I was thinking that now that I've been talking up my blog I better have something interesting to say. This naturally led to some performance anxiety. I tried to think about what a day in my life would seem like to someone on the outside, and pretty much if someone where in my brain they'd see drugs and diets. Not too exciting, but that's what is in my head at any given time. So lets go there.

First of all I want to focus on the drugs. When I was in pharmacy school I knew students that would take a beta-blocker before any speech they had to give. Beta-blockers are any of a class of drugs that end in -olol (metoprolol, propranolol, sotalol, etc). Some beta-blockers are beta 1 selective (meaning they work in the heart) and others are beta -1 and beta-2 (they work in heart, lungs and vasculature). Metoprolol is a beta-1 selective that also crosses the blood brain barrier, so it is useful in anxiety caused by things such as public speaking. As I'm writing this my tech is telling me that Ted (also a pharmacist) just yesterday recommended a beta-blocker to a grad student (our very own Hanky Doodle) for a speech he has to give. If an immediate release drug is used, benefits can be seen within an hour. I personally have never tried this trick. I guess at some point you just get used to speaking in front of people. The part that makes me the most nervous is the question/answer period, and I'm not sure even a beta-blocker can help with that. Anyway, I'd say its worth a try if you have to give a talk in front of a group of people and it makes you nervous.

So next in my mind would be diets. What the heck?? I work out consistently (walk the dogs 5ish days a week, work out with a trainer 3ish days a week) and I still have problems. I think it's the wine. Well, today it was the candy Lola brought out (I had several tootsie rolls, they were yummy) and I had pizza for dinner. Oh and wine too. But still, doesn't all that working out mean anything?? Sheesh. It's very depressing. I mean, I haven't been doing fast food in forever. My lunches are always cheese, pears, and nuts. BORING. Breakfast? That's easy, low fat yogurt and Kashi Go Lean Crunch. Can you say Senior Citizen?? Come on people. It's rather annoying. Oh well. I guess I can complain all I want, but I wont have that bikini ready body from complaining. Guess I'll have to add a few more days of exercise, lose the tootsie rolls (dang it), and possibly lose the wine (wont happen). My goal...drop 10 pounds by mid may. 20 by mid july. Lets bet. I always liked a little gamble now and then...


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